What to Wear to a Gender Reveal Party

46. Summer Gender Reveal: A Pearl Outfit

Don’t feel like wearing a dress? How about a trendy romper with front pockets and a ribbon at the waist? It’s a perfect look for a summer gender reveal party.

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45. Lace Love

How about a lace midi dress? Lace dresses look stunning in almost any color. If it’s a formal event, pair it with heels, let your hair down, and you’ll look fabulous!

44. Floral Delight

I envision myself wearing a floral mini dress to a gender reveal party. Florals are trendy for this event, and you and your girls can wear different patterns and colors to coordinate and look stunning. Complete the look with a cute pair of heels and minimal jewelry.

43. Gender Reveal Outfits for Father’s Colleague

A white button-up shirt with plaid pants has become a trendy look recently and suits this type of party. Roll up the sleeves and don’t forget to put on your shades.

42. White Pants for Dad’s Brother

White pants are a great choice for a daytime gender reveal party. Pair them with a comfy ribbed sweater, and you’ll be ready to go!

41. Grey Comfort for Winter Gender Reveal Events

If it’s a winter baby, here’s a perfect fall look for the party. This stylish outfit screams fashion and comfort at the same time.

40. Surfer Dude Look for Best Friend

Want to look cool and casual? Pair your baggy shirt with a pair of shorts. Keep the tones neutral and don’t tuck the shirt in for a more relaxed, easy-going look.

39. Pink Plaid

Cord sets are playful and trendy. An all-plaid set consisting of a blazer and a mini dress is perfect for a hot summer look.

38. Button-Up Barbie

Look stunning with this cute outfit. The button-up blazer top and long skirt with a slit at the end create a fabulous look. You’ll be ready to shine at the gender reveal party.

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37. Pink Lemonade

Light tones are cuter than bright colors, in my opinion. The full pink lemonade outfit looks classy and is perfect for a fall/winter gender reveal party.

36. When to Wear a White Dress for a Gender Reveal Party?

Who doesn’t love a white dress? Style it up with a cute hairstyle and a printed ribbon hair-tie. White dresses are ideal for summer gender reveal parties.

35. Butterfly Top

Parties don’t necessarily require dresses. A cute trendy top like this one adds so much to a boring pair of jeans.

34. Blue Class

If your friends are hosting a lavish gender reveal party, opt for a formal look. Wear a two-piece suit, ditch the tie, and look as handsome as ever.

33. Bubblegum Night Glam for Mommy’s Sister

A long dress with full sleeves looks glamorous and luxurious for an evening/night gender reveal party.

32. Customized Shirt Gender Reveal Outfits

It’s always a cute idea for guests to wear customized shirts and divide into teams, making it a fun game. You can find customized shirts online with phrases like “Team Boy” or “Team Girl.” Pair the shirts with jeans and your choice of footwear.

31. Ruffles For a Fancy Gender Reveal Dinner

Try different cuts and styles of dresses. A sleeveless dress with ruffles on one side looks beautiful. Complete the look with pearl studs, nude high heels, and a shimmery bag. This could work for a day or night gender reveal party.

30. Cord-Set Gender Reveal Outfits

A plain cord-set can look glamorous with a pair of big sunglasses, earrings, and a mini bag.

29. Silk Sets for Glam Gender Reveal Dinners

Kim’s silk set outfit exudes elegance. The beige silk loose pants and button-up shirt are perfect for a gender reveal party.

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28. Spring Fleur for Daddy’s/Mommy’s Mother

You can still look stylish while staying comfy with this look. Opt for denim knit joggers instead of jeans and wear any floral top you’ve got. Pair the look with snazzy earrings.

27. Baseball Green

Shirts like this one are trendy. Pair it with cargo pants for a magazine-worthy look.

26. Collared Shirt and Vest

This outfit is pure vibes. A vest and a simple collared half-sleeve shirt look charming.

25. Sky Blue Jumpsuit for Gender Reveal Party

A jumpsuit is always a good option, especially a belted one like this. The wide-leg pants with slits at the bottom add a stylish touch to the outfit.

24. Pastel Rainbow for Best Friend’s Baby’s Gender Reveal Party

This puff-sleeved, pastel rainbow sweater is cute and perfect for a winter gender reveal party.

23. Cherry Blossom Outfit for Mom

A pretty semi-sheer blouse paired with white pants gives off cute spring vibes. Complete the look with a caviar Chanel bag for a classic ensemble.

22. Halter Top

If you’ve kept up with today’s trends, you must be aware of the halter top hype. It’s cute, sexy, and can be worn with jeans, mini skirts, or long skirts.

