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Hannah Barefoot: The Star of the Infiniti QX60 “Beautiful Mess” Commercial

Hannah Barefoot

Hannah Barefoot, known for her roles in films like King Richard and NBC’s Chicago Med, recently made waves as the star of the new Infiniti QX60 “Beautiful Mess” commercial. In an interview with Casting Networks, Barefoot shares the captivating story behind her casting and the unique experience of filming in Warsaw, Poland.

The Journey to Booking the Infiniti Commercial

Casting Networks congratulates Barefoot on the release of the new Infiniti QX60 commercial. Barefoot recalls that it was one of her first in-person auditions last year. The audition, facilitated by Ross Lacy Casting, required her to silently react throughout. The director aimed for an incredibly subtle performance, leaving Barefoot unsure of her impression during the audition. Nevertheless, she gave her best take, which lasted about twenty seconds. The callback, also in person, took an intriguing turn. While Barefoot was in the room with casting, the director, producer, writer, and ad agency appeared on a Zoom call. Despite not being able to see the director, his encouraging words filled the room. At the end of the call, he shouted, “You got the job!”

From Callback to Filming: A Whirlwind Experience

Barefoot’s callback took place on a Friday, and she received the news of her booking on the following Monday. The catch? The commercial required her to travel to Poland. She learned about the location over the weekend and was relieved to have a valid passport and full vaccination status, allowing her to avoid quarantine. Within just 48 hours of booking the commercial, Barefoot found herself on a plane to Warsaw, where she stayed for the next 10 days. As a primarily film and TV actor, the casting process for commercials presented a different type of experience. Unlike films and series, commercials often don’t reveal the full story right away. However, this audition allowed Barefoot to immerse herself in the action, guided by the casting director.

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A Cross-Cultural Filming Experience

Poland provided a stunning backdrop for the commercial shoot. Barefoot had the opportunity to work on two separate spots, one of which will release later this year. The experience was not only visually breathtaking, but it also showcased the collaborative effort between American and Polish teams. Two American units, alongside a Polish unit, worked together seamlessly. Directors and assistant directors from both countries called out cues in English and Polish, while local children brought an authentic touch to the production. Barefoot’s previous work had primarily been within the American market, and this experience opened her eyes to the incredible talent beyond the U.S.

Commercial vs. Film/TV Auditions

Barefoot reflects on the differences between auditioning for commercials and film/TV roles. While features and series focus on storytelling, the primary goal of commercials is to sell the product. Actors must ensure their performances align with this objective. Surrendering to the process and prioritizing the ad agency and client’s vision is key in commercial auditions. Once actors embrace this mindset, the commercial experience becomes enjoyable.

Infiniti QX60 Commercial

Hannah Barefoot: What’s Next?

Barefoot’s journey continues with upcoming projects, including her role in Dave Franco’s romantic comedy Somebody I Used to Know. She shares the screen with talented names like Alison Brie, Jay Ellis, and Kiersey Clemons. Additionally, Barefoot explores her passion behind the camera, working on her own projects. One of these projects is a heartfelt and joyful indie Christmas rom-com called Wyoming Christmas Carol, which she wrote. Barefoot’s goals for the year include bringing this feature to life, both as its star and director. In the meantime, audiences can catch her captivating presence in the latest Infiniti QX60 commercial.

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