Exploring the Indigo Quarry in Slime Rancher

Video where is the indigo quarry in slime rancher

Have you ever wondered where to find the Indigo Quarry in Slime Rancher? Well, look no further! In this article, we’ll guide you through the thrilling adventure of discovering this hidden gem. So grab your slimes and let’s dive right in!

Uncovering the Secrets

The journey continues as we explore a few more areas that complete the map. To progress into new regions, you’ll need additional slime keys. Begin your quest by ensuring you have 50 pieces of fruit, along with some cuberries for good measure. Head to the third area of the Dry Reef, where you found the Map Node for the Reef. Behind you, there’s a cave waiting to be explored. At the end of this cave lies the Phosphor Gordo, who will reward you with another slime key once you feed it to bursting.

With key in hand, return to the third area and enter the cave system you can see. Along the way, you might encounter Feral Slimes, but don’t worry, you can simply run past them. Keep following the path until you reach another Slime Gate, which will lead you to the Indigo Quarry. Use your key to unlock the gate and walk through, earning the achievement “Mine, All Mine.”

Discovering New Slimes and Veggies

As you venture through the Indigo Quarry, keep an eye out for Rad Slimes. These slimes emit a green aura that can be identified from a distance. Standing within this aura will cause a radiation bar to appear, and if it reaches 100, your health will be affected. Be cautious when around multiple overlapping rad auras, as the radiation bar will increase more rapidly. Conversely, standing outside the aura will gradually decrease your radiation level. Don’t worry about the related achievement for now; there’s an easier way to earn it later.

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In addition to the unique slimes, the second area of the Indigo Quarry holds another treasure: the Map Node. Make sure to snag it before moving on. While exploring the quarry, keep an eye on the ground for three new veggies: Oca Oca, Heart Beet, and Odd Onion. You’ll also come across more carrots and nests containing Stony Hens and Stony Chickadoos. Each new discovery adds to your Slimepedia.

Building Your Ranch

When you’ve collected at least two different veggies (and if you find any cuberries, bring one back), return to the Ranch. Use three plots of land to create three different veggie gardens. If you already have mint mangos growing in one of them, you can delete the crop to free up space. However, make sure to keep at least one mango with you. Once you’ve started a veggie growing in each garden, you’ll achieve “Salad Bar,” which requires having three different veggie gardens simultaneously.

To complete your farming endeavors, go collect a pogofruit and a cuberry from the Dry Reef. Replace the veggies you just planted on the Ranch with one of each fruit. As these new fruits begin to grow, you’ll achieve “Fruit Cocktail,” which demands having three different fruit trees on the Ranch at the same time.

The Journey Continues

Now that you have your Jetpack, gather 50 veggies (especially Oca Oca from the Quarry) and return to the Indigo Quarry. Head to the third area, where you’ll spot wooden scaffolding on one side of the Quarry. Cross the bridge by jumping and using your jetpack, and you’ll encounter a horde of slimes. Keep moving to the left until you come across an area with feral Pink Rad slimes. Be careful when hopping across small pillars of land and avoid falling into the water. Once you escape the area, continue along the right path until you reach an area with a pool of water to the right of the screen. Enter the tunnel on the left and follow it to find a group of tall green crystals. Progress to the left and follow the tunnel until you encounter the Rad Gordo. Stand within the rad aura for 15 seconds while keeping your rad counter at 0, and you’ll achieve “That Only Works in Comic Books.”

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Remember to let your rad counter drop back to 0 before proceeding. Once the Gordo bursts, obtain another slime key. Before moving on to the next area, return to the Ranch and empty your VacPack. Collect a phosphor plort, a boom plort, a honey plort, and a tabby plort.

Run back outside and follow the path past the lake and through another area until you reach another slime gate. Use your slime key to open this gate, revealing a Courtyard filled with ruins.

Embarking on an Ancient Adventure

Inside the Courtyard, you’ll encounter six statues representing different slimes. To open the large door and progress, you’ll need a plort from each of these slimes. Luckily, you already have four of them. Find the corresponding statues and fire the plorts into their mouths. Each successful insertion will light up one of the six lights around the gate. After placing the four plorts you have, return to the Indigo Quarry and retrieve a rock plort and a rad plort. Find their corresponding statues to unlock the door leading to the Ancient Ruins. Make sure to collect plenty of fruit, as you’ll need it in the next leg of your journey.

As soon as you step through the door, you’ll unlock the achievement “Into the Past” for discovering the Ancient Ruins.

Unearthing the Wonders of the Ancient Ruins

In the Ancient Ruins, new adventures await. Here, you’ll encounter a new slime, a new fruit, and a new item. You’ll also encounter familiar slimes such as Rock, Pink, and Tabby. Be cautious, though, as the Tarr might make an appearance on their own. Fortunately, you can use the water in your water tank to defeat them. Safety first!

