Who Is Trying to Sue Drake?

Video who is the model trying to sue drake

– The Instagram Model Suing Drake –

This article delves into the story of Drake and an Instagram model, shedding light on their encounter and the ensuing controversy. Let’s delve into the intriguing details surrounding this couple.

Drake and the Instagram Model

An Instagram model has come forward, alleging that Drake crossed a line during a recent intimate encounter that took place at the rapper’s hotel. According to her claims, Aubrey Drake Graham, the self-proclaimed Certified Lover Boy, put hot sauce in a used condom to neutralize his sperm after intercourse.

The model asserts that she discovered the discarded condom in the trash, unaware of its contents, and attempted to impregnate herself in the bathroom. It was only then that she felt a burning sensation and began to scream, prompting Drake to rush to her side. He explained that he used hot sauce to ensure that no one could use his sperm against him.

Unveiling the Truth

Before engaging in intimacy, Drake excused himself to the bathroom to put on a condom. Once they finished, the “Hotline Bling” singer disposed of the condom as expected. However, things took an unexpected turn when the model seized the opportunity to retrieve the condom and use its contents to try and conceive.

The model’s intentions were revealed – she sought an easy way to secure financial support from the rapper by becoming his baby mama. However, her plan was thwarted when she realized that the condom contained hot sauce instead of semen. She now intends to take legal action against Drake.

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The Controversy Unleashed

Social media exploded with reactions to the controversy. Users shared their thoughts and opinions, with one suggesting that the hot sauce incident served as a protective measure for Drake, considering his previous experiences. Memes praising Drake for his foresight in avoiding potential paternity issues flooded various platforms.

As we explore this bizarre incident, many questions arise. How did the model overlook the contents of the condom? What was Drake’s motivation behind using hot sauce? While the story has sparked debate, one thing remains clear: it’s a tale that defies belief.

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FAQs on The IG Model Suing Drake

1. Is it true that Drake put hot sauce inside the condom?
Yes, that is true.

2. What is the Instagram model’s name?
Her name remains unknown.

3. What exactly did Drake put inside the condom?
Drake placed hot sauce inside the condom.

4. Where did the incident take place?
The incident occurred in a hotel.

5. Does Drake have a child?
Yes, he has a child.

6. How old is Drake?
Drake is 36 years old.

7. What is the name of Drake’s son?
His son’s name is Adonis Graham.

8. Is the Instagram model pregnant with Drake’s child?
No, she is not. In fact, her plans were completely foiled.

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9. Who is Drake’s son’s mother?
She is a French model.

10. How are Drake’s fans reacting to this matter?
His fans are standing by him, offering their support.

Fans have pointed out that Drake has previously mentioned in his lyrics that he takes precautions to prevent women from using his sperm against him. They also highlighted that he has learned from the circumstances surrounding the birth of his son, Adonis.

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