Where to Find Move Relearner and Move Deleter in Pokemon Sun

Delete and remember moves with ease with these two vital NPCs.

Your combat moves are everything in Pokemon. While there’s plenty to do in terms of exploring, breeding, and caring for your Pokemon, the core of the series remains combat. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon stick to this tradition, focusing on combat rather than petting, photography, or friendship.

As you level up your Pokemon, you’ll be given the opportunity to learn new combat moves. These moves offered at higher levels aren’t necessarily better, but rather different. Pokemon is all about choice, allowing different players to customize move sets based on their Pokemon team and personal play style. However, evolving a Pokemon through leveling up or using an evolution stone can unlock new potential moves while locking away others.

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One way to manage moves on your Pokemon is through Technical Machines, TMs. Pokemon Sun & Moon have 100 TMs (and a few more in Ultra) that teach different moves to compatible Pokemon. However, not all moves can be taught via TM. To maximize your battle potential, you’ll need the help of two easily missable NPCs – the Move Reminder and the Move Deleter. These NPCs allow you to delete moves from your Pokemon and relearn moves that your Pokemon naturally progressed through their level.

Where to Find the Move Reminder Tutor NPC

The move reminder is especially useful as she allows you to relearn any move that your Pokemon had the opportunity to learn at an earlier level, including moves inherited by eggs, which is handy for additional move options via careful egg breeding. You can find the move reminder NPC on Mount Lanakila on Ula’ula Island. However, you’ll only visit this place after completing all the island trials. The move reminder is located next to the shop inside the resident Pokemon Center of the mountain.

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Where to Find the Move Deleter Tutor NPC

The move deleter may not be as essential as the move reminder in the newer Pokemon games, but it still serves a purpose. Thankfully, HMs no longer exist in Sun & Moon, eliminating the need to reach an NPC to delete moves. Now, you can simply overwrite them. However, if you want to remove a move outright to free up a move slot, the move deleter can help you. You can find the move deleter in Hau’oli City, inside the Pokemon Center, just in front of the shop. He’s a kindly old man who will gladly assist you in removing unwanted moves.

Remember, managing your Pokemon’s moves is crucial to optimizing their battle potential. By utilizing the Move Reminder and Move Deleter, you can ensure your Pokemon’s move sets are tailored to your strategy and play style. So, don’t forget to seek out these helpful NPCs during your Pokemon Sun journey.

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