Who is Lou from Lou Vs Wall Street?

Lou vs Wall Street, now known as “The World According To Lou,” is a captivating financial YouTube channel based in the United States of America. Created on April 23rd, 2021, this channel has gained quite a following. In this article, we will explore the income, background, and net worth of Lou vs Wall Street.

Lou Vs Wall Street Background

Lou vs Wall Street focuses on providing financial market insights to help viewers make money. The channel’s estimated average earnings are around $5k, with yearly earnings estimated at $60k. The content they share always stirs up controversy, creating engaging discussions.

Despite the popularity of Lou vs Wall Street, not much is known about the person behind the channel. Other aliases they go by include Lou on demand and the world according to Lou. Their channel description states proudly, “I VAPORIZED WALL STREET.”

According to a popular statistical blog, Lou vs Wall Street reaches an impressive daily view count of 394.43k. The channel experiences an average growth rate of 5% per week and 20% per month. Revenue from daily advertising on the channel is estimated to be $1,312, with weekly revenue reaching $9,183.

Some of the most popular videos on Lou vs Wall Street include:

  • Bat signal Emergency Vid
  • Yup
  • Facebook Judgement Day
  • The AMC Defcon plan
  • Crypto Godzilla Is Coming

Stay connected with Lou vs Wall Street on Instagram, where their handle is “@thereallouvswallstreet,” and on Twitter, where you can find them as “@louvswallstreet.”

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Lou Vs Wall Street Net Worth

Lou vs Wall Street is a profitable YouTube channel, and as such, they have a considerable net worth. Calculated based on CPM (Cost per thousand views), their net worth depends on factors such as location, target audience structure, number of subscribers, and posting consistency. These indicators play a significant role in determining the value of a YouTube channel.

It is worth noting that despite Lou vs Wall Street’s success, the person behind the channel has managed to keep their identity concealed. However, current research does not suggest any criminal records associated with the channel.

Channels Similar to Lou vs Wall Street Channel

If you enjoy the content on Lou vs Wall Street, you might also find these financial vlogs interesting:

  • Rafael Diaz
  • Héctor Luis Pérez Maldonado
  • Phillip Scott Audio Experience
  • EricWilson7
  • Sammy Sk Football
  • Manan Raj Sharma

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