Who Is the Voice of OTEV on Big Brother?

OTEV Big Brother 23

OTEV’s voice on Big Brother has sparked a heated discussion among viewers after the latest episode aired on CBS. In Season 23, Episode 18, the Veto Competition took center stage, and with it came OTEV’s appearance for the BB23 cast.

The episode was filled with drama as the houseguests placed bets on who would win the Veto Competition. However, it was the character of OTEV that captured the attention of many viewers due to a familiar voice accompanying the beloved character.

In recent seasons, OTEV has hosted the Veto Competition, with different individuals lending their voices to breathe life into the character during the challenge. This time, fans were convinced they knew the identity behind the voice.

A notable speculation among fans was that bodybuilder turned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was the one behind the scenes this season. Social media was abuzz with posts from supporters who believed OTEV sounded strikingly similar to the former Governor of California.

However, contrary to popular belief, Arnold Schwarzenegger did not lend his voice talents to OTEV for the BB23 cast. Voice actor Joe Gaudet took to Twitter to share a post ahead of the August 18 episode of Big Brother 23, revealing that he was the voice behind OTEV.

Joe Gaudet did an impressive job mimicking Schwarzenegger for the Big Brother audience. While there were moments where he slightly deviated from the accent, overall, he convinced many viewers that Schwarzenegger himself had taken the time to record lines for the Big Brother cast.

Moving on to more news and spoilers about Big Brother 23 season, it has been revealed that the first member of the BB23 jury is about to be determined. The votes have been cast, and soon, it will be time for the Eviction Ceremony.

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Additionally, there has been a contentious debate surrounding one of the alliances in the house, with accusations that The Cookout is conducting itself in a racist manner this season. Former houseguest Cody Nickson has also shared his opinion on The Cookout.

As the season continues and the BB23 jury is formed, the remaining houseguests can take solace in the fact that they have secured a paycheck by making it to the jury stage. For those unaware, everyone receives compensation for their participation on Big Brother.

Don’t miss Big Brother 23, airing Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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