The Woman Behind LensCrafters: Sharon Stone Shines in New Campaign

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If you’re a fan of LensCrafters, you’ll be excited to hear about their latest campaign featuring none other than the talented Sharon Stone. In a recent announcement, LensCrafters revealed that Sharon Stone, the Golden Globe award-winning actress and producer, will be the face of their new ‘Your Eyes First’ communication campaigns for 2022.

A Vision of Style and Health

This two-year omnichannel campaign aims to showcase the LensCrafters experience through various digital touchpoints, both online and in-store. By partnering with Sharon Stone, LensCrafters highlights the importance of eyewear as a fashion statement while prioritizing eye health.

“LensCrafters has always been a respected and recognized leader in the industry, providing vital vision care to so many,” says Sharon Stone. “Eyewear has become not only a vision solution for me, but an empowering outlet to show my personality and creativity as an accessory.”

Elevating Style and Health

The ‘Your Eyes First’ campaign focuses on LensCrafters’ spring designer eyewear collections, premium eyecare, and style. It highlights the latest innovations in lens technology, including both clear and sun lenses.

At LensCrafters, it’s not just about looking good; it’s also about taking care of your eyes. The campaign emphasizes the comprehensive eye care services offered by LensCrafters, including state-of-the-art eye exams and high-quality prescription lenses.

Sharon Stone: A Style Icon

Renowned for her impeccable style, Sharon Stone is the perfect ambassador for LensCrafters’ latest campaign. She showcases a selection of sophisticated new styles from LensCrafters’ designer collections, including frames from Ray-Ban, Dolce & Gabbana, and Prada.

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“The versatile assortment of frames I wear in the campaign appeals to the latest spring trends yet remains timeless, aligning perfectly with my personal style,” says Stone. “From a classic round frame to bold, cat-eye shapes, there is truly the perfect frame to suit everyone’s style at LensCrafters.”

Behind the Scenes

The captivating campaign was brought to life by renowned photographer Michael Muller and film producer, writer, and director Jeff Tomsic. Stone exudes elegance and charm as she models the latest eyewear styles, including an exclusive black and silver color combination only available at LensCrafters.

LensCrafters: More Than Eyewear

LensCrafters isn’t just a brand; it’s a trusted optical retailer that puts your eye health first. “Eye health is an essential part of everyday life, and eyewear plays a leading role in individual style and expression,” says Alfonso Cerullo, General Manager of LensCrafters. “We are committed to being the trusted optical retailer for customers and patients that want a comprehensive, high-quality eyecare and eyewear experience.”

With over 1,000 stores across North America, LensCrafters has built a reputation for offering the best selection of the latest trends in eyewear from leading designer brands. Their personalized service, provided by Doctors of Optometry located in or next to their stores, ensures that you receive incomparable care.

The Impact of LensCrafters

LensCrafters not only changes lives through eyewear but also through their philanthropic efforts. They have partnered with OneSight, an independent nonprofit that provides access to quality vision care and glasses in underserved communities worldwide. In fact, LensCrafters is currently the number one contributor to OneSight in North America.

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LensCrafters’ commitment to vision care and community impact sets them apart as a trusted name in eyewear.

To learn more about LensCrafters and their ‘Your Eyes First’ campaign, visit 5 WS.

Source: PRNewswire

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