Ways to Friendzone a Guy When He Doesn’t Get the Hint

We’ve all heard of the friendzone and the negative connotations that come with it. But sometimes, it’s necessary for us to put someone in the friendzone to avoid hurting their feelings. After all, we can’t control who we fall in love with. Unrequited feelings can ruin a friendship, which is why it’s important to handle the situation properly. If you find yourself wondering how to friendzone a guy who just won’t take the hint, keep reading for some tips and tricks to navigate this delicate situation.

1. Make Sure Your Feelings Are Clear

Before you do anything, it’s crucial to examine your own feelings and make sure there is no romantic interest on your end. It’s best to imagine yourself in a relationship with him and see how you truly feel. If there’s even a slight possibility that you might develop feelings for him, it’s better to take some time to think it through rather than putting him in the friendzone and confusing both of you in the process.

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2. Play Oblivious

If he’s showing signs of interest and making flirtatious comments, it’s important to avoid leading him on. Politely refuse any help or favors he offers, as men often use these gestures to win someone’s love. Accepting them might give him false hope. Similarly, if he compliments you, acknowledge it but change the subject to avoid turning it into a discussion about his feelings. By playing oblivious, you can protect both his feelings and the friendship you share.

3. Call Him ‘Dude’ and ‘Bro’

The language we use reflects the way we feel about someone. To make it clear that you see him only as a friend, avoid using cute nicknames or pet names. Instead, address him as ‘dude’ or ‘bro,’ which are terms commonly used between friends. By doing this, you establish a boundary and ensure he understands where you stand.

4. Don’t Dress Up Around Him

When spending time with him, it’s best to avoid dressing up or putting extra effort into your appearance. If you continue to dress impressively, it might give him false hope that you’re interested in more than just friendship. Opt for a casual and comfortable look instead, so he sees you as a friend, not a potential romantic partner.

5. Avoid Alone Time and Date-like Evenings

If he frequently invites you to activities that resemble dates, it’s important to avoid them. Going on these outings might give him the impression that there’s a chance for a romantic relationship to develop. Instead, suggest group hangouts where the focus isn’t solely on the two of you. This way, you can still spend time together while minimizing the chances of any romantic undertones.

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6. Put Him on Ice

If he relies on you for emotional support or constantly reaches out to you, it’s essential to enforce some distance. While it may be challenging, limiting your communication can help him understand that he is not your top priority. By showing him that he’s not at the center of your world, he will start to realize that a romantic relationship between the two of you is unlikely.

7. He’s Like a Brother to You!

To kill any romantic feelings he may have, compare your relationship to that of siblings. Express how grateful you are for his friendship and emphasize how he feels like a brother to you. This comparison will act as a psychological barrier, making it difficult for him to view you in a romantic light.

8. Tell Him About the Man You Fell in Love With

If subtlety hasn’t worked, discussing your love problems and seeking his advice can help clarify your lack of interest. Openly talk about the man you’ve fallen for and seek guidance on how to approach him. While this may hurt him initially, it saves you from the trouble of dropping hints that might not be understood. This way, he’ll understand that you see him purely as a friend.

9. Be His Wingwoman

If he seeks your advice on pursuing another woman, use this opportunity to establish that you don’t view him romantically. Offer honest advice while excluding yourself from the discussion. By suggesting potential matches for him and conveying that you see yourself as a friend, you reinforce the boundaries of your relationship.

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10. Show Him Your Worst

If all else fails, a drastic approach might be necessary. Embrace your flaws and show him your most unappealing side. By revealing your less desirable qualities, you can disgust him enough to eliminate any romantic interest he has. Remember, this method should only be used as a last resort.

11. Limit Communication and Keep Your Distance

To avoid leading him on, it’s important to limit your communication to only essential matters. This prevents deep conversations that could ignite romantic feelings. A little distance can go a long way in establishing the friendzone and allowing both of you to move on.

12. Avoid Meeting His Family and Friends

If possible, avoid attending events where you’ll be introduced to his family or friends. When others perceive you as a couple, it can create awkward situations and give him hope that there’s potential for a romantic relationship. Politely decline invitations to minimize these possibilities.

13. If Nothing Works – Be Honest and Direct

If all else fails and he still believes there’s a chance for a romantic relationship, it’s time for a heartfelt conversation. Be honest and explain your feelings clearly. Understand that reactions will vary, and there’s no perfect way to handle this situation. By being upfront and genuine, you give him the opportunity to process his emotions and make peace with the situation. Remember, it’s essential to prioritize your own well-being in this process.

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