Who Holds the Record for the Most Losses in the UFC?

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In the world of mixed martial arts, fighters aspire to achieve success and longevity in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). This prestigious organization offers not only the opportunity to compete at the highest level but also the potential for financial stability. However, a lengthy tenure in the UFC can have its downsides, as some fighters find themselves on the wrong side of the record books. So, who are the fighters with the most losses in the history of the UFC? And who holds the unfortunate title of being knocked out the most inside the Octagon? Let’s delve into the details.

The Fighters with the Most Losses in the UFC

Throughout the years, several fighters have accumulated a considerable number of losses in their UFC careers. Here is a list of the top eight fighters with the most losses in UFC history:

  1. Jeremy Stephens – 18 losses
  2. Gleison Tibau – 17 losses
  3. Hermes Franca – 16 losses
  4. Takanori Gomi – 15 losses
  5. Sam Stout – 14 losses
  6. Chris Lytle – 13 losses
  7. Jim Miller – 13 losses
  8. Diego Sanchez – 13 losses

Please note that this information is accurate as of June 4, 2023. It’s worth mentioning that some of these fighters are still active in the UFC.

Jeremy Stephens: The Fighter with the Most Losses

Jeremy Stephens holds the unfortunate record for the most losses in UFC history, with a total of 18 defeats to his name. His final fight in the UFC took place on July 17, 2021, where he was submitted by Mateusz Gamrot. Following this loss, the UFC decided not to renew his contract.

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Despite being remembered by casual fans as the fighter publicly mocked by Conor McGregor during a press conference, true fans of the sport acknowledge Stephens’ resilience and dedication. One of the main reasons for his high number of losses is the fact that he consistently faced the best fighters in his weight divisions, whether it be at lightweight or featherweight.

Stephens’ list of opponents reads like a who’s who of UFC champions, including José Aldo, Frankie Edgar, Charles Oliveira, Max Holloway, and Anthony Pettis. These elite fighters held UFC gold at various points in their illustrious careers. Although Stephens was never considered an elite fighter himself, he served as a gatekeeper in his weight class for the majority of his UFC tenure. His entertaining fighting style and devastating knockouts made him a popular figure among fans and promoters alike.

The Most Knocked Out Fighters in the UFC

When it comes to the record for the most knockout losses in the UFC, five fighters currently share this unfortunate distinction. Gabriel Gonzaga, Frank Mir, Alistair Overeem, Stefan Struve, and Donald Cerrone have all experienced eight knockout losses.

Notably, four of these fighters compete in the heavyweight division, which has the highest percentage of knockout finishes. However, it’s worth pointing out that Donald Cerrone remains an active UFC fighter, and there is a possibility that he may surpass this record in the future.

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Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is accurate as of its publishing date and may be subject to change in the future.

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