Who Did Charles Manson Have a Child With?

Who Did Charles Manson Have A Child With?

Discover the identity of Charles Manson’s child and explore his relationships with women. Learn who Charles Manson had a child with in this in-depth article.

Charles Manson is one of the most infamous names in American criminal history. He was the leader of a cult-like group called the “Manson Family,” who committed a series of brutal murders in the late 1960s. Manson’s crimes shocked the nation, and he was sentenced to life in prison. However, despite his horrific actions, there is still a significant amount of interest in his personal life, including the question of who he had a child with.

Knowing who Charles Manson had a child with is important because it sheds light on his relationships with women, which were a significant part of his life and his crimes. Manson was known for his charisma and ability to manipulate people, especially women, into doing his bidding. Understanding the dynamics of his relationships with women can provide insights into his criminal behavior and the psychology behind it.

In the following sections, we will explore Manson’s relationships with two women, Mary Brunner and Linda Kasabian, and reveal the identity of his son. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about Manson and his relationships with women.

Charles Manson’s Family

Mary Brunner was one of Charles Manson's closest followers and the mother of his first child.
Mary Brunner was one of Charles Manson’s closest followers and the mother of his first child.

Overview of Manson’s Followers and Their “Family”

Charles Manson’s “Family” was a group of mostly young women who followed him blindly and carried out his orders, often involving violent crimes. The group was based in California and was heavily influenced by Manson’s twisted ideology, which was a mix of hippie culture, racism, and apocalyptic visions.

The Manson Family members lived together in various locations, including a ranch in the San Fernando Valley, which they called “Spahn Ranch.” They engaged in drug use, group sex, and other unconventional behaviors, all under Manson’s control.

Manson’s Family was responsible for a series of murders committed in the summer of 1969, including the infamous Tate-LaBianca killings. The group also carried out other crimes, such as theft and arson, as part of Manson’s plan to incite a race war he called “Helter Skelter.”

Role of Women in Manson’s Family

Women played a significant role in the Manson Family, as Manson specifically targeted vulnerable young women to join his cult. He was able to manipulate them into doing his bidding and convinced them that he was a messiah figure.

The women in the Manson Family were often subjected to physical and emotional abuse, and many were brainwashed into believing that Manson’s twisted beliefs were true. Manson also encouraged sexual relationships between the women in the group, further cementing his control over them.

Overall, the Manson Family was a disturbing example of how a charismatic leader can manipulate vulnerable individuals to commit horrific crimes. The group’s actions had a significant impact on American culture and continue to fascinate and horrify people to this day.

Manson’s Relationship with Mary Brunner

Linda Kasabian was a key witness in the trial of Charles Manson and his followers.
Linda Kasabian was a key witness in the trial of Charles Manson and his followers.

Background on Mary Brunner

Mary Brunner was one of the first women to join Manson’s “Family.” She was born in Wisconsin in 1943 and moved to California in the 1960s. Brunner met Manson in 1967 when she was a librarian at the University of California, Berkeley. Manson convinced her to leave her job and join his group, where she became his first “main squeeze.”

Manson’s Relationship with Brunner

Manson and Brunner had a romantic relationship, and she became pregnant with his child in 1968. Manson was reportedly overjoyed with the news and saw it as a sign that he was destined to lead a revolution. However, Brunner’s pregnancy was not without complications. She was arrested in October 1968 and gave birth to her son, Valentine Michael Manson, while in jail.

After Brunner was released from prison in 1971, she rejoined the Manson Family. However, her relationship with Manson had soured, and she eventually left the group. Brunner went on to live a relatively quiet life, and little is known about her current whereabouts.

Brunner’s Involvement in Manson’s Crimes

Brunner was involved in some of Manson’s early criminal activities, such as stealing cars to fund the group’s lifestyle. However, she was not present for the infamous murders that Manson and his followers committed in 1969. Brunner was in jail at the time, and Manson reportedly did not want her to be involved in the crimes.

Manson’s Relationship with Linda Kasabian

Charles Manson's relationships with women were a significant factor in his crimes.
Charles Manson’s relationships with women were a significant factor in his crimes.

Background on Linda Kasabian

Linda Kasabian was a member of the Manson Family who played a significant role in the group’s crimes. She was born in Maine in 1949 and grew up in New Hampshire. Kasabian had a troubled childhood and ran away from home at the age of 16. She eventually made her way to California, where she met Charles Manson.

