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Mario Kart 7 offers a wide range of kart combinations to choose from, but one stands out as the most versatile and speedy option: Metal Mario/B-Dasher/Red Monster/Flower Glider. This combination may not be ideal for every track, but it consistently proves to be the strongest when facing unknown challenges in online matches.

The Advantages

Let’s take a closer look at why this combination excels:

  • Sturdy and Steady: Metal Mario’s heavyweight kart ensures minimal disruptions from collisions with other players.
  • Swift Speed: With a high-speed stat, this combo outpaces the competition.
  • Offroad Mastery: The offroad capabilities of this combination are exceptional, allowing you to drift through off-road patches effortlessly.
  • Glider Control: The Flower Glider provides unmatched maneuverability, allowing you to exploit shortcuts and gain an edge over opponents.

The Drawbacks

While this combination boasts numerous advantages, it does come with a few downsides:

  • Tricky Handling: Adapting to the slightly challenging handling may take some time, but once mastered, it becomes a non-issue.
  • Sluggish Acceleration: It takes a while for this kart to reach its top speed. However, in most races, the superior speed compensates for this inconvenience.

Choosing the Right Combo for Different Modes

For an all-cup run, where you have to conquer every track in succession, Metal Mario/B-Dasher/Red Monster/Flower Glider is an excellent choice. However, specific tracks may call for alternative combinations in Grand Prix races.

Unleashing the Power

Let’s explore how this kart combination excels in various aspects:

  • Off-road Expertise: By having a high off-road stat, you can skillfully drift through most off-road areas, even taking mushroom shortcuts without a speed boost. For instance, in Kalimari Desert, you can glide into the off-road and swiftly navigate through it, immediately gaining a blue miniturbo for an accelerated exit. The same technique applies to the grass ramp in Rock Rock Mountain, where drifting allows you to surpass the regular route speedily.
  • Speed Demon: Metal Mario/B-Dasher/Red Monster/Flower Glider boasts an impressive base top speed, resulting in a significant advantage over competitors who opt for slower combos. Test it out on Luigi Raceway for a clear comparison.
  • Heaviness Advantage: While mainly beneficial in online matches, the heavyweight characteristics prevent CPU opponents from forcefully jostling you, granting extra stability.
  • Glider Domination: The Flower Glider’s superior maneuverability plays a crucial role. When you force your kart to glide left or right, you can push against the game’s inclination to center you. Additionally, using a mushroom enhances your glider control, allowing you to take advantage of unintended shortcuts. For example, on Rainbow Road, after the first glide pad following the ringed planet, a well-timed mushroom boost lets you skillfully skip a turn without using a mushroom.
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Overcoming the Challenges

Understanding the limitations of this combination is essential:

  • Handling Hurdles: The occasionally tricky handling only poses a problem in specific areas, such as the tower in Airship Fortress. However, with practice, you can navigate such sections efficiently.
  • Acceleration Obstacle: It can be a hassle to regain speed after a slowdown, but performing a short miniturbo proves to be more effective at accelerating than relying on the kart’s natural progression.

Exploring Alternatives

While Metal Mario/B-Dasher/Red Monster/Flower Glider reigns supreme, other versatile combinations are worth considering. For instance, Metal Mario/Slick/Bee/Flower has garnered attention in online races. Nevertheless, perfection remains elusive in the world of Mario Kart 7. Each combo has its strengths and weaknesses. Take Wario’s Shipyard, for example; it presents a challenge for the classic B-Dasher Monster Heavy Flower combo due to the track’s low water speed.

The Ever-Changing Game

Mario Kart 7’s dynamic kart pieces allow for a variety of world records to be set with numerous combinations. Unlike its successor, Mario Kart 8, this game offers the opportunity to explore a plethora of options and keep the experience fresh. So, while the classic combo may occasionally become monotonous, remember that Mario Kart 7’s versatility keeps the excitement alive.

By the way, Metal Mario isn’t the only heavyweight option. Feel free to replace him with your preferred heavy character. Personally, I enjoy using Rosalina. Moreover, if you prioritize off-road proficiency, you can even consider selecting a mediumweight or lightweight character. However, keep in mind that deviating from the heavyweight class may result in a lower speed stat, as weight affects this attribute.

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Remember to buckle up, rev those engines, and embrace the thrill of Mario Kart 7!

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