Who Previously Resided in Gabbie Hanna’s House

Video who lived in gabbie hanna's house before her

Gabbie Hanna found herself in an unprecedented situation when she allowed a stranger into her home amidst her postings of hundreds of “concerning” TikTok videos.
In a series of nine videos, Gabbie connected with the man, known as Nicholas, referring to him as a “brother in Christ” and a “lost soul.” She expressed her gratitude, saying, “I’m so happy I met you this morning. Thank you for knocking on my door, Nicholas.”
According to Gabbie, they engaged in prayer, shared coffee, and listened to music before planning to go for a run. In the videos, Gabbie was even seen changing into a matching workout set.

Nicholas documented the entire situation on his TikTok account, starting with a stitch to one of Gabbie’s videos where he filmed the exterior of her home, captioning it “Outside of Gabbie Hanna’s house.” He followed up with four more videos shot inside Gabbie’s home, petting her cats and showcasing the interior.

In one video, Gabbie mentioned receiving a text from a friend advising her to remove the man from her house, which both Gabbie and Nicholas deemed “rude.” Gabbie defended Nicholas, stating, “He means well. We know he means well.” They both agreed with her friend’s suggestion that he also had good intentions.

The final video featuring Nicholas showed Gabbie confronting him and accusing him of lying the whole time. She abruptly changes her tone, angrily demanding, “Get the fuck out of my house now. Now.” The video abruptly ends.

Gabbie’s most recent TikTok, after Nicholas had left, was a solitary shot of herself in the mirror, tearfully reflecting. The caption expressed her need for prayers after someone broke into her house.

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Nicholas, in response to comments, continued to defend his actions in subsequent TikTok videos. He justified his decision, claiming that viewers had been pleading for someone to help Gabbie for days, and he was the only one who took action. He clarified that everything was done legally, as he had been invited into her home and left when requested.

In his latest video, he captured himself knocking on Gabbie’s front door and requesting permission to use her toilet.

If this story has affected you or someone you know, please reach out to someone or contact the Samaritans at 116 123. Additionally, you can contact Anxiety UK at 03444 775 774, Mind at 0300 123 3393, and Calm (Campaign against living miserably) at 0800 58 58 58. Remember, you matter.

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