Shampooing Your Client’s Hair: The Right Way to Start

How to Properly Shampoo Your Hair: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow These 5 Steps and Repeat Step 5 for Optimal Results

  1. Ensure that your hair is thoroughly soaked before applying shampoo.
  2. Before applying shampoo and conditioner to your hair, make sure to distribute it evenly on your hands.
  3. Start applying shampoo at the roots, working your way through the ends. Pay attention to the hidden areas underneath your hair and on your scalp. When applying conditioner, start at the ends and work a small amount towards the scalp.
  4. High-quality salon shampoos and conditioners tend to have a higher concentration of active ingredients. To create a rich lather, use less product than usual and add more water. Remember, using more shampoo won’t increase the lather, but water will.
  5. When rinsing your hair, it’s crucial to lift it away from your scalp and rinse the scalp thoroughly. Leaving product residue on the scalp can make styling your hair, especially adding volume, difficult. This is especially important if you have thick hair. Many people simply lean their heads back in the shower, allowing the water to run over the top, but this doesn’t effectively rinse the under part of the scalp. When using conditioner, you can leave about 10% on the ends, but avoid applying it to the scalp area.

How to Shampoo Your Hair: Watch the Video Transcript Below

Hi there! My name is Ella King, and I work at Zoe Grace Salon. I’m also a Keune educator for cosmetology. Today, I wanted to share a simple yet essential topic: how to shampoo your hair correctly, both for professionals and clients at home.

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Whenever you start shampooing your hair, whether it’s at the salon or in the shower, it’s important to wet it thoroughly before beginning. Then, take your shampoo bottle and dispense an amount equivalent to one pump.

Before applying the shampoo, rub it between your hands and lightly coat the outside before working it through your hair. Pay special attention to the area near your scalp, as sometimes people tend to miss shampooing this area comprehensively.

As you continue shampooing, make sure to cover the sides of your hair as well. Don’t neglect them. Ask your clients about the pressure and lather of the shampoo. If it doesn’t lather enough, especially with professional shampoos, add a little more water instead of extra shampoo. Professional shampoos have a higher concentration of ingredients, so you don’t need as much as you would with store-bought shampoos.

Now, let’s talk about rinsing. The biggest mistake people make while shampooing at home is not properly rinsing under the hair. In the shower, it’s crucial to put your fingertips near the scalp, lift the hair away, and let the water run through for a few minutes to ensure proper rinsing.

Lift the hair on the sides as well. If needed, consider using a handheld showerhead to make it easier to rinse the underpart of your hair. Neglecting this area can lead to product buildup and make it harder to achieve the desired volume when styling.

Also, remember to rinse the base of your hair by getting underneath it. You may find it helpful to separate your hair while in the shower.

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In the salon, ensure that the water doesn’t splash on the client’s face. Block any splashes to provide a comfortable experience.

After rinsing, gently squeeze out the excess water from your hair. The more water you remove, the better the hair will absorb the conditioner. For the conditioner, one pump will suffice. Show the client the amount you’re using, and, just like with the shampoo, spread it on your hands before applying it lightly to the outer layers of your hair.

Now, let’s talk about the application of conditioner. Begin at the ends of your hair, as you want the highest concentration of conditioner there. Gradually rub your hands together to distribute the conditioner through your fingers and work it through your hair, moving towards the scalp. By starting at a specific point, you allow for a lower concentration of the product on your scalp. Remember, wherever you begin applying the conditioner will have a higher concentration.

Once again, it’s essential to rinse your hair thoroughly. Block the client’s face if you’re in a salon, and if you’re at home, make sure to direct the water flow towards the scalp, the sides, and especially the crown, by using your fingertips to lift the hair away.

Many people often ask me about the difference between store-bought and salon-bought shampoos. Think of it this way: when you want to nourish your body, you go to the grocery store, but when it comes to nourishing your hair, you go to a salon. So, it’s best to avoid purchasing hair products from the grocery store.

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Furthermore, consider this from a business perspective. For example, McDonald’s sells cheeseburgers at low prices by using low-quality ingredients. They don’t use the highest quality meat or onions. On the other hand, premium restaurants like Bonefish Grill use high-quality ingredients, which come at a higher cost. The same principle applies to hair products. If you buy inexpensive products, they are likely made with cheap ingredients.

For more information on the best salon shampoo and products versus store-bought shampoo, check out “6 Reasons why you are wasting your money on Store Bought Shampoo and Conditioner.”

Remember, when it comes to proper shampooing, following these steps will help you achieve healthier, more manageable hair. If you have any further questions, feel free to visit 5 WS for more hair-related tips and advice.

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