Get Ready for Season 2 of The Old Man

Not only was The Old Man one of the best new shows of the year, but it was also one of the most popular. The FX on Hulu revenge action-thriller had an incredible debut in 2022, breaking records for Hulu and setting itself up for Emmy success next year. We won’t be surprised if Jeff Bridges adds another statue to his mantel next to his Oscar.

Bridges stars as Dan Chase, a former CIA operative forced out of hiding when an old adversary seeks revenge. John Lithgow plays FBI Assistant Director Harold Harper, Dan’s old friend who leads the efforts to capture him. With its gripping plot and surprising twists, The Old Man is a well-written espionage thriller that has us eagerly awaiting Season 2.

The Old Man Season 2 Release Date

FX ordered a second season of The Old Man shortly after its third episode aired in June 2022. While there’s no specific release date yet, we hope the series will follow the yearly track, which could mean Season 2 will arrive in the summer of 2023.

What to Expect in The Old Man Season 2

It’s almost certain that Season 2 will pick up right after the Season 1 finale, where Dan Chase and Harold Harper set out to rescue Angela/Emily (Alia Shawkat) after she was kidnapped. But there’s more to explore. Creators Dan Shotz and Jonathan E. Steinberg expressed their eagerness to delve deeper into Dan and Harold’s past in Afghanistan. Could Season 2 feature flashbacks that shed light on their history?

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Additionally, Angela/Emily will discover the truth about her real father soon. The creators emphasize their desire to keep the audience and characters in sync, so Angela’s revelation will not be delayed.

Who Will Return for The Old Man Season 2?

Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow will, of course, reprise their roles in Season 2. Most of the main cast is likely to return, considering that many storylines are still unfolding. However, some characters who didn’t survive the Season 1 finale may not make a comeback.

Fans wondering about Zoe’s presence in Season 2 can rest assured. Zoe, played by Amy Brenneman, will definitely be back and has an exciting storyline awaiting her. And the biggest question on everyone’s mind: Will Dan’s Rottweiler dogs return in The Old Man Season 2? Absolutely! The show wouldn’t be complete without them, according to creator Dan Shotz.

More Shows to Watch While You Wait

If you’re craving more thrilling shows like The Old Man, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of recommendations featuring ass-kickers, spies, and old men. You’ll find plenty of shows to keep you entertained while you eagerly await the return of The Old Man.

Our Review of The Old Man Season 1

Like you, we were impressed by the first season of The Old Man, especially its throwback feel to the paranoid action thrillers of the 1970s. The performances of Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow were exceptional, adding depth to their characters. To learn more about our thoughts on Season 1, read our review.

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How to Watch The Old Man

The Old Man is an FX series that airs on FX and streams on Hulu. To catch up on the thrilling first season or revisit your favorite moments, head over to Hulu and start streaming.

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