As you explore the ruins, you’ll come across a button that opens doors but also closes others deeper within. Keep this in mind as you navigate the ruins. Look out for Quantum Slimes, which can sometimes appear as Quantum Ghosts. These special slimes can teleport, so be careful when keeping them in a corral on your Ranch. You’ll also stumble upon Phase Lemons, tree-like fruit that initially appear as ghosts. To make them fully visible, simply fire a fruit at the tree.

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In addition, you’ll encounter small floating globes known as Echoes. Vac up one of any color and add it to your Slimepedia for decorative purposes. With your collection complete, you’ll need a slime key to continue your journey. Hit the first button, bypass the first door, and head to the right. Follow the path until you reach a big square crystal door. This is your destination. To open it, navigate to the large gap in the floor and spot another button across from you. Use your jetpack to reach it, and once pressed, you can return to the previous spot. The door should now be open. Before you proceed, collect three Rock plorts from a Rock slime, as you’ll need them later.

Run through the doorway, cross a large broken stone bridge, and ascend the stairs to reach another button on a small set of stairs. However, avoid pushing the button for now. Instead, approach the edge of the platform. You’ll notice a small stone outcrop below. Drop down to it and turn around to find the Quantum Gordo. Feed it 50 pieces of fruit (including Phase Lemons, which count as 2) and collect the slime key once it bursts. Use any remaining fruit to feed the Quantum slimes that emerge. Grab five quantum plorts and return to the level above.

From there, walk slightly to the right and approach the edge of the platform. Look to the right and you’ll spot a big stone room with a crystal door on the left wall, leading to a small stone bridge. Instead of pressing a button to open this door, use your jetpack to soar straight across to the stone bridge. This will keep the door closed while opening doors further ahead.

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Walk along the bridge and enter a new stone area within the ruins. From here, jetpack to a nearby landmass straight ahead and then over to the doorway on the right. Follow the path and reach another bridge. Run straight ahead, enter the building, descend the stairs, and open another slime gate using your slime key. Inside, you’ll find five Quantum slime statues and a circle on the floor. Feed each statue with a Quantum plort to light up the circle. Stand on it, and you’ll be transported to the Glass Desert, unlocking the achievement “Smoke, Fire, and Mirrors.”

Exploring the Enigmatic Glass Desert

Welcome to the challenging and vast Glass Desert. Finding your way through might be a bit tricky, but we’ll help point out some notable structures and areas so you can stay on course. You’re approaching the end of the main storyline, and we hope you still have those three rock plorts from earlier, as they’ll come in handy for unlocking the Renewal achievement.

The Glass Desert is home to four new slimes: Dervish Slimes, Fire Slimes, Tangle Slimes, and Mosaic Slimes. Additionally, you’ll encounter four new food items: Painted Hens, Prickle Pear, Silver Parsnip, and the exceedingly rare Gilded Ginger. Keep in mind that only one Gilded Ginger appears in the Glass Desert each day.

Begin by leaving the room with the portal and heading to the right. Continue forward until you come across a large stone circle arch supported by pillars. Pass beneath it and proceed to the right until you reach a slime gate. Use your slime key to open it and venture through. Be cautious, as this area is now populated by feral slimes. After passing through the door, head to the right, go down a slope, hug the wall, and follow the path until you see a lit torch and a small wooden platform. Use your jetpack to leap from this platform to the rocky area on the right, then jetpack to the next rocky level, where you’ll find a natural glass arch.

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Continue forward around the corner until you spot a chicken nest on a small ledge. Proceed to the left and follow the pathway until you reach a more open area. Look to the left to find a stone ramp leading up to a plateau, where you’ll find another of Hobson’s symbols. Jetpack forward and slightly to the left, and you’ll see a large square opening in the ground. Leap down into this hole, head to the left and out of the cavern, then proceed all the way to the left until you come across another circular stone doorway. Walk through it and ascend the stairs to the right. Follow this path until you pass through an open door. You shouldn’t need to press the button you encounter. Once inside, run straight ahead to the end of the room and you’ll find a circular warp gate on the floor, similar to the one in the Glass Desert. Inside the circle, you’ll find another of Hobson’s symbols. Open it and read to unlock the achievement “Doors Like These.”

The Adventure Continues!

Congratulations! You’ve completed the main storyline of Slime Rancher. Take a moment to enjoy the credit cutscene and revel in your accomplishments. But don’t worry, the adventure doesn’t end here. The world of Slime Rancher has much more in store for you. Head to 5 WS to discover what’s next on your exciting journey.

With the main quest complete, there are only a few miscellaneous achievements left to conquer. Check your mail after returning to the Ranch. Over the next few days, you’ll receive emails from Casey, with the final one arriving after you find Hobson’s last note. Be patient and make sure to regularly attend to your slimes. Once you’ve read the final email, you’ll achieve “The Adventure Continues!” and be ready to set out on the next chapter.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to embark on new adventures, discover new slimes, and uncover the numerous achievements that await you in Slime Rancher. Get ready for an experience like no other!

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