When Does Final Selection Begin in Project Slayers?

Video when does final selection start in project slayers

No matter what you’re engaged in, the Project Slayers Final Selection is an event of great significance across the server that you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on. As with other Roblox games inspired by Demon Slayer, this event truly tests the strength of your build and serves as the ultimate reason for grinding through the levels in the first place.

However, participating in the Project Slayers Final Selection event is not always as straightforward as one would imagine. It requires you to be in the right place, at the right time, and at the right level. To assist you in this endeavor, we have compiled all the information you need below.

What is the Project Slayers Final Selection Event?

The Final Selection event in Project Slayers consists of a lengthy and challenging quest chain primarily designed for small groups of players. If you can team up with a few other demon slayers, you’ll have a much easier time reaping the rewards of this particular in-game event.

Completing the event allows you to join the Slayer Corp, marking the beginning of the rest of the game. Anything leading up to the Final Selection can be considered a mere tutorial.

Please note that the event only takes place at specific times. Therefore, it is advisable to stay updated by checking the Project Slayers Discord, the link for which is provided above.

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How Do I Initiate Project Slayers Final Selection?

To start the Final Selection in Project Slayers, you must first reach level 15 as a Human. While this requirement may change in future versions of the event, the one on July 16 adhered to this rule. For a speedy progression to reach this level, consult our Project Slayers Beginner’s Guide.

If you meet the necessary requirements, you can follow the map points to locate the grand shrine where the Final Selection takes place. YouTube user Xorify has an excellent video guide demonstrating the route from Kiribating Village. Keep in mind that it is quite a journey, so it is advisable to begin well ahead of schedule.

Project Slayers Final Selection Quest List

Quest One

In this quest, your objective is to find Beth. It should be a relatively straightforward task. If you encounter any difficulties, refer to the Project Slayers map for assistance.

Quest Two

Having located Beth, she will request that you find her katana.

Quest Three

For this quest, Johnny will instruct you to defeat ten Sakurai Demons. He mentions that they are generally the weakest among the demon population, so it should not pose a significant challenge.

Quest Four

The fourth Final Selection quest requires you to locate an apple, strawberry, and banana for a fellow quest runner named Ouwbae.

Quest Five

Brandon will task you with battling seven Yowai Demons. He claims that he cannot defeat them alone but will not provide any assistance himself. Talk about being carried!

Quest Six

Mannyy will ask you to eliminate five Heikin Demons. They can be quite a nuisance, but he won’t lend a hand either.

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Quest Seven

While assisting Mannyy, you will encounter Steve, who also requires help. This is where things get challenging as he wants you to confront a formidable Hand Demon. It is a Tier 10 monster with 3500 HP, so ensure you are adequately prepared before charging into battle.

Once you have completed this quest, return to the starting point of the Final Selection to conclude the event and claim your rewards.

Project Slayers Final Selection Rewards

Successfully completing the Project Slayers Final Selection event will grant you and your team the prestigious Slayer Corp uniform.

Now that you are part of the organization, you will have the opportunity to ascend through the ranks with future quests. You will begin at the Mizunoto rank and simultaneously receive an Ore, which you can use to make purchases instead of Robux. Additionally, you will receive a Kusugai Crow.

For more information about the game, don’t forget to check out our Project Slayers codes page. We are currently receiving one or two new codes on average per day. And to enhance your build, consult the Project Slayers tier list. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to visit the Project Slayers Trello link and the Project Slayers Discord link as well.

Remember, for all your Project Slayers needs, visit 5 WS at 5ws.wiki.

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