The Hottest Baseball Players of the Season


In the world of Major League Baseball (MLB), there are certain players who have been setting the field on fire with their exceptional performance. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest hitters in baseball right now.

The Hottest Hitters of the Past 15 Days

When it comes to the hottest hitters in the MLB over the last 15 days, two names stand out: Aaron Judge and Nolan Arenado. These players have been delivering impressive performances for their respective teams.

Tommy Edman, Christopher Morel, and Esteury Ruiz

Apart from Judge and Arenado, there have been other players who have shown their mettle in the past 10 days. Tommy Edman, Christopher Morel, and Esteury Ruiz have all been on fire, displaying their skills at the plate.

The Top 10 Hitters of the 2023 Season

Now, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 hitters who have been dominating the 2023 season. These players have been consistently delivering outstanding performances in the past 15 days. Their impressive statistical records as of 23 May are as follows:

  • Aaron Judge: 13 Runs, 7 Homers, 18 RBI, .378 BA, .911 SLG
  • Nolan Arenado: 12 Runs, 6 Homers, 17 RBI, .370 BA, .759 SLG
  • Christopher Morel: 15 Runs, 8 Homers, 14 RBI, .370 BA, .957 SLG
  • Adolis Garcia: 13 Runs, 6 Homers, 16 RBI, .286 BA, .694 SLG
  • Josh Lowe: 9 Runs, 5 Homers, 15 RBI, .318 BA, .727 SLG
  • Nolan Gorman: 10 Runs, 6 Homers, 16 RBI, .400 BA, .925 SLG
  • Freddie Freeman: 14 Runs, 3 Homers, 14 RBI, .357 BA, .679 SLG
  • Luis Robert Jr.: 17 Runs, 6 Homers, 11 RBI, .320 BA, .780 SLG
  • Anthony Rizzo: 13 Runs, 6 Homers, 14 RBI, .346 BA, .709 SLG
  • Marcus Semien: 16 Runs, 2 Homers, 11 RBI, .350 BA, .550 SLG
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Aaron Judge: A Hitting Sensation

One player who has truly stood out this season is Aaron Judge, the captain of the New York Yankees. Judge has consistently delivered outstanding performances, making him one of the hottest players in the MLB.

Aaron Judge
Judge has an impressive .378 BA in his latest career. (Source: Twitter)

Judge’s performance in the last 15 days has been nothing short of remarkable. He has smashed 7 home runs in just 45 at-bats, contributing 3 doubles and 13 runs to his team. With a batting average of .378 and 18 RBI, Judge has been a force to be reckoned with.

What’s even more impressive is his slugging percentage of .911, giving him an extraordinary 1.402 OPS rating. As a Yankee, Judge has already hit 13 home runs in the 2023 season, with a season-high slugging percentage of .642. He shows no signs of slowing down and continues to be a key player for his team.

Nolan Arenado: A Dominant Force

Another player who has been making waves in the MLB is Nolan Arenado, the talented third baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Nolan Arenado
Arenado plays for the Cardinals in 2023. (Source: Twitter)

Arenado has maintained a batting average of .370 in the past 15 days, showcasing his incredible hitting skills. He has scored 6 home runs and 1 triple in 54 at-bats, contributing 12 runs and 17 RBI. With a slugging percentage of .759, Arenado has proven to be a formidable opponent on the field.

In the 2023 season so far, Nolan has hit 9 home runs and 5 doubles, achieving a solid .762 OPS. With 26 runs from 52 successful hits, he is determined to become the hottest player of the entire season.

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Christopher Morel: A Rising Star

Christopher Morel, the centerfielder for the Chicago Cubs, has also caught the attention of baseball enthusiasts with his outstanding performance in the last 15 days.

Morel has maintained an impressive .370 batting average, displaying his ability to consistently make contact with the ball. He has contributed 8 home runs and 3 doubles in 46 at-bats. Additionally, Morel has driven in 14 runs and has an impressive slugging percentage of .957.

Furthermore, Christopher has managed a remarkable 1.352 OPS and has created 15 runs from 17 hits. He is a rising star to watch out for in the MLB.

Adolis Garcia: A Powerhouse Outfielder

Adolis Garcia, the outfielder for the Texas Rangers, has established himself as a powerhouse hitter with a batting average of .286.

Garcia has hit 6 home runs and 2 doubles in his 19 at-bats in the past 15 days. He has also made contact with the ball 14 times, resulting in 13 runs. With a slugging percentage of .694 and 16 RBI, Garcia has been a significant contributor to his team’s success.

Leading the league in RBI with 49 and in home runs with 14, Adolis Garcia has proven to be a formidable force on the field. He has played 46 games and scored a total of 49 runs, making him an invaluable asset to the Texas Rangers.

Freddie Freeman: A Standout Performer

Freddie Freeman, who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers, has been making waves with his .357 batting average.

Freddie Freeman
Freeman plays for the Dodgers in 2023. (Source: Twitter)

Freeman has scored 3 home runs and 7 doubles in his 56 at-bats in the last 15 days. He also maintains a slugging percentage of .679 and has contributed 14 RBI and 14 runs from 20 hits.

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In the 2023 season, Freeman currently leads the league in doubles with 18 and holds the record for 64 hits as of 23 May. With 41 runs in total and an impressive .968 OPS rating, his performances have been outstanding.


These players have showcased their exceptional skills and impressive stats in the past 15 days. Aaron Judge, Nolan Arenado, Christopher Morel, Adolis Garcia, and Freddie Freeman continue to dominate the field, making them the hottest hitters in baseball right now. Keep an eye on these players as they strive to maintain their impressive form throughout the entire season.

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