Who Is Leo On Days Of Our Lives

If you’ve watched DAYS OF OUR LIVES, you might recognize Leo Stark. That’s because Greg Rikaart, who portrays Leo, also stars in THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS as Kevin Fisher! Rikaart made the transition to DAYS in March 2018 and played the role of Leo. Although Leo seemed to be gone for good after being killed off in July, he made a surprising return by the end of the year, causing more trouble before leaving again in March 2019. Rikaart reprised the role for an April Fools episode in 2020 and made additional appearances in 2021 for the limited spinoff series BEYOND SALEM and the DAYS Christmas special. The actor recently returned to the soap in February 2022 for another run!

Leo’s Devious Actions and Relationships

Sonny Kiriakis, feeling alone after Will Horton and Paul Narita became a couple, decided to explore a dating app on his phone. He ended up exchanging messages with a man named Leo, unaware that it was actually Vivian Alamain pretending to be Leo. Eventually, Leo appeared in person and revealed his true identity. However, he was working for Vivian, aiding her in stealing Titan Industries. Later, Kate discovered the scheme and disposed of Vivian to take over the operation. Leo then turned against Vivian and formed a relationship with Sonny.

Days of Our Lives Vivian Leo
Leo was originally on Vivian’s payroll until Kate took over for a while! XJJohnson/jpistudios.com

Leo took advantage of his relationship with Sonny by slapping him with a false sexual harassment lawsuit, blackmailing him and threatening to ruin both Sonny and the company unless he was paid off. Sonny refused to settle the case and enlisted the help of Will and Paul to gather evidence against Leo. With assistance from John Black, they discovered that Leo’s real name was Matthew Cooper and that he had a criminal record as a former prostitute. Despite Leo’s claims of love, he proposed to Sonny as a way to silence him and protect the company. However, Will exposed Leo’s true identity, leading to a confrontation where Leo attacked Will. In the struggle, Leo fell into a fireplace, hitting his head and dying. Sonny and Will tried to cover up the crime but were later blackmailed by Ted Laurent when Leo’s body went missing.

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Days of Our Lives Will Leo Sonny
Will and Sonny thought they’d killed Leo in self-defense! XJJohnson/jpistudios.com

In a surprising twist, Leo returned alive in November and blackmailed Sonny into marrying him, using the threat of exposing their previous attempt to murder him. Leo hoped to claim Sonny’s fortune. Reluctantly, Sonny agreed to the marriage but distanced himself emotionally from Leo. Sonny and Will conspired to locate Leo’s mother, hoping to rid themselves of Leo permanently. When Leo’s mother Diana Cooper arrived, it was revealed that she had a history with John Black when she went by the name Diana Colville. She treated Leo poorly, accusing him of being a sociopathic killer. Leo defended himself, claiming he did society a favor by getting rid of her abusive husband.

Days of Our Lives Leo Diana
Leo and his mother didn’t see eye to eye! XJJohnson/jpistudios.com

Unexpectedly, it was uncovered that John was Leo’s biological father. Marlena helped John run a DNA test to confirm the relationship. However, after Diana was arrested for attempting to murder Marlena, she confessed to altering the paternity test. Furious with his mother, Leo turned his back on her. Leo attempted to maintain the illusion of his marriage to Sonny to extort more money, but Will eventually exposed the truth. Leo signed annulment papers and left Salem after placing an “evil eye” curse on Will.

In 2021, Leo resurfaced, becoming entangled in the mystery surrounding the Alamanian peacock and its valuable gems. He aided Will, Sonny, and Chad in a drag competition to win the emerald. Leo planned to steal the emerald for himself, but instead encountered Shane Donovan’s twin brother, Drew. Drew intended to use the peacock to launch a devastating attack on major cities worldwide. However, Leo outsmarted Drew by keeping the real emerald and substituting a fake one.

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DAYS Leo Craig
Leo thought he’d found the perfect sugar daddy. XJJohnson/jpistudios.com

In early 2022, Leo surprised Brady and Chloe when Craig Wesley introduced him as his new boyfriend. Despite attempts to convince Craig that he was being used, Craig proposed to Leo. Leo reconnected with his old friend Gwen Rizczech, and the couple planned a double wedding. However, at the ceremony, both weddings were halted. Abigail Deveraux exposed Gwen’s crimes, and Chad revealed that Leo was already married.

Leo’s Downfall and Redemption

Seeking revenge, Leo publicly outed Chad in a tabloid newspaper and drugged Sonny to create the appearance that they had slept together. Leo moved into the DiMera wine cellar, making him a prime suspect when Abigail was found murdered upstairs. Suspicion grew when Leo sold some of Abigail’s jewelry to Clyde Weston. Although Leo attempted to pin the crime on his friend Gwen, he became the prime suspect when Sonny was discovered with a knife in his back. The truth eventually emerged, revealing Clyde as the true culprit. Leo offered Craig an apology, but Craig rejected his attempts at reconciliation.

In an unexpected turn of events, Leo and Sonny became friends, and Sonny invited Leo to live at the Kiriakis home while he got his life back on track. Leo initially struggled to find work and ended up posing as a clown kidnapper. This allowed Xander to rescue Bonnie and clear his own name. When Will returned home and discovered Leo living with Sonny, he was less than thrilled. Will overheard Leo discussing the crime with Sloan Petersen, and their secret was revealed. Will immediately informed Sonny, who confronted Leo and banished him from the house, never wanting to see him again.

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Leo managed to land on his feet, moving in with Gwen and encouraging her to blackmail her father into handing over the newspaper. He then found work as a gossip columnist, unearthing scandals throughout Salem. However, this has made him quite unpopular within the community.

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