Where Did the Inhabitants of Watatsumi Island Once Live?

Welcome to the enchanting world of Watatsumi Island, where a young lady holds the fate of the entire island in her hands. Meet Sangonomiya Kokomi, the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island. She is the epitome of grace and power, leading her people with wisdom and compassion.

Base Information

  • Name: Sangonomiya Kokomi
  • Birthday: 2/22
  • Affiliation: Watatsumi Island
  • Vision: Hydro GI Hydro.png
  • Constellation: Dracaena Somnolenta
  • Weapon: Catalyst

The history of Watatsumi Island is shrouded in mystery. The island’s inhabitants once resided in Enkanomiya, deep beneath the sea. It was through the benevolence of the god Orobaxi that they were brought to the surface, where the thriving civilization of Watatsumi Island flourishes today. However, the death of Orobaxi at the hands of the Electro Archon left behind a skeletal body and a lingering resentment that gave rise to the Tatarigami.

But the spirit of Orobaxi, the desire to protect Watatsumi Island, lives on in the bloodline of the Sangonomiya Clan. Generation after generation, this incredible will is passed down, culminating in the current heir, the Divine Priestess. The Divine Priestess embodies the will of a god in mortal form, defending the land and its people with unwavering dedication.


Story 1

On the day of Kokomi’s ascension to the role of Divine Priestess, the inhabitants of Watatsumi Island flocked to Sangonomiya Shrine to witness this momentous event. Their expressions ranged from surprise to suspicion, confusion to chuckles, all due to Kokomi’s youthful appearance. Plots were hatched, questions were asked, and a storm of uncertainty seemed to loom over Watatsumi Island. However, as time passed and Kokomi proved her worth, restoring order with fairness and wisdom, the people’s hearts began to soften. Appreciating her contributions and military prowess, they coined a saying that echoed across the island: “Things will be alright as long as Her Excellency is here.”

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Story 2

Victory or defeat in any conflict hinges on countless factors: terrain, weather, military strength, and equipment quality. Those who narrowly focus on details often overlook the ever-changing dynamics on the battlefield, while those who speak of strategy in a vacuum fail to grasp the bigger picture. Kokomi, however, possesses a unique talent—she effortlessly bridges the gap between intricate details and overarching strategy, creating miracles on the battlefield. Her tactical style revolves around manipulating the strategic situation to force the enemy into submission, achieving victory with minimal cost.

Story 3

Whether on the battlefield or in daily life, Kokomi strives to understand her enemies. She anticipates every possible scenario and devises strategies to address them, issuing directives to her loyal followers. Some may see her directives as cumbersome, but this meticulous approach ensures the stable development and prosperity of Watatsumi Island. As more talented individuals join her administration, Kokomi finds herself celebrating the decrease in directives she has to deliver. Watatsumi Island charts its course towards greater prosperity every day, thanks to her leadership.

Story 4

When Kokomi finds a moment of respite, she ventures alone into the serene landscapes of Watatsumi Island. She meanders through violet forests, seeking solace away from the crowd. The gentle lapping of waves and the dazzling celestial bodies offer her solace and relaxation. Sometimes, she places a seashell delicately on her head, hoping that this tiny home will attract a wandering crab seeking refuge. Kokomi also indulges in diving, immersing herself in the calm embrace of the ocean depths as schools of fish dance around her. She treasures every sight on Watatsumi Island and remembers every person’s name. However, she is acutely aware of the complexities and uncertainties that lie within people’s hearts, an ongoing challenge that weighs heavily on her.

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Story 5

Kokomi’s love for military treatises and her extensive knowledge in various fields make her a well-rounded leader. However, her deep immersion in such texts has made social interactions tiresome for her. As the Divine Priestess, she had no choice but to learn and navigate skills and duties that held little interest for her. Nevertheless, she devised an “energy” measurement system. Engaging in activities she enjoys replenishes her energy, while enduring unenjoyable tasks depletes it. When her energy reserves run low, Kokomi temporarily sets aside her duties, immersing herself in the study of military strategy or withdrawing from the world. These precious moments of solitude recharge her, allowing her to continue her duties with renewed vigor.


A strong leader with unwavering ideals can rally their followers towards a common goal. However, Kokomi’s leadership is marked by a different approach. She respects the will of her people, valuing their individual paths and desires. Just as the vast ocean can embrace countless souls, Kokomi aspires to govern with the same inclusivity. When the Vision Hunt Decree sparked resentment and rebellion among her people, Kokomi led them in raising the banner of resistance. After the war, their hearts yearned for peace and stability, and Kokomi directed her efforts towards governance and economic development. Yet, the source of her toil remains a mystery. Is it the role of the Divine Priestess speaking? Or her own sense of duty? Perhaps, it’s a blend of both. With her own Vision as the Divine Priestess, Kokomi’s wish remains unchanged: to protect Watatsumi Island and ensure the happiness of its people.

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Secret Notes

“As the ruler is, so shall the people be.” These words, imparted by Kokomi’s mother long ago, hold great significance. As the Divine Priestess, Kokomi’s every move is observed by her people. What she loves becomes fashionable, and what she dislikes is shunned. However, Kokomi wishes to have minimal influence on her people’s lives. She treats everyone with equality and upholds fairness and justice in her judgments. To record her true thoughts and experiences, she keeps a secret book filled with fluctuations in her energy levels and moods. As the night falls and the world grows silent, Kokomi finds solace in pouring her heart onto its pages. This book is for her eyes alone, a private sanctuary of her deepest emotions.


  • Level: Dracaena Somnolenta
  • Description: While wearing the Ceremonial Garment created by Nereid’s Ascension, Kokomi’s final Normal Attack in her combo summons a swimming fish that deals Hydro DMG equal to 30% of her Max HP. This damage is not considered part of her Normal Attack DMG.

And there you have it—the captivating story of Sangonomiya Kokomi and the mystical Watatsumi Island. Embrace her leadership, and together, let us embark on a journey of prosperity, harmony, and happiness. For more fascinating articles on a variety of topics, visit 5 WS.

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