Who is the Sun Man in the Behr Paint Commercial?

Video who is the sun man in the behr paint commercial

George Hamilton Behr Paint Commercial

Many people have been wondering if the sophisticated and charming actor in the latest Behr Paint commercial is none other than George Hamilton. The commercial features a well-dressed man with a tan and white hair, applying paint to a wall while extolling the virtues of Behr Paint. While some viewers are convinced it’s Hamilton, others remain uncertain. So, who is the mysterious Sun Man?

Who is George Hamilton?

George Hamilton is a renowned actor and socialite who has been in the entertainment industry for over five decades. Born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1939, he began his acting career in the late 1950s and has since appeared in over 100 films and TV shows. Hamilton is best known for his roles in movies like Love at First Bite and Zorro, as well as TV shows such as Dynasty and The Bold and the Beautiful. However, he is more than just an actor. Hamilton has carved out a unique niche as a socialite and style icon, renowned for his toned, tanned, and elegant appearance.

Hamilton’s journey in the entertainment industry started with television, and he made his film debut in Lone Star in 1959. However, it was his role in Where the Boys Are (1960) that brought him national attention. Hamilton’s versatile acting career has spanned many decades, showcasing his range as an actor. From playing leading roles in romantic comedies to portraying iconic characters like Zorro, Hamilton has made a significant impact on the world of entertainment.

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In addition to his acting career, George Hamilton is famous for “The George Hamilton Tan,” a legendary signature look that has influenced cosmetic tanning products globally. A health and fitness enthusiast, Hamilton takes precautions against skin cancer, which is a greater risk for individuals who frequently expose themselves to the sun. Moreover, Hamilton has also been involved in philanthropic endeavors with charities like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The American Red Cross.

In conclusion, George Hamilton is an iconic figure in the entertainment industry known for his acting credits and his enviable tan and elegant style. He has successfully transitioned his career from acting to becoming a cherished socialite and style icon, both in Hollywood and beyond.

The Behr Paint Commercial in Question

Recently, the Behr Paint commercial featuring a charming and suave spokesperson who bears a striking resemblance to George Hamilton has sparked a lot of discussion. However, some speculate whether it is truly the Hollywood legend himself or a convincing impersonator. Let’s analyze the evidence and attempt to solve the mystery.

The Similarities Between the Behr Paint Guy and George Hamilton

There are several noticeable similarities between the Behr Paint spokesperson and George Hamilton. Both share wavy silver hair, impeccable style, and a similar way of speaking. When watching the commercial, it’s difficult to ignore the striking resemblance between the two, both in appearance and demeanor.

The Differences between the Behr Paint Spokesperson and George Hamilton

Upon closer inspection, there are also notable differences between the spokesperson and George Hamilton. The Behr Paint spokesperson exhibits a slightly different facial structure, with a more pronounced jawline and nose. Additionally, Hamilton’s distinctive accent, which is absent from the commercial, has led some to believe that it may be an impersonator mimicking the famous actor. The spokesperson’s mannerisms, while similar, also appear somewhat exaggerated, leading to speculation that it may be an actor’s interpretation of Hamilton’s persona. While the company has not confirmed the spokesperson’s identity, these differences have only fueled further speculation.

Is it really George Hamilton?

So, is it truly George Hamilton in the Behr Paint commercial? The truth is, we don’t have a definitive answer. It could be Hamilton himself, an impersonator, or even an entirely different actor. The company enjoys keeping the spokesperson’s identity a mystery, which adds to the intrigue and speculation surrounding the commercial.

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Regardless of whether it’s George Hamilton or not, one thing is certain: the Behr Paint spokesperson does an exceptional job of promoting the brand. With their suave demeanor and engaging personality, they make us all want to rush out and purchase some Behr Paint for ourselves. Ultimately, that’s what a good commercial is all about.

