Who is the Actress in The Oregon Trail Commercial?

Are you curious about the talented actress in The Oregon Trail commercial? We’ll uncover the identities of the actors who bring these characters to life in this iconic ad. Get ready to meet the stars behind the familiar faces!

Sarah Baskin – Now Jane

Let’s start with Sarah Baskin, an incredibly talented New York-based actor who hails from Montreal. Sarah is thrilled to make her debut at The Armory, and her Off-Broadway credits include notable productions like The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore (Roundabout Theatre Company), Wolves (59E59 Theaters), and I Forgive You, Ronald Reagan (Beckett Theatre). She has also impressed audiences with her performances in Caucasian Chalk Circle (Sonnet Repertory Theatre) and Cardenio (American Repertory Theater), among others.

Chris Murray – Billy/Matt

Next up is Chris Murray, who is no stranger to The Armory. Having worked with Rose and the amazing cast before, he is thrilled to be back in action. His repertoire includes impressive performances in some notable productions, such as Great Expectations, Our Town, and Sometimes a Great Notion. Chris has also showcased his talents at renowned theaters like the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the Actors Theatre of Louisville. Locally, he has left his mark on stages at Artists Repertory Theatre, Portland Playhouse, and Third Rail Repertory Theatre, to name just a few.

Leif Norby – Voice of The Oregon Trail/Clancy

Leif Norby brings the voice of The Oregon Trail and the character of Clancy to life. You may recognize him from his recent appearance at The Armory in Catch as Catch Can with JAW. Leif has an extensive history with The Armory, having showcased his talent in productions such as Our Town, Cyrano, and Ragtime. He has also delighted audiences with his performances at Lakewood Theatre Company, Profile Theatre, and Artists Repertory Theatre. With appearances on popular TV shows like Portlandia and Leverage, Leif is a multifaceted actor who continues to make his mark on both the stage and screen.

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Alex Leigh Ramirez – Then Jane

Alex Leigh Ramirez, originally from Ventura, California, has found her artistic home in Portland. She is not only an actor but also a deviser and theater-maker. Some of her most memorable credits include Antigone Project, Passion Play, and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Alex is dedicated to creating original devised theater and is a proud member of String House, a producing title and new works laboratory in Portland. Outside of her performances, she is passionate about the impact theater has on the youth of Portland. She works as a coach and actor with Playwrite Inc. and performs with The Armory’s touring education program, All’s Fair in Love and Shakespeare.

Emily Yetter – Mary Anne

Emily Yetter, originally from Massachusetts, is making her debut at The Armory. Her national tour and regional credits include impressive performances in productions such as Threesixty’s Peter Pan, The Exorcist at the Geffen Playhouse, and The Night Fairy at South Coast Repertory. Emily has also appeared in Warner Brothers’ Project X, as well as various national commercials and popular web series. She is a versatile performer who is not only trained in acting but also in contortion, aerial arts, dance, and martial arts.

Now that you know the talented actors who bring The Oregon Trail commercial to life, you can appreciate their contributions even more. The combination of their skills and the imaginative storytelling in this ad has left a lasting impression on audiences. To learn more about the 5 WS (Who, What, When, Where, Why), visit here.

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