Unmasking the Stalker: Who Is Targeting Elizabeth Webber on General Hospital

Video who is elizabeth's stalker on general hospital

General Hospital has been on the edge of our seats with the mystery surrounding Elizabeth Webber’s stalker. As memories of her late husband Franco resurface, strange and eerie incidents start to unfold. From unexpected appearances of her wedding ring and a burnt studio to a torn wedding dress and a haunting painting, Elizabeth is convinced that she is being stalked. But the big question remains: who is behind all of this? Let’s delve into the possible suspects and unravel the truth.

Jake Webber: A Troubled Son?

One probable suspect is Elizabeth’s own son, Jake Webber. After losing his father and stepfather in a short period, Jake’s world has been turned upside down. Moreover, he shared a special bond with Franco, making his double loss even more devastating. Elizabeth might be growing suspicious of Jake, considering the overwhelming circumstances he has endured. Could her own son be responsible for these unsettling events?

Hayden Barnes: A Sister’s Revenge?

Hayden Barnes, Elizabeth’s sister, emerges as another potential suspect. Although presumed dead, recent developments suggest otherwise. Rumors of Hayden’s comeback intensify as the motive behind her alleged actions becomes clear. Elizabeth has been romantically involved with Hayden’s ex-husband, adding fuel to the fire. Could Hayden be seeking revenge for what she deems a betrayal by her own sister?

Betsy: Franco’s Adoptive Mother

Franco’s illegitimate adoptive mother, Betsy, raises eyebrows as a plausible suspect. Known for her fragility and instability, Betsy has always carried an air of mystery. Elizabeth received a disturbing card signed with the initial “B,” which she attributed to Betsy. However, rumors circulate that Betsy is currently in an institution. Unless she escapes, it seems unlikely that she has orchestrated these unsettling events.

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Scotty: A Devastated Father

Scotty, Franco’s father, is another figure that might be involved in Elizabeth’s plight. Grieving the loss of his son, Scotty found solace in Elizabeth’s company during those trying times. If Scotty is indeed the stalker, it would deeply impact Elizabeth. With Scotty’s potential departure from the show, the revelation of his sinister actions could pave the way for his exit. Will Scotty’s love turn into obsession?

Elizabeth’s Inner Battle

In a surprising twist, General Hospital seems to be exploring a multiple personality disorder storyline for Elizabeth. The past year has been tumultuous for her, with the loss of her loving husband Franco and the guilt of moving on with Dr. Hamilton Finn. The stress and guilt she carries may have taken a toll on her mental health, leading to self-inflicted torment. Could Elizabeth unknowingly be the cause of her own suffering?

As the suspense thickens, the speculation surrounding Elizabeth Webber’s stalker grows. Whodunit? Only time will tell. Share your thoughts on who you believe is behind these chilling occurrences in the comments below. Stay tuned for more updates from TV Season & Spoilers. To delve deeper into the world of mysteries, visit 5 WS for more intriguing stories. General Hospital, the thrilling drama, unfolds every weekday on ABC. Get ready for the thrills and suspense that lie ahead.

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