The Impact of the Behr Paint Commercial

Irrespective of whether or not it’s George Hamilton, the Behr Paint commercial has undeniably made an impact. It’s catchy, memorable, and has generated significant engagement on social media. The spokesperson’s charming personality and smooth-talking ways have made them a fan favorite among viewers, enhancing the brand’s appeal.

Moreover, the commercial’s success has led to parody videos and memes, establishing its place in pop culture. Whether we ever discover the true identity of the Behr Paint spokesperson or not, it’s evident that the commercial has been a hit and will likely continue to be for some time.

An Analysis of the Actor in the Ad

In advertising, the choice of the actor is crucial in ensuring the effectiveness of a commercial. The actor needs to connect with the audience, make the brand relatable, and influence potential customers’ decision-making process. In the case of the Behr Paint commercial, the actor is George Hamilton, a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. But is it really him? Let’s delve into the analysis.

Yes, it is indeed George Hamilton in the Behr Paint commercial. Hamilton, renowned for his acting career dating back to the 1960s, was the intentional choice for Behr Paint to appeal to a broader audience. His charisma, sophistication, and elegance perfectly align with the values that Behr Paint wants to associate with its brand.

Hamilton’s embodiment of class and panache makes him an ideal fit for the Behr Paint commercial. The luxurious setting, with Hamilton dressed in a white suit and holding a glass of wine, highlights the elegant and refined aspects of the Behr Paint brand. Through Hamilton’s reputation in the fashion and movie industry, Behr Paint effectively communicates its message to its target audience.

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Furthermore, the commercial portrays Hamilton as an artistic individual, a quality that Behr Paint also associates with its brand. In the ad, Hamilton is not only seen enjoying a glass of wine but also actively participating in painting. This portrayal aligns with Behr Paint’s message that choosing the right paint is an artistic expression of oneself. Therefore, Behr Paint uses Hamilton to emphasize that painting is an art form, not just a mundane task.

Additionally, Behr Paint leverages Hamilton’s celebrity status to endorse the brand, influencing potential customers’ decision-making process. Hamilton’s presence in the commercial enhances the brand’s credibility and reliability. As an icon of success and dependability, Hamilton’s association with Behr Paint can sway potential customers and increase the likelihood of their becoming loyal customers.

In conclusion, George Hamilton is the perfect actor in the Behr Paint commercial. His embodiment of class, panache, elegance, and artistic expression aligns with the values that Behr Paint cherishes. Leveraging Hamilton’s reputation as a celebrity, Behr Paint can influence potential customers’ decision-making processes and convert them into loyal customers.

Unveiling the Mystery: Is That George Hamilton in the Behr Paint Commercial?

Behr Paint has consistently produced creative commercials to showcase their product, and one particular advertisement has captured the public’s attention due to the striking resemblance between the actor and George Hamilton. The commercial depicts a poised and charming individual standing in front of a painted wall in an alleyway. People immediately began speculating whether it was indeed George Hamilton. So, let’s uncover the truth behind this mystery.

The Behr Paint Commercial

The Behr Paint Commercial features a sharply dressed man in a white suit, exuding confidence as he leans against a partly painted wall. This man shares facial features reminiscent of George Hamilton, including a sharp jawline, eyebrows, and a goatee-style beard. The commercial has sparked considerable interest, with viewers astounded by the uncanny resemblance to George Hamilton.

The Similarities Between the Actor and George Hamilton

Many viewers initially assumed that the Behr Paint commercial featured George Hamilton, noting a resemblance suggesting Hamilton may have aged and gained some weight. The white hair and goatee-style beard of the actor further reinforced this speculation, as Hamilton was known for sporting that style in his earlier days. The actor’s sharp facial features, tanned complexion, and overall demeanor closely mirror those of George Hamilton, leaving little room for doubt.

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The Verdict

The answer is no, the actor in the Behr Paint commercial is not George Hamilton. The actor’s name is Timothy V. Murphy, known for his appearances in several TV shows. Murphy has garnered recognition for his natural acting skills and remarkable resemblance to George Hamilton, opening opportunities for him based on his similarities to the veteran actor.