21. Classico

Is it a last-minute party, and you have no time to shop? Don’t worry; a polo shirt and beige pants have got you covered. It looks put together and effortless.

20. Light Blue Outfit for Daytime Gender Reveal Event

A light blue ripped pair of jeans, a striped shirt, and a light button-up jacket is a perfect spring/fall look for a gender reveal party.

19. Winter Grey

Looking for a winter look? How about a grey sweater over a white button-up shirt? Black jeans go well with grey, and you can incorporate more grey into your outfit by wearing grey ankle boots. This look suits men of all ages.

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18. Bomber Jacket

Throw on a bomber jacket over your basic denim jeans and polo shirt to add a touch of style to your outfit.

17. Floral Skirt

Pair your white t-shirt with a floral print slit skirt for a cool, breezy summer look. It’s a great outfit for girls in their late teens.

16. Blazer Business

Blazers are not limited to a formal business look. You can pair your silk blazer with a pair of jeans and PVC heels for a cute outfit.

15. Angel Blue

This dress gives off cottagecore aesthetic vibes. Dresses like this look flattering and beautiful for a spring/summer day party.

14. Lavender Gender Reveal Outfits

Cardigans are trendy, and this purple one with embroidered flowers is beautiful. Wear it with a long dress or a skirt.

13. Chic Gender Reveal Outfits for Guests

Accessorizing is key with this outfit. Anyone can wear a white shirt, but it’s all about how you style it. Amp up a basic outfit with a chunky chain, a printed shoulder bag, solid-colored heels, and baggy ripped jeans.

12. Blush Pink

If the gender reveal party is a bit more formal, opt for a silk mini dress. It’s a perfect choice for a day or night party.

11. Minty Fresh

Not in the mood for a dress? How about some belted pants and a silk cami top?

10. Off-White

This jumpsuit is perfect for a party like this. The collar and neckline are beautiful.

9. Long Boots Gender Reveal Outfits

For a fall look, pair a beautiful silk dress with long boots and a knee-length jacket.

8. Yellow & Turquoise Blazer

I absolutely adore the colors of this matching blazer and pants set.

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7. Keeping It Casual

Bell-bottom jeans elevate any look. Pair them with a white top and PVC heels for a dazzling outfit.

6. Printed Gender Reveal Outfits for Grandma

Printed dresses are fun and beautiful. Here’s one for your summer gender reveal parties!

5. Coral Red

A cotton-linen jumpsuit like this one will make you look cute and feel comfortable. Go for neutral or pastel tones, or opt for blues and pink shades for this party. A chunky gold chain can complement a solid-colored outfit like this.

4. Sweater Vest for Women Over 50

A perfect fall/winter look – nothing too fancy, but still fashionable. Wear a sweater vest with a polka dot shirt underneath, straight jeans, and cute flats.

3. Casual Day Look

A nice colored sweater and chinos create an effortless, cute look. Lavender color is perfect for a fall/winter casual gender reveal party.

2. White Out

An all-white look from top to bottom is always a great option for a daytime event.

1. Easy Breezy

Shorts are a great option to pair with any polo shirt or dress shirt you have.

Where to Buy Gender Reveal Outfits?

  • Nordstrom Cowl Neck Minidress
  • Ivy City Pink Madeline Dress
  • Zara Floral Satin Dress
  • ASOS Fallen Shoulder Scuba Jumpsuit
  • Shein Dalmatian Jacquard Satin Top
  • FashionNova Men Dawson Short Sleeve Woven Top
  • HugoBoss Washed-stripe slim-fit shirt
  • Boohooman Jacquard Stripe Polo and Short

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What color do you wear to a gender reveal party?
A. Shades of pinks and blues are popular options to reveal what you think the baby’s gender will be. However, you can also wear pastel colors or monochromatic looks such as all white or neutral tones.

Q. What outfits should I wear at a gender reveal party to reveal my vote?
A. Customized shirts are a great option. You can wear shirts that say “Team Girl” or “Team Boy” or use phrases like “I hope it’s a boy/girl,” “Team lashes/mustaches,” “Bows or Burnouts,” or “He or She. Who will it be?” Wearing outfits in shades of pink or blue is also a fun way to reveal your vote.

Q. How do I wear beautiful gender reveal outfits?
A. Plan and style your outfit according to current trends and seasons. For a spring/summer gender reveal party, opt for brighter colors or pastels and choose dresses in different materials such as linen, satin, or cotton. Florals and prints are excellent choices for summer parties. You can also wear skirts, straight or skinny jeans, jumpsuits, and rompers. For fall/winter, go for cute sweaters with different types of pants, monochromatic knitwear coordinating sets, two-piece suits, or bomber jackets.

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