Where to Watch Bojack Horseman in Canada

Bojack Horseman

“Bojack Horseman” has captivated audiences with its unique storytelling and complex characters. This animated series follows the life of Bojack, a washed-up actor from a 90s sitcom, as he navigates self-destruction, existential crises, and the ups and downs of fame in the Hollywood landscape. With its poignant social commentary and dark comedy, “Bojack Horseman” stands out as a remarkable show in the world of animated series.

What is “Bojack Horseman” all about?

“Bojack Horseman” goes beyond being just an animated series. It dives deep into the tumultuous life of a former sitcom actor. Bojack, a horse-human hybrid, was once famous and wealthy with his hit sitcom “Horsin’ Around.” However, he now struggles to find meaning and relevance in a world that has moved on without him. This show brilliantly explores Bojack’s ups and downs as he grapples with existential dread, addiction, and the search for genuine relationships.

Since its premiere in 2014, “Bojack Horseman” has spanned six seasons, comprising 77 richly layered episodes, each running approximately 25 minutes. It offers a unique blend of dark comedy and profound social commentary.

Who is involved in the cast and production of “Bojack Horseman”?

The talent behind “Bojack Horseman” is exceptional. Show creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg combines humor, tragedy, and sharp societal commentary. Produced by the Tornante Company and ShadowMachine, this series masterfully portrays the complexities of show business and life.

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The cast features Will Arnett as the titular character Bojack Horseman, along with Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, and Paul F. Tompkins lending their voices to other important characters. Each actor’s distinct performance adds depth to their animated counterparts. The entire cast includes:

  • Will Arnett as Bojack Horseman
  • Amy Sedaris as Princess Carolyn
  • Alison Brie as Diane Nguyen
  • Paul F. Tompkins as Mr. Peanutbutter
  • Aaron Paul as Todd Chavez

What is the rating for “Bojack Horseman”?

While the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council does not provide specific ratings for individual shows, “Bojack Horseman” is generally categorized under the 14+ category. This indicates that audiences aged 14 and below must be accompanied by adults while watching the show.

How popular are “Bojack Horseman” and the reviews?

Although specific viewership data for “Bojack Horseman” is not available, the series has garnered a significant fanbase. It quickly gained momentum and generated substantial online buzz upon its release on Netflix, indicating high viewer interest and engagement. The show’s continued popularity and critical acclaim suggest a large audience frequently tunes in to follow Bojack’s tragicomic journey.

Critics have praised “Bojack Horseman” for its groundbreaking storytelling, complex characterizations, and sharp societal commentary. With a score of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.7/10 on IMDb, and multiple Emmy nominations, the show has made a lasting impact. According to NPR, “Bojack Horseman subverts animation tropes while offering surprisingly profound observations about unhappiness.” Rolling Stone also remarked that it “perfectly encapsulates the human (and horse) condition, showing the brutal struggles and occasional triumphs of life.”

Critics' Quotes

Where to Watch “Bojack Horseman” in Canada?

“Bojack Horseman” is exclusively available on Netflix in Canada. To enjoy the series, you’ll need to create a Netflix account and subscribe to one of their plans. Netflix supports a wide range of devices, making it accessible on smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, and streaming devices like Chromecast and Roku.

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In addition to “Bojack Horseman,” Netflix Canada offers numerous critically acclaimed series such as “Breaking Bad,” “Stranger Things,” “The Crown,” and “The Witcher.” It has become a go-to platform for all your entertainment needs.

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Is “Bojack Horseman” available for rent (VOD)?

No, the series is exclusively available for streaming on Netflix and is not available on other video-on-demand services.

Is “Bojack Horseman” available on cable or free TV?

Currently, “Bojack Horseman” is not available on cable or free TV in Canada.

Do I need to use a VPN to watch “Bojack Horseman”?

There is no need to use a VPN service to watch “Bojack Horseman” since the series is readily available on Netflix Canada.

Bojack Horseman

Navigating Fame and Existential Crisis

“Bojack Horseman” delves into the dark side of fame, showcasing the consequences of unchecked ego and personal flaws. It explores how these struggles lead to a spiraling life filled with existential crises. The series serves as a mirror to societal issues often left unaddressed.

If you’re in Canada, you can watch “Bojack Horseman” on Netflix and embark on this tragicomic journey.

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