When A Guy Says I’ll Talk To You Tomorrow

Video when a guy says i'll talk to you tomorrow

Have you ever heard the phrase, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” from a guy you’re dating? It’s supposed to be a normal goodbye, but what happens next can be a rollercoaster of emotions. He never calls, never texts, and worst of all, never shows up. Our fragile state of mind starts to crumble, and it’s not a pretty sight. Let’s dive into the phases of panic every girl experiences while waiting to hear from a guy after a date.

Phase 1: He’ll call.

In the beginning, we convince ourselves that it’s too early for him to reach out anyway. We take this opportunity to be productive and get things done. We clean up our apartment, cook some food, feed the cat, work on tasks, take a shower, and maybe even run errands. We’re pretty chill at this point.

Phase 2: Get online now.

As time passes, we start to obsessively stare at our phones as if they were unattainable luxury bags. We charge our phones multiple times in just a couple of hours because we can’t bear to turn off the screens. What if he suddenly comes online? We cling to our phones, hoping for a text message. Sometimes, we even find ourselves repeating mantras like, “please text me.”

Phase 3: The brainwash.

In an attempt to stay sane, we try to brainwash ourselves. We convince ourselves that he must be busy or his phone must have died. We hold onto the hope that he’ll reach out to us later, even though deep down, we know he won’t.

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Phase 4: The martyr Hulk.

At this stage, we start blaming ourselves. We think that he didn’t call because we’re too weird or not interesting enough. We analyze every detail, even down to the skinny jeans we wore during our last encounter. We start feeling stupid for believing him again. It’s disheartening to realize how gullible we can be.

Phase 5: The tears.

As we continue staring at our phones, frustration turns into sadness. We may shed a few tears and even question our cat as to why he didn’t call. It may seem pathetic, but the desperate feeling is hard to shake off.

Phase 6: The text.

After the tears have subsided, anger takes over. This anger is different, consuming us to the point where our actions become uncontrollable. We end up texting him, demanding an explanation for his silence.

Phase 7: Tequila.

Slowly, we start to give up. We reach a point where we grab a glass of wine or some tequila and drown our sorrows. We sit alone in our pajamas, realizing that our friends are all in relationships and unavailable. This is our only solace.

Phase 8: We’re done.

At this stage, we’re completely intoxicated, either crying, puking, or yelling at the universe. Eventually, we fall asleep, holding onto the bottle of tequila, still wondering where he could be. The next day, we wake up with an excruciating hangover and feel ashamed of our actions from the previous day.

There’s a reason why we react this way. We expect the words that guys say to be true. We trust them, and we want them to desire our company as much as we want to be with them. We hope they’re different from the other jerks we’ve dated in the past. We expect honesty and kindness from them. So when they don’t follow through, we’re left confused and unable to comprehend how the guy with those perfect green eyes, who always said the right thing, didn’t show up when he promised, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

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We all experience these phases of panic, but it’s important to remember that our worth is not defined by someone’s lack of actions. It’s okay to feel disappointed, but we should also reflect on what we deserve – someone who values and respects us. So, let’s stay strong, learn from these experiences, and keep our hearts open to the person who will truly show up when they say, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

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