When the Red River Flows, Take the Dirt Road

Video when the red river flows take the dirt road

Have you ever come across a yearbook quote that made you do a double-take and leave you utterly baffled? Well, that’s exactly what happened at Cherokee Trail High School when one student’s quote caused quite a stir. School administrators were left in a state of panic, rushing to black out the phrase that accompanied the student’s photo in the printed edition.

Now, you might be wondering what on earth this quote was. Strangely enough, the TV station that broke the story chose not to mention it, even though there were no profanities involved. The quote in question read, “When the red river is a’flowin, take the dirt road home.” Sounds cryptic, right? Well, even the teacher responsible for approving the senior quotes didn’t understand it, according to Cherry Creek School District spokeswoman Tustin Amole.

Luckily, we have the Urban Dictionary to enlighten us. According to its definition, the quote refers to having anal intercourse while a girl is on her period. If that wasn’t explicit enough, let me share a little dialogue to illustrate the usage of this phrase:

Fred: Well, you know what they say, when the red rivers flowing, take the dirt road home.
Joe: I better bring lube.

You won’t find such helpful examples in CBS4’s report, though. They simply deemed the quote unsuitable for airing. Furthermore, they refrained from mentioning the student’s name, and I’ll do the same. However, if you watch CBS4’s clip, you’ll undoubtedly discover whom they’re referring to as his photo and name are visible. As for how the meaning of the quote was uncovered, CBS4 didn’t provide any details. But judging by the buzz on Twitter, it started spreading on Monday, with one person exclaiming, “that’s sexy as hell. I love this year’s yearbook now haha.”

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The student who penned the line also shared his thoughts on Twitter, mentioning that he had to explain it to his mother. He also hinted that the consequences might include being barred from participating in the graduation ceremony, scheduled for Saturday, as well as potential weekend detention.

As of now, Tustin Amole has neither confirmed nor denied these penalties, and the student’s Twitter account is currently inaccessible. Nevertheless, many of his fellow Cherokee Trailers are voicing their opinions. One person took to Twitter, blaming the yearbook team for the oversight, while another expressed frustration, stating, “Okay this…thing is getting out of hand. It’s only a quote in a shitty yearbook. If he doesn’t walk because of this, I’ll be pissed.”

Here are a few other notable reactions from Twitter:

  • Yearbook kids aren’t the ones threatening to not let [him] walk at graduation – administration is.
  • Honestly, I think it’s hilarious. The yearbook needs to get over it. CBS news, it’s not that big of a deal.

Perhaps in the mind of the latter individual, it isn’t a big deal. However, Cherokee Trail’s supervisors took prompt action, instructing yearbook staff to use Sharpies to blot out the quote in all undistributed yearbooks. This prompted one person to tweet, “I need people to sign my Limited Edition…Yearbook! It is one of the few still with his quote ;).”

For more details, check out CBS4’s report:

CBS4 Report

You can also explore more articles on various topics at 5 WS. So, when the red river flows, remember to take the dirt road, but maybe think twice before immortalizing it in a yearbook quote!

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