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Colin Fickes: The Young Star Behind the Iconic Role

Colin Fickes left an indelible mark on the teen drama world with his portrayal of Jimmy Edwards on the hit show One Tree Hill. Playing the role of a high school outcast turned school shooter, Fickes delivered a performance that captivated both critics and fans alike. In this exclusive interview, Colin shares his experiences and insights into the making of one of the show’s most beloved storylines.

A Journey Through Teen Drama

Before his time on One Tree Hill, Fickes had a brief stint on another iconic teen drama, Dawson’s Creek. His appearances on episodes like “Alternative Lifestyles” and “The Election” set the stage for his future success. Fickes attributes his early opportunities to his involvement in community theater in his hometown of Raleigh, NC.

The Surprising Return

Fickes was taken aback when he learned that the show’s creator, Mark Schwahn, wanted to bring back the character of Jimmy Edwards in the third season. In a meeting on the Warner Brothers lot, Schwahn pitched his idea, and Fickes immediately embraced the challenge. He was drawn to the complexity of the character and the opportunity to explore the depths of Jimmy’s journey.

Facing the Darkness

Filming the emotional storyline presented its own set of challenges for Fickes. To do justice to Jimmy’s character, he had to delve into the darker corners of his own emotions. It was a journey that required authenticity and honesty, as Fickes wanted to portray Jimmy in a way that would resonate with those who could relate to his struggles. Despite the difficult subject matter, Fickes always aimed to infuse hope and optimism into his performance.

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Secrets and Surprises

While the storyline was a closely guarded secret, Fickes was so absorbed in his character’s preparation that keeping the twists under wraps wasn’t a concern. As the tragic events unfolded, Fickes remained focused on the impact of Jimmy’s circumstances rather than the surprising turns the plot took.

The Ripple Effect

Jimmy Edwards may have met a tragic fate, but his character’s influence didn’t end there. Fickes is proud to have been a part of a storyline that continues to impact viewers to this day. He believes that like in real life, people can enter our lives and shape our paths, however briefly.

Heartfelt Connections

The response to the episode featuring Jimmy’s storyline was overwhelming. Fickes received heartfelt letters and encountered fans on the street, sharing how deeply the episode affected them. These moments served as a reminder of why Fickes pursues his passion for art – to connect and move others.

Life After One Tree Hill

Despite his time on the show coming to an end, Fickes still finds himself recognized for his portrayal of Jimmy Edwards. While he may not be in regular contact with the cast, Fickes cherishes the occasional catch-up with former co-stars Hilarie Burton and Lee Norris.

The Journey Continues

Fickes is currently engrossed in developing a screenplay and a short film with a close friend. His independent film “The New Twenty” recently hit DVD and VOD platforms, showcasing his commitment to keeping the dream alive.

For more insights into the school shooting storyline on One Tree Hill, check out the interviews with Lee Norris and Allison Scagliotti. And don’t forget to visit 5 WS for more captivating and exclusive content.

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