The Shocking Identity of Mrs. Folger in Only Murders in the Building

Warning: The following contains spoilers about Only Murders in the Building Season 2, Episode 9.

Have you been following the thrilling mystery of Only Murders in the Building? Well, get ready for a jaw-dropping revelation in the penultimate episode of Season 2. The woman who presented herself as Leonora Folger at Bunny’s memorial is actually someone else entirely: Rose Cooper.

When Shirley MacLaine graced our screens as Bunny’s mother Leonora in Episode 2, she dropped a bombshell on Charles. She revealed that his father, the man depicted in Rose’s painting, had been unfaithful. In the mid-1950s, he had affairs with both Leonora and Rose. The two mistresses eventually crossed paths, and it left Rose desperate and penniless. However, in a surprising turn of events, Leonora agreed to purchase one of Rose’s paintings to help her out.

Shortly after that, Rose mysteriously vanished. And not long after her disappearance, she was declared dead. But as we delve into the present day, our central trio stumbles upon a clue. The infamous painting that links Leonora to Charles’s father is hidden at the bottom of Mrs. Gambolini’s birdcage. Charles, eager to share the news with Leonora, contacts her only to discover that the real Leonora is a non-verbal 92-year-old woman in assisted living. It turns out he was deceived.

As Charles closely examines the painting, he notices that his father is wearing the same watch he currently owns. Could this be a clue? Charles carefully removes the watch back and uncovers an address hidden inside. He wastes no time and looks up the address, finding a phone number. He dials it, and to his surprise, MacLaine (not Leonora) answers the call. This encounter leads to a shocking revelation: she is Rose Cooper.

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So, how much of what Rose told Charles in Episode 2 was true? And why did she allow the world to believe she was dead?

Rose reveals to Charles that his father was her one true love. She explains that he tried to protect her from an abusive and enraged husband. This revelation sheds light on the scene we witnessed in Episode 2, where Savage Sr. was dragged out of Rose’s building in handcuffs. Rose confesses, “I had to leave to keep us both safe. I had to disappear myself, and we never saw each other again.”

Now that Rose has resurfaced, she has a request. She wants her painting back. Charles presents her with the canvas, but there’s a catch. To ensure it’s the original, they must remove the nails from the back of the floater frame. What they find beneath the erotic painting is astonishing: a second artwork hidden all this time. It’s a portrait of Charles and his father gazing up at the Arconia. According to Rose, it represents the man Savage Sr. always wanted to be—a loving father to his son.

Rose insists that Charles hold onto the second painting. She believes it’s better for him to have it than “that woman who came sniffling around a few months ago.” A pushy woman with brown hair and glasses. This revelation paves the way for another major twist in Episode 9—the truth about “All Is Not OK in Oklahoma” subject Becky Butler.

What do you think of the shocking reveal about Rose Cooper? Do you have any predictions for the finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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