The Characters of “It Ends With Us” by Devin

Lily Bloom: A Survivor and Floral Designer

Lily Bloom, a 23-year-old floral designer, endured a traumatic childhood marked by abuse. Throughout the novel, she grapples with maintaining her identity as she falls in love with Ryle, a man who mirrors the abusive nature of her father. While Lily fears becoming her mother, her love for Ryle complicates her efforts to break free from the toxic relationship. She finds solace in rekindling her connection with Atlas, an old flame who understands her struggle and supports her in breaking the cycle of abuse.

Atlas Corrigan: A Renowned Chef and Lily’s First Love

Atlas Corrigan, a celebrated chef, was also Lily’s first love. As a teenager, Atlas found himself homeless and took refuge in an abandoned house near Lily’s, having been kicked out of his own abusive home. Over the years, Atlas dedicated himself to improving his life, aiming to create a future that would be worthy of Lily. He serves as a protective, calm, and nurturing presence in contrast to Ryle’s passionate yet violent tendencies.

Ryle Kincaid: A Neurosurgeon with a Dark Side

Ryle Kincaid, a promising neurosurgeon, becomes Lily’s abusive love interest. Throughout the novel, he struggles to control his temper, causing Lily to leave him due to his violent behavior. Ryle’s anger can be traced back to a tragic incident from his childhood when, at the age of six, he accidentally shot and killed his seven-year-old brother. After the birth of his daughter, Ryle realizes that he cannot provide the safe and loving environment that Lily deserves, leading him to let her go.

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Allysa: Lily’s Loyal Best Friend and Ryle’s Sister

Allysa, Lily’s best friend and Ryle’s sister, is a steadfast source of support for Lily. She possesses an encouraging and straightforward nature, recognizing her brother’s flaws and standing by Lily’s side as her relationship with Ryle deteriorates. Despite being independently wealthy, Allysa works at the flower shop simply for enjoyment.

Jenny Bloom: Lily’s Strong-Willed Mother

Jenny Bloom, Lily’s mother, is no stranger to a lifetime of abuse inflicted by her husband. During Lily’s teenage years, Jenny made excuses for her husband’s behavior. However, as Lily grows up and finds herself trapped in a similar abusive relationship, Jenny finally urges her daughter to seek a better life. Jenny remains a loving and caring mother, ultimately finding new love after her husband’s death.

Andrew Bloom: Lily’s Abusive Father and Mayor

Andrew Bloom, Lily’s father and the mayor of Plethora, Maine, represents the epitome of violence and self-absorption. He terrorizes not only Lily and Jenny but also brutally assaults Atlas when he discovers him in Lily’s bed. Andrew maintains an image of power and influence within the town while concealing his own abusive nature. Lily struggles to find any positive memories or words to commemorate him at his funeral after his passing.

Ellen DeGeneres: Lily’s Source of Inspiration

Lily addresses her teenage journal entries to Ellen DeGeneres, a beloved TV personality, comedian, and the voice of Dory in “Finding Nemo.” Lily holds great admiration for Ellen’s show, and references to Ellen’s mantra of “just keep swimming” — a line from the movie — become a recurring theme in Lily and Atlas’s relationship during challenging times.

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With its diverse cast of characters, “It Ends With Us” delves into the complexities of abuse, love, and personal growth. To delve deeper into the analysis of Lily Bloom and Atlas Corrigan, click here.

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