Who is the Girl in the Propel Fitness Water Commercial?

Video who is the girl in the propel fitness water commercial

Are you curious about the girl in the Propel Fitness Water commercial? Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Propel’s latest campaign and reveal who the girl in the commercial is. Get ready to discover the exciting world of Propel Fitness Water!

Propel’s Celebrity-Led Campaign

Propel Fitness Water has recently launched its highly-anticipated campaign featuring the talented actor-director, Michael B. Jordan. As a partner of the Gatorade brand, Jordan brings star power and authenticity to the campaign. This marks Propel’s first celebrity-led TV spot in two years, and they are leaving no stones unturned in terms of media exposure. The campaign will run during the summer’s most significant sporting events, including the NBA and WNBA, NWSL, and major tennis tournaments. You can catch the 30-second spot across various platforms such as broadcast, streaming, digital, and social media.

Unleashing the Power of Propel

The commercial starts with Jordan in a studio backlot transformed into a bustling city street. As he takes a sip of Propel and starts running, the city morphs and moves around him. The street magically turns into a treadmill, and various obstacles appear, testing Jordan’s determination. Parked cars suddenly sprout footholds, and the street dramatically tilts skyward, transforming into a rock-climbing wall. Throughout this captivating sequence, Jordan delivers the commercial’s tagline, “Make the world your gym,” in a powerful voice-over.

Propel’s Rising Success

This campaign represents the latest effort by Propel to solidify its position as a leading brand in the flavored, enhanced water category. With business doubling over the last six years, Propel now claims over 40% of the market share. This is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. By featuring screen star Michael B. Jordan during the NBA Playoffs, Propel is making a bold statement about its dedication to fitness and performance.

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According to Emily Boido, senior director of marketing for PepsiCo’s enhanced water brands portfolio, this is an exciting moment for Propel. She acknowledges Jordan’s passion for fitness, which aligns perfectly with Propel’s vision. Boido adds that this is Propel’s first media buy in this space, and they recognize the importance of being present during key sporting events.

Propel’s Expanding Product Line

In response to increased consumer demand for convenient functional hydration options, Propel is expanding its product line by introducing tablets. These tablets provide a practical solution for those seeking enhanced hydration on the go. The addition of tablets comes after the success of Propel powder, which experienced significant growth in the $2.2 billion beverage enhancer segment. The brand showcases these tablets in a special 15-second version of the TV spot, emphasizing their commitment to meeting consumer needs.

Gatorade DNA

The partnership between Propel and Michael B. Jordan initially began with a tie-in to “Creed III,” a movie Jordan directed and starred in. Additionally, Jordan played a vital role in launching the Invesco QQQ Legacy Classic, a basketball tournament highlighting programs at historically Black colleges and universities. Beyond the TV spot, the partnership continues with the Propel Your City Project. This initiative aims to identify and support organizations already making a difference in their communities.

Emily Boido emphasizes that this phase is crucial for both Propel and Michael B. Jordan. Together, they are committed to driving access and equity in sports. This shared purpose fuels their collaboration and amplifies their impact.

Emphasizing Gatorade’s Influence

When the partnership with Jordan was announced in February, Propel underwent a significant rebranding to showcase its connection to Gatorade and emphasize fitness. Boido expresses the desire to bring Gatorade to the forefront of Propel, given their shared heritage. With Gatorade electrolytes and a deep-rooted connection to sports, Propel aims to shine a light on these qualities that resonate with their dedicated customer base. Boido acknowledges that while Gatorade focuses on performance and competition, Propel caters to individuals seeking a different kind of exercise-focused hydration.

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In conclusion, Propel’s latest campaign featuring Michael B. Jordan highlights their commitment to driving access and equity in sports. With a captivating commercial and expanding product line, Propel continues to dominate the flavored, enhanced water category. So, next time you see the girl in the Propel Fitness Water commercial, remember the brand’s dedication to helping you make the world your gym.

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