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A trend has been taking over TikTok recently, and it revolves around a song called “Pope is a Rockstar.” This 2016 track by the band SALES has captured the hearts of TikTokers around the world, but there seems to be some confusion about its lyrics. Despite the misunderstanding, SALES is not bothered and has seen their Spotify streams double since the song went viral.

The Misheard Lyrics

In the past few weeks, a clip from “Pope is a Rockstar” has been used in over 2.7 million TikTok videos, many of which aim to evoke strong emotions. These videos feature inspirational montages of college football players striving to make their deceased grandmothers proud or friends celebrating the growth and marriages of loved ones.

The lyrics of the song have been misinterpreted as “You can be the highlight / Go little rockstar / Hoping on a late night.” However, SALES’ fans have pointed out that this is incorrect. The actual lyric is “Pope is a rockstar,” and the misinterpretation of “go little rockstar” seems to have stemmed from people mishearing the original line.

SALES’ Openness to Interpretation

Despite the discrepancy, SALES is thrilled about the song’s use on TikTok. When asked about the confusion, Jordan Shih, one half of the band, expressed their openness to people’s interpretations. “TikTok is pretty liberal when it comes to referencing music, and we’re totally cool with that,” Shih said in an interview with Insider. SALES appreciates the various ways people connect with their music, even if the lyrics are misunderstood.

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The Unexpected Virality

“Pope is a Rockstar” was actually written by SALES in 2016, three years after the band was formed. The inspiration for the song came from an encounter Lauren Morgan, the other half of the band, had in a grocery store. She overheard an older lady looking at a magazine featuring the Pope on the cover, exclaiming, “Wow, the Pope is a rockstar.” Morgan found the phrase compelling and catchy, leading her to incorporate it into the song.

The band had no idea that the song would go viral years later. In late 2021, friends started sending them videos of TikTokers using their song, but with the misheard lyrics. The popularity of the song caught SALES by surprise, and they were excitedly watching it unfold.

Boosted Streaming Numbers

TikTok’s impact on SALES’ music career has been significant. Prior to the TikTok trend, the band had an average of around 3.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify. However, since “Pope is a Rockstar” became viral on TikTok, their monthly listeners on Spotify have more than doubled, surpassing 7 million. This unprecedented growth has allowed SALES to focus on their music full-time and continue recording new tracks. They are also looking forward to performing live again once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

Previous TikTok Success

This is not the first time SALES has experienced success on TikTok. In June 2020, the band received an email informing them that their 2013 single, “Renee,” had gone viral on the app. TikTok even helped the band set up their own profile, which now boasts 42,000 followers. The catchy chorus of “Renee” — “You got it” — resonated with TikTokers and became a popular theme under the hashtag #yougotit. The song has been used in over a million TikTok uploads and has garnered billions of views.

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SALES’ journey on TikTok is a testament to the platform’s ability to propel artists to new heights. The band’s openness to interpretation and their appreciation for the support from TikTok users have contributed to their success.

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