Who is the New Addition to the Below Deck Med Crew?

A New Deckhand Joins the Cast

Captain Sandy Yarn made the decision to let Bosun Raygan Tyler go on episode 5 of Below Deck Med. To fill the gap, Courtney Veale stepped in as the new deckhand on superyacht Home in episode 6 of season 7. As fans eagerly anticipate the next twist, they can’t help but wonder who will take the place of Jason, who is rumored to quit or get fired later in the season.

Jason’s Struggles and Departure

Throughout the first half of the season, Jason showed his inexperience in working on superyachts. Despite lacking experience, he often clashed with Provisional Bosun Storm Smith, thinking he knew better. Jason also displayed a serious demeanor and even used foul language when confronted about mistakes. Furthermore, he ignored instructions and took unreasonably long breaks. Given all these factors, it’s no surprise that Jason Gaskell decided to leave Below Deck Med season 7.

Meet Reid Jenkins, the New Deckhand

Reid Jenkins is highly likely to be the replacement for Jason in season 7. This assumption is supported by the fact that most of the Below Deck Med season 7 cast follows Reid on Instagram. Additionally, a show producer also follows him on the platform. Furthermore, Reid shared a photo of himself vacationing in Malta, where season 7 was filmed, shortly after the wrap-up of the show.

Reid Jenkins

Moreover, Reid left his previous yachting job on superyacht Excellence around the same time Jason would have left superyacht Home.

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Reid Jenkins

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Reid has a close bond with his family and friends. While he has a girlfriend, it is uncertain whether he was single during his time on the show.

Courtney Veale: The First New Deckhand of the Season

Devoted fans of Below Deck Med were well aware that the first replacement deckhand for season 7 would be Courtney Veale. Leaked photos depicted a 27-year-old Courtney filming on superyacht Home in Malta. Before rising to fame on Below Deck Med, Courtney worked on yachts as either a stewardess or deckhand.

Fans are now curious if Courtney and her co-star Zee Dempers can reignite their failed romance from season 6. During their time in Croatia, Zee and Courtney engaged in some drunken make-out sessions, but the relationship fizzled out after Zee gifted her flowers. In a producer interview clip on season 7, Zee giggled when questioned about his intentions towards the blonde bombshell Brit. Additionally, a preview of the upcoming season shows Courtney giving Zee a lap dance. Fueling further speculation, Courtney and Zee spent a few days together in LA.

Courtney’s Post-Season 6 Endeavors

Since her appearance on Below Deck Med season 6, Courtney has been quite busy. Her Instagram following skyrocketed to over 118,000, thanks in part to her frequent bikini pictures. Enjoying an influencer lifestyle, Courtney now spends her time clubbing, tanning, attending music festivals, and traveling to destinations like LA, Las Vegas, Miami, and Tulum, Mexico. Despite her newfound social media fame, Courtney still continues to work as a yachtie. She recently had the opportunity to serve retired NBA legend Magic Johnson as a charter guest on a different superyacht, not the Home.

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Furthermore, Courtney monetizes her Instagram by posting product endorsements. She even launched her own clothing line called COCO APPAREL. On her Instagram stories, she shares advice with fans on how to become a deckhand. This may have been inspired by fellow season 7 deckhand Jason Gaskell, who started his own clothing line called Sextant Sailing.

To delve deeper into Courtney’s journey after season 6, follow her story and find out more.

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