Who is Rhysand in House of Sky and Breath?

If you’re anything like me, House of Sky and Breath was the most anticipated book of 2022 for you. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and dive into the epic story it promised. Today, I’ll be sharing my review of House of Sky and Breath with you.

Spoiler-Free House of Sky and Breath Review

House of Sky and Breath picks up three months after the events of House of Earth and Blood. Bryce and Hunt have been living a low-profile life, following Rigelus’ orders. The story kicks off with a prologue, which I’m not usually a fan of, especially when it introduces unfamiliar characters. However, House of Sky and Breath handles it well and avoids the dreaded info-dump of its predecessor.

As the book progresses, we witness our main characters getting entangled with the human rebellion, particularly Ophion. We finally meet operatives like Agent Silverbow and Agent Daybright, who are part of this rebellion. And then there’s Pippa Spetsos, who becomes an antagonist within House of Sky and Breath.

The majority of the book revolves around the search for a young boy with a rare magical talent believed to have been eradicated. This quest parallels the earlier chase for Danika’s killer and Luna’s Horn in House of Earth and Blood. However, if you were expecting constant action and war, you may be disappointed. Much of the story takes place in Bryce’s apartment, where the characters gather around a coffee table and discuss their plans. Despite this, House of Sky and Breath remains immersive and captivating.

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While the ending didn’t elicit the same level of emotional response as the first book, House of Earth and Blood, it still sets the stage for an exciting continuation. In my opinion, House of Earth and Blood is the superior book, but House of Sky and Breath delivers everything you would expect from a worthy sequel.

Spoiler Discussion – Rhysand’s Presence

[Note: Spoiler Warning]

Now, let’s dive into some spoilers for House of Sky and Breath. If you haven’t read the book yet, proceed at your own risk.

One notable character who enters the scene is Cormac, initially raising concerns that he would become a love interest for Bryce and potentially disrupt her relationship with Hunt. Thankfully, it’s revealed that Cormac is actually Agent Silverbow, and his heart belongs to Sophie. This revelation relieves some of the tension, assuring readers that Bryce and Hunt are still going strong.

Next, let’s discuss the plotline involving Sophie and Emile Renast. While it had potential, it ultimately felt like wasted space. The concept of the thunderbirds and the connection to the Asteri was intriguing, but Sophie’s unfortunate demise and Emile’s lack of relevance left me feeling unsatisfied. The focus on finding a seemingly useless child felt like a missed opportunity compared to the excitement generated by the hunt for Danika’s killer and Luna’s Horn.

On a positive note, the interactions between Ruhn and Agent Daybright were some of my favorite moments in the book. I found myself theorizing about Daybright’s true identity throughout the story. Despite attempts to mislead readers, it became clear that Ruhn and Daybright had a connection. The reveal of Daybright as the Hind was a satisfying moment. I’m eagerly anticipating more interactions between “Night and Day” in the next Crescent City book.

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And now, the most exciting part – the crossover with the ACOTAR series. At the end of House of Sky and Breath, Bryce unexpectedly transports herself to Prythian, specifically landing on Rhysand and Feyre’s grounds. Azriel discovers her and brings her to the apartment used for their meetings. The Starborn sword proves to be linked to Azriel’s dagger, and Bryce notices a resemblance between Rhysand and Ruhn. This confirms that the Fae from Crescent City are relatives of the Starborn line from Midgard. This crossover sets the stage for a grand interconnected universe that Sarah J. Maas is known for.

In conclusion, House of Sky and Breath is a fantastic book, although it falls slightly short of the brilliance of House of Earth and Blood. Despite my minor disappointment with certain aspects of the story, the overall experience was extremely enjoyable. I highly recommend diving into the world of House of Sky and Breath.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up my House of Sky and Breath review, I want to reiterate that I loved this book. However, when compared to House of Earth and Blood, it falls just a bit short. Therefore, I give House of Sky and Breath a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. My only major complaint is the less fulfilling plotline surrounding Emile. Nonetheless, the book is still a worthwhile read.

What are your thoughts on House of Sky and Breath? Have you read it yet? Share your opinions in the comments below. And if you’re hungry for more information about House of Sky and Breath, head over to 5 WS for a comprehensive overview of the book and its universe.

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