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As Winder Towing continues to grow in popularity and size, the audience has become curious about the people behind the company. One name that often comes up is Ed. People want to know, “Who is Ed from Winder Towing?” Is he just a regular employee or does he have a special connection with the owner, Matt?

Ed Robbin: A Friend of Matt Wetzel

Ed is actually Ed Robbin, a long-time friend of Matt Wetzel, the founder and owner of Winder Towing Inc. The two friends have worked together to rescue countless vehicles across California over the years. So, in a nutshell, Ed is an old friend of Matt’s.

Not only is Ed a trusted friend, but he also possesses excellent knowledge about vehicles and how to tow them to safety. According to Matt, Ed has been an inspiration to him throughout their friendship. You may have even seen them together in many of the captivating videos featured on Matt’s Off Road Recovery.

A Proud Father of Six

Ed leads a joyful married life and is blessed with six children, including David, Eddie, and Doug. The names of his other two kids remain a mystery, despite our extensive search efforts. Nevertheless, with a large and loving family, Ed truly finds happiness in his married life. In a local magazine interview, Ed expressed his pride in having such promising children. He also commended Matt’s achievements as a premier towing service provider and iconic vehicle recovery video maker. Ed is proud to call Matt his friend.

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For a long time, Ed and his family have been residing in Auburn. Although we don’t know their origin, they have settled there and Ed is looking forward to having an agricultural farm. It will be interesting to see its progress in the future.

Separating Fact from Fiction

There is a fake story circulating about Ed, claiming that he drove 80 miles to see Matt. The story, titled “A Second Chance at Life,” was published on a church website and features the names Ed and Matt. However, we can confirm that this story is unrelated to Ed Robbin from Winder Towing.

Just a Friend

Contrary to popular belief, Ed is not Matt’s biological father. They met relatively late in life, and if you watch the early videos on Matt’s vehicle recovery channel, you’ll notice Matt referring to Ed by his name. Although they have a strong bond, their relationship is based on friendship, not family ties.

Who Is Ed From Winder Towing

How Matt and Ed Met

When Matt was planning to establish his towing and vehicle recovery business, he purchased a garage. Coincidentally, Ed had been living in that same garage before Matt acquired it. Instead of asking Ed to leave, Matt kindly offered him a job. This act of benevolence prevented Ed from being homeless and vulnerable. Now, Ed has become Matt’s trusted friend and partner, and his expertise in working in the garage greatly contributes to their endeavors.

Ed’s Expertise in Towing

Despite not having any formal education in vehicle recovery, the 83-year-old Ed has showcased his expertise in numerous videos. If you carefully watch their YouTube channel, you’ll find Ed offering valuable insights and tips on automobile and vehicle recovery. His knowledge of towing, vehicles, and mechanics has made him an indispensable part of the team.

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No Confrontation Between Matt and Ed

Despite the court case surrounding fraud allegations against Matt, there have been no reports of any confrontations between him and Ed. In fact, they have been seen together even after the legal issues arose. It’s heartening to see that their friendship remains intact.

In Conclusion

Now you know who Ed from Winder Towing is. He is not Matt’s father, as some might think. He is simply a valued employee of Winder Towing and a close friend of Matt’s. Together, they have created engaging vehicle recovery videos for “Matt’s Off Road Recovery.” Ed’s journey with Matt began when Matt found him living in the garage he purchased for his company. Instead of turning him away, Matt offered him a job, and their friendship blossomed from there.

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