While the Behr Paint commercial managed to deceive many individuals, it demonstrates the power of remarkable advertising – creating buzz around the product and generating conversation. Although Murphy may not be George Hamilton, his performance resonates with fans of Hamilton’s unique style, as he brilliantly emulates that aura.


The Behr Paint commercial has certainly caused a stir in the advertising world, with the uncanny resemblance between the actor and George Hamilton becoming a hot topic of discussion. Notably, the brand has successfully associated itself with a celebrity look-alike, showcasing the painting capabilities of their product. While Timothy V. Murphy may not possess the same level of fame as George Hamilton, his resemblance to the Hollywood legend has made him a fan favorite.

For those who were convinced that George Hamilton graced the commercial, we apologize for the disappointment. However, the advertisement has unquestionably generated substantial buzz, illustrating that excellent advertising doesn’t always require significant budgets or celebrity endorsements.

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Is That George Hamilton in the Behr Paint Commercial?

If you’ve seen the latest Behr Paint commercial, you might be wondering if the actor portraying the spokesperson is George Hamilton. Known for his tan and his roles in various movies and TV shows, George Hamilton has become the subject of rumors regarding his appearance in the commercial. So, is it really him, and how has the advertisement impacted Behr Paint’s sales? Let’s delve into the answers to these burning questions.

Who is in the Behr Paint Commercial?

Contrary to popular belief, the actor in the Behr Paint commercial is not George Hamilton. Instead, the actor is Kato Kaelin, best known for being a witness in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. While Kaelin has some acting experience, including appearances on shows like “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” he is not as widely recognized as Hamilton. Nevertheless, the commercial has managed to capture the attention and ignite curiosity among viewers.

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What Impact has the Behr Paint Commercial had on Sales?

Determining the precise impact of the Behr Paint commercial on sales is challenging, as various factors influence consumer behavior. However, there’s no denying that the campaign has successfully attracted attention and created buzz around Behr Paint. The commercial has been extensively shared on social media, with numerous individuals taking to Twitter to inquire about the actor’s identity. This increased buzz and brand recognition could potentially lead to higher sales for Behr Paint.

Why did Behr Paint Choose Kato Kaelin for Their Commercial?

Although Kato Kaelin may not have the same level of fame as George Hamilton, he was likely selected for the Behr Paint commercial due to his ability to generate buzz and spark conversations about the brand. Kaelin possesses a somewhat quirky and distinctive persona that sets him apart, aligning perfectly with Behr Paint’s desire to stand out. By choosing an unexpected spokesperson, the company successfully captures attention and piques curiosity about Behr Paint.

What Other Factors Contribute to Behr Paint’s Success?

While the Behr Paint commercial and its unconventional spokesperson have undoubtedly contributed to generating buzz and interest in the brand, there are other factors that contribute to Behr Paint’s overall success. The company is known for producing high-quality paint designed to provide excellent coverage and durability. Moreover, Behr Paint offers a vast array of colors and products to cater to diverse consumer needs. Additionally, the brand has established a strong reputation for exceptional customer service, which plays a significant role in building trust and brand loyalty.


To conclude, the Behr Paint commercial features Kato Kaelin, not George Hamilton. Nevertheless, the advertisement has successfully generated intrigue and attention for the brand. While the impact on sales remains to be seen, the buzz surrounding the commercial has undoubtedly raised awareness for Behr Paint. However, Behr Paint’s overall success can be attributed to a combination of factors, including their high-quality paint, extensive product selection, and exceptional customer service. Whether the use of an unconventional spokesperson will ultimately result in increased sales is a question yet to be answered, but Behr Paint’s reputation and quality products will likely continue to be key drivers of success.

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Thanks for reading! We hope this article has answered the burning question on everyone’s minds about the Behr Paint commercial. Regardless of whether George Hamilton is actually in the ad, one thing is for sure – the internet always finds a way to keep us guessing. Don’t forget to come back and read more fun and interesting articles on our site. See you soon!

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