Who Buys Garbage Pail Kid Cards Near Me

Garbage Pail Kid cards may seem worthless or outdated in this era, but did you know you can actually earn some bucks from selling them? In this article, we will explore different platforms where you can find potential buyers for your Garbage Pail Kid cards and discuss how to go about the whole selling process.

Finding Buyers for Your Garbage Pail Kid Cards


One popular platform for selling Garbage Pail Kid cards is eBay. With its wide reach, you have a good chance of finding plenty of customers who are interested in buying these nostalgic cards.

Facebook Marketplace

Another option is the Facebook Marketplace, where you will find different potential customers looking to buy Garbage Pail Kid cards at reasonable prices. It’s a great way to connect with collectors and enthusiasts.


Craigslist is another platform where you can find people interested in buying Garbage Pail Kid cards. Simply post the cards you have for sale and wait for potential buyers to reach out to you.

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On OfferUp, you can easily connect with potential buyers by sharing pictures of your Garbage Pail Kid cards. This platform provides a convenient way to showcase your collection and find interested buyers.


While less popular than eBay, eBid is still a platform worth considering. List your Garbage Pail Kid cards here, and you may come across buyers who are specifically looking for these collectibles.


If you prefer selling to people who are within a short distance from your current location, 5Miles is the perfect platform for you. Sign up, place an advert, and sell your Garbage Pail Kid cards to buyers within 5 miles of your area.


Shpock is another platform where you can sell your Garbage Pail Kid cards. It’s worth giving it a try, as you may find potential buyers who are interested in adding these unique cards to their collection.

Varage Sale

At Varage Sale, you can easily place an advert for your Garbage Pail Kid cards. Many people visit this platform with the intention of purchasing various items, so there’s a good chance of finding interested buyers here.


If you’re looking for a large customer base, Amazon is a great option. Selling your Garbage Pail Kid cards on this platform will expose you to numerous buyers who are actively seeking out collectible items. Simply click the “sell on Amazon” button to get started.

Garage Sale

Consider hosting a garage sale to sell all of your old Garbage Pail Kid cards. You might be surprised by the number of local collectors who are eager to purchase them.

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Pawn Shops

For another local option, visit pawn shops in your area. Some of them may be interested in purchasing your Garbage Pail Kid cards if they find them valuable.

Local Magazine

Advertising your Garbage Pail Kid cards in a local magazine can help you reach potential buyers who share your interest in these collectibles. Explore this avenue to attract interested purchasers.

How to Sell Garbage Pail Kid Cards Online

If you decide to sell your Garbage Pail Kid cards online, there are a few steps you should follow to maximize your chances of attracting customers.

1. Research on Prices

Before uploading your advert, conduct thorough research on the prices of Garbage Pail Kid cards. Each card may have a different value, so it’s essential to understand the market. Check online platforms to see how much similar cards are going for to get an idea of how to price your own.

2. Set Your Prices

Once you have done your research, decide on the prices you want to list for your Garbage Pail Kid cards. Avoid overpricing or undervaluing them, as finding the right balance will attract potential buyers and ensure fair transactions.

3. Take Clear Pictures

When photographing your Garbage Pail Kid cards, aim to capture their character and condition accurately. Use high-quality images that showcase the unique details of each card. Avoid using pictures from the internet, as they can be misleading.

4. Upload Your Pictures

After taking the pictures, upload them to your chosen online platform. This way, potential buyers can see the condition of your Garbage Pail Kid cards clearly. Include a caption for each card, indicating whether it is rare or common. Rare cards are harder to find and usually more expensive, while common cards are readily available in online stores.

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5. State Price and Payment Methods

Specify the price of your Garbage Pail Kid cards in your advert. Additionally, indicate the accepted payment methods, such as cash, transfers, or cheques. Providing this information will help potential buyers understand how they can complete the transaction.

6. Provide Contact and Delivery Details

Include your contact details, such as your phone number and email, in the advert. Interested buyers can easily reach out to you for further inquiries or to arrange the purchase. Also, mention whether you offer delivery services or if buyers need to arrange for shipping.

Are Garbage Pail Kid Cards Worth Anything?

Yes, Garbage Pail Kid cards are worth something. If you have rare cards, you can actually sell them online since many people are avid collectors of these nostalgic items.

What Are the Most Expensive Garbage Pail Kid Cards?

The most expensive Garbage Pail Kid cards include Nasty Nick, Corroded Carl, and Adam Bomb. These highly sought-after cards can fetch top prices from collectors.

Why Did Garbage Pail Kids Stop Selling?

Garbage Pail Kid Cards stopped selling because the general public considered the cards to be very offensive. Featuring kids with severe abnormalities or deformities, the cards faced significant backlash, leading to their discontinuation.


In this era, selling almost anything online is possible, but it’s crucial to be careful due to the prevalence of online scams. Verify the individuals you are selling to and ensure your safety throughout the selling process. Remember, there is value in your Garbage Pail Kid cards, so don’t hesitate to find the right buyers and make a profit! For more information on various topics, check out 5 WS.

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