Manson’s Relationship with Kasabian

Manson was immediately drawn to Kasabian’s vulnerability and began grooming her to be a member of his “Family.” He promised her love, protection, and a sense of belonging, which Kasabian desperately craved. Manson’s manipulation of Kasabian was typical of his relationships with women. He preyed on their insecurities and used his charisma and charm to control them.

Despite Manson’s promises, Kasabian quickly realized that life with the Manson Family was not what she had hoped it would be. She witnessed the group’s violent behavior and became increasingly uncomfortable with their activities. However, she was too afraid to leave, as Manson had threatened to harm her and her family if she ever tried to leave.

Kasabian’s Involvement in Manson’s Crimes

Kasabian was present at both the Tate and LaBianca murders, but she did not participate in the killings. She was charged as an accomplice but was granted immunity in exchange for her testimony against Manson and the other members of the Family. Kasabian’s testimony was crucial in securing the convictions of Manson and several other members of the group.

In conclusion, Linda Kasabian’s relationship with Charles Manson was one of manipulation and control. Despite her involvement in the Manson Family’s crimes, she was able to provide important testimony that helped bring Manson and his followers to justice.

The Identity of Charles Manson’s Son

Speculation Surrounding Manson’s Children

There has been a lot of speculation over the years about how many children Charles Manson may have had. Some people have claimed that Manson fathered dozens of children with various women, while others believe that he only had a few children. There have even been rumors that Manson had children who were involved in his crimes.

However, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims. The only confirmed child of Manson’s is his son, who was born to Mary Brunner, one of Manson’s followers.

The Confirmed Identity of Manson’s Son

Manson’s son was born on April 15, 1968, and was given the name Valentine Michael Manson. He was born while Manson and several of his followers were hiding out in a remote area of California. After his birth, Valentine was taken away from Brunner and placed in foster care.

Valentine has largely remained out of the public eye, and little is known about his life. However, it is known that he changed his name to Charles Manson Jr. in his teenage years, and later changed it again to Jay White after his father’s death.

Manson’s Relationship with His Son

Manson had very little contact with his son throughout his life. In fact, Manson reportedly did not even know that Valentine had been born until several months after his birth. Manson’s relationship with Brunner, Valentine’s mother, was also strained, and she eventually left the Manson Family.

Valentine struggled with his father’s legacy and the notoriety that came with being Manson’s son. He attempted suicide several times and ultimately died from a gunshot wound in 1993. His death was ruled a suicide.

The tragic end to Valentine’s life highlights the devastating impact that Manson had on the lives of those around him, even those who were not directly involved in his crimes.


What was Charles Manson’s relationship with women like?

Manson’s relationships with women were complex and often abusive. He saw women as subservient to men and believed that they existed solely to serve him and his desires. Manson was known for his charisma and ability to manipulate people, especially women, into doing his bidding. He used sex, drugs, and psychological tactics to control his followers, many of whom were women.

Did Charles Manson have any other children?

Manson had three known children, but it is unclear if he had any others. His first son, Charles Manson Jr., was born to his first wife, Rosalie Willis. Manson Jr. changed his name to Jay White and committed suicide in 1993. Manson’s second son, Michael Brunner, was born to Mary Brunner, a member of the Manson Family. Manson’s third child, a son named Valentine Michael Manson, was born to Manson’s girlfriend at the time of his arrest, Mary Theresa Brunner.

What happened to Charles Manson’s son?

Manson’s son Valentine Michael Manson was raised by his mother and eventually changed his name to Michael Brunner. Brunner has largely stayed out of the public eye and has not spoken publicly about his father. Manson’s first son, Charles Manson Jr., committed suicide in 1993, and his second son, Michael Brunner, is still alive.

How did Charles Manson’s relationships with women influence his crimes?

Manson’s relationships with women were a significant factor in his crimes. He used his charisma and manipulation tactics to control his female followers, many of whom were involved in the murders committed by the Manson Family. Manson believed that a race war was imminent, and he believed that his crimes would help to spark the war. He saw his female followers as instrumental in carrying out his plan and used their loyalty and devotion to control them.


In conclusion, understanding who Charles Manson had a child with is an important aspect of comprehending the dynamics of his relationships with women and the motives behind his heinous crimes. Manson’s relationships with women were a significant part of his life and his criminal behavior.

We explored Manson’s relationships with Mary Brunner and Linda Kasabian and revealed the identity of his son. Through these relationships, we gained insights into Manson’s manipulation and control over women, which ultimately led to their involvement in his crimes.

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