Where to Find Fresh Figs in Grocery Stores

Are you craving figs but worried about their seasonal availability? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a store guide on where to find figs in grocery stores. Follow this guide to discover where your favorite fruit might be placed. We’ve also included a list of popular grocery stores that usually sell figs.

Which Section or Aisle to Find Figs in Grocery Stores

You’ll typically find figs in the produce area of the grocery store, alongside other fruits. However, fresh figs are usually available only during the fig season. So keep an eye out for them there.

If you can’t find fresh figs in the produce area, head over to the refrigerator section, specifically the frozen fruits section. Here, you’ll be able to buy frozen figs to satisfy your cravings.

What Grocery Stores Sell Figs

  • Amazon: You can buy fresh figs on Amazon, and the advantage is that you can do it all online without visiting a physical store.
  • Trader Joe’s: Trader Joe’s offers fresh figs, and if it’s not the fig season, you can find frozen figs in their frozen fruits section.
  • Walmart: Walmart usually stocks figs during the fig season. If you’re unsure about the nearest Walmart store, use their online store locator to find fresh or frozen figs.
  • Kroger: At Kroger, you can find fresh figs during the fig season. However, they also have dried figs in-store.
  • Publix: If you have a Publix store nearby, check their produce section for fresh figs. Alternatively, they also offer dried figs.
  • Costco: Figs can be found in the produce area at Costco. If it’s not the fig season, you might have to opt for dried figs.
  • Safeway: If you have a Safeway store nearby, you can find figs there. They sometimes offer fresh figs as well as dried figs, giving you options to choose from.
  • Target: Target is another place where you can find figs. While dried figs are more commonly available, fresh figs can be found during the fig season.
  • Whole Foods: Check the produce section at Whole Foods for fresh figs during the fig season. They might also have frozen figs in the frozen fruits section.
  • Giant Eagle: Giant Eagle occasionally offers fresh figs, but you can also find dried figs there.
  • Wegmans: You can find figs in the produce section at Wegmans.
  • Local Health Food Store: If there’s a local health food store nearby, chances are high that they will have figs. They usually stock fresh figs during the fig season, but you can also find frozen or dried figs.
  • Albertsons: You can usually find fresh figs in the produce section at Albertsons, especially during the fig season. Check their frozen fruits section for frozen figs.
  • Vons: At Vons, fresh figs are available, especially during the fig season. If they’re not available, you can always opt for dried or frozen figs.
  • Hannaford: Hannaford typically stocks figs, so you can find them in-store.
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How to Use Figs

Use Figs When Baking

Whether fresh or dried, figs add a lot of flavor to baked goods. Incorporate them into cakes, muffins, and bread for a delightful twist.

Use Figs When Making a Salad

One of the easiest ways to use figs is to slice them into small pieces and add them to your salad. Finish off your creation with your favorite vinaigrette.

How to Store Figs

Storing Figs at Room Temperature

NB: This method is suitable for storing fresh figs for about 2 to 3 days, so use it when you plan to consume them soon.

To store fresh figs at room temperature, line a plate with paper towels. Place the figs on top, making sure they don’t overlap and smash. Cover the plate with plastic wrap and store it in a cupboard away from sunlight. Fresh figs stored this way will stay fresh for 2 to 3 days.

Store Figs in the Refrigerator

NB: This method extends the freshness of fresh figs for up to 1 week.

To store figs in the refrigerator, line a plate with paper towels and place the figs on top. Cover the plate with plastic wrap and refrigerate. Fresh figs stored this way will last for about a week, so make sure to consume them before they spoil.

Store Figs in the Freezer

NB: Freezing figs is the best method for preserving their quality for up to 8 months.

To freeze fresh figs, remove the stems and place the figs on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Freeze the figs for about 4 hours, and then transfer them into freezer bags.

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As you can see, figs can be found in a variety of grocery stores. Most of the stores mentioned in this article update their product availability on their websites, so you can check online to see if figs are available before visiting the store physically. Enjoy the sweet and satisfying taste of figs, and happy shopping!

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