Who Is the Actress in the New Old Navy Commercial?

Video who is the actress in the old navy commercial

Taking a compliment is harder than many people might think. Old Navy has cleverly captured this relatable struggle in its latest campaign, appropriately titled “Thanks, It’s Old Navy.” The star of this campaign is none other than the talented Emmy-nominated actress, Natasha Lyonne, who effortlessly models Old Navy’s Pixie Pant and Taylor Pant.

A Stylish Introduction

In one of the commercials, Natasha Lyonne struts onto the set wearing a stunning pair of red Pixie Pants, paired with a ribbed tank top and black pointy-toe pumps. A set worker pauses to compliment her, saying, “Cool pants.” Lyonne confidently strikes a fierce pose, but then reveals her inner thoughts, saying, “Love to hear it, hard to own it.”

Compliments Are Tough

In another commercial highlighting the Taylor Pant, Lyonne walks down the street near a movie theater, sporting a fashionable plaid-check pants and blazer combination, with a black undershirt. A woman standing in line for a movie can’t help but compliment her on the pants. Lyonne responds, “Compliments are tough, but you just gotta own it,” before turning back to the woman and proudly proclaiming, “Thanks, it’s Old Navy.”

Old Navy’s Hero Styles

The Pixie Pant and Taylor Pant are considered two of Old Navy’s most popular and bestselling styles. These hero pieces are both priced under $60, offering affordability without compromising on style and quality.

A Perfect Partnership

Lyonne expresses her excitement about partnering with Old Navy, sharing, “I’ve watched my fellow actor friends, like Amy Poehler, shoot commercials over the years, and I was hoping I’d get my turn too. The phone call from Old Navy came out of nowhere, and since I’ve always been drawn to the brand, it was an easy decision to collaborate.”

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Inclusive and Accessible Fashion

One of the aspects that Lyonne appreciates about Old Navy is their commitment to offering women fashionable clothing that makes them feel good, all at an accessible price point. In the midst of an ever-changing economic landscape, with inflation and rising costs, Old Navy stands apart by being what Lyonne calls “anti-gate keeping.” According to her, everyone deserves a chance to embrace their personal style.

Finding Personal Style

When it comes to developing her own style, Lyonne reveals, “I like a uniform. I want a reliable look that reduces the time it takes me to get dressed, as dressing quickly is an accomplishment for me. I own a lot of T-shirts, and I’m a big sneaker fan.” She encourages those looking to develop their fashion sense to seek inspiration from music artists and movies. Album covers and old movies can provide insights into different eras of fashion, while fashion-forward artists like David Bowie and Erykah Badu offer great style inspiration. Ultimately, Lyonne advises, “Just find what speaks to you.”

Acting in Commercials

Lyonne discusses her approach to acting in TV commercials compared to her film and scripted TV series roles. She likens it to “playing myself to the extent that someone like Mae West was playing herself.” Acknowledging that our self-perceptions are not always accurate, she finds ease and naturalness when acting in commercials. She particularly enjoyed the hair, makeup, and outfits that Old Navy provided for the shoot.

A Memorable Keepsake

After filming the commercial, Lyonne admits to walking away with a special memento. She couldn’t part with the red cardigan that perfectly complemented her all-red ensemble. “I loved my pants and tailored suit, but I couldn’t let that red cardigan go,” she confides.

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Time to Watch

Don’t miss out on catching Natasha Lyonne in the Old Navy TV commercial spots, running in rotation from August 13th to October 7th. With her undeniable charisma and style, she brings the “Thanks, It’s Old Navy” campaign to life.

Recognition and Beyond

In addition to her collaboration with Old Navy, Lyonne is also nominated this year for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in Peacock’s “Poker Face.” While the 75th Primetime Emmys have been rescheduled due to ongoing WGA and SAG strikes, Lyonne’s talent continues to be recognized and celebrated.

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