The Best Time to Get a Tattoo: Timing Matters!

Time is a fundamental part of our lives. We structure our days, set deadlines, and mark important moments based on time. And when it comes to getting a tattoo, timing plays a role too. But when is the best time to get a tattoo? Let’s dive into it!

Time of the Day: Within Two Hours of Eating

As a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist with over 14 years of experience, Jes Valentine suggests that the best time to get a tattoo ultimately depends on personal preference. Some people prefer getting tattooed early in the day so they can go about the rest of their day, while others prefer getting it done at night to sleep it off afterwards. However, regardless of the time you choose, Jes recommends getting tattooed within two hours of eating a meal. Eating before a tattoo spikes your blood sugar, helping your body produce adrenaline to alleviate any potential pain.

Time of the Week: A Few Days Before Your Next Workout or Party

The day of the week doesn’t affect the tattooing process, so feel free to choose any day that suits your schedule. However, Astrid Elisabeth, co-owner of Somewhere, a private tattoo studio in New York, suggests booking your tattoo appointment a few days before your next workout or party. Giving your new tattoo time to begin the healing process is crucial, and resting for a few days after its completion is essential. Avoid excess pulling or stretching that can impede the healing process. If you menstruate, it’s also advisable to avoid getting a tattoo while you’re bleeding, as our bodies tend to be more sensitive during this time.

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Time of the Year: Autumn or Winter (When It’s Cold Out)

According to Elisabeth, summer is the worst time to get tattooed. With hot weather, sweating, and the desire to swim in the ocean, it’s difficult to keep a new tattoo out of the sun and avoid soaking it. Autumn and winter, on the other hand, provide better conditions for healing. It’s easier to keep your tattoo out of the sun and avoid soaking it during colder months. By the time warm weather returns, your tattoo will be fully healed and ready to show off.

Time of Your Life: In Your 20s and 30s (But Really Whenever You Want)

Age is another factor to consider when getting a tattoo. If you’re under 18, most tattoo artists won’t tattoo you due to legal restrictions and the potential for regret as you grow older. However, once you’re of legal age, there’s no right or wrong time to get tattooed. It’s worth noting that tattoos can be more painful as you get older due to thinning skin. Your 20s and 30s are generally the best time for tattoos in terms of skin elasticity. Nevertheless, age should not be a deterrent. The perfect time to get a tattoo is whenever you personally feel ready for that change to your body.

Time Spent Considering Getting Tattooed: It Depends

Some people are impulsive when it comes to tattoos, while others take days, weeks, or even years to contemplate their design. There’s no correct amount of time to wait. You should wait as long as you need and never feel forced into getting a tattoo or holding off on one. It’s a personal decision that should be made on your own terms.

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Remember, the best time to get a tattoo is when it feels right for you. Consider these factors, but ultimately, follow your own intuition and embrace the transformative power of body art.

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