Where to Find Magic Beans in Sims 4

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Is your sim yearning for the enchanting powers of magic beans? Look no further! In this article, I will guide you through the process of acquiring and growing magic beans in Sims 4. But beware, my friends, for these mystical seeds come with a hefty price tag!

Sims 4 Magic Beans

Sims 4 Magic Beans: Unlocking the Secrets

To embark on your magical journey, you must first reach gardening level 10. Once accomplished, you can purchase rare plant seeds either through the computer or by selecting “purchase seeds” on a planter. If your sim is far from reaching level 10, don’t fret! You can swiftly boost their gardening skill level using a handy skill cheat.

Each seed packet costs 1,000 simoleons, but acquiring a packet does not guarantee finding a magic bean inside. These rare seed packets contain a variety of treasures, such as cow berries, birds of paradise, death flowers, and more.

The elusive magic beans come in six different types, including angry, sad, confident, flirty, playful, and uncomfortable. Acquiring one of each type is a grand endeavor that demands deep pockets!

Sims 4 Rare Plants

Cultivating Magic Beans in Sims 4

To grow magic beans, you need a magic stump. In the past, there was an event where a sim named Jasmine Holiday would gift your sim a magic stump. Regrettably, that event has long concluded. Therefore, to obtain a magic stump, you must employ the helpful bb.showhiddenobjects cheat and find it in the buy mode’s outdoor activities section.

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Place the magic stump on your lot, and once you possess each of the six different magic beans, drag and drop them onto the stump. To nurture the beans, click on the stump and instruct your sim to water them diligently.

Sims 4 Planting Magic Beans

Unveiling the Powers of Magic Beans in Sims 4

Once the beans rest upon the magic stump, a magical portal tree grows, bearing the coveted Forbidden Fruit. Astonishingly, the Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree sprouts instantly, with the sound of the tree growing even managing to startle me!

Now, it’s time to guide your sim in exploring this mystical magic bean portal tree. I must mention that this tree is a sight to behold at night, adorned with twinkling lights that create a captivating ambiance.

After your sim’s exploration, they will emerge from the tree with a Forbidden Fruit in their inventory. Prompt your sim to consume the Forbidden Fruit, and voila! Witness your sim’s transformation into a magnificent, green PlantSim.

Sims 4 Forbidden Fruit Tree

The PlantSim Phenomenon: Temporary or Permanent?

Alas, the gift of being a PlantSim is temporary. Your sim will revel in their verdant glory for five sim days before gracefully returning to their normal selves. However, if you desire to extend this wondrous state indefinitely, fear not! There is a mod called Permanent PlantSims that can be found at 5 WS.

Sims 4 PlantSim

Unlocking the Magic Beans Cheat or PlantSim Cheat

If you wish to bypass the costly process of acquiring magic beans, you can employ cheats to transform your sim into a PlantSim. Simply hold SHIFT, click on your sim, and select the option “Make Into PlantSim.” If you do not see this option, ensure that cheats are enabled by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C and entering the command “testingcheats on” in the cheats console.

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Another cheat involves using the “bb.showhiddenobjects” command. This time, instead of purchasing the magic stump, acquire the “Forbidden Fruit of The PlantSim.” Have your sim consume it, and witness their transformation into a PlantSim, as demonstrated in the previous tutorial. As always, make sure cheats are enabled if you encounter any difficulties with this method.

I hope this article about Sims 4 magic beans has been enlightening and helpful. Share your thoughts and experiences with magic beans in the comments section below!

This article was all about the Sims 4 Magic Beans.

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