What to Say When Someone Insults Your Mother


You know those (sometimes cheesy but) “your mom” jokes? They can be fun… until they’re directed at someone close to you. It’s important to have some clever comebacks ready for when someone insults your mother, so you can shut them down and make sure they never cross that line again.

Good Comebacks for ‘Your Mom’ Jokes

In the realm of friendship, playful insults and banter are all in good fun. However, if a friend takes it too far with “your mom” jokes, it’s time to shut them down completely. Here are some better responses to deal with those who make fun of your mom.

best comebacks to your mom

  1. “I heard the same thing about your mom. Snap!”
  2. “Hey, stop bringing everyone’s moms into everything.”
  3. “No one is laughing at your jokes except for you.”
  4. “This isn’t funny. I already told you that.”
  5. “I don’t want to offend you, but your joke is the worst!”
  6. “You took such good care of my mom. Now I have to take care of yours.”
  7. “Well, at least I know who my real mom is.”
  8. “I have to say there’s something off about you and your mom.”
  9. “Your mom and my mom are sisters. So let’s not laugh too hard.”
  10. “At least my mom is eagerly waiting for me to come back home.”
  11. “How would you react if I said the same about your mom?”
  12. “My mom is a hardworking woman and a proud mother, unlike yours.”
  13. “Let me meet your mom and have a chat about this.”
  14. “So, this is how your mom raised you, huh?”
  15. “Stop recycling the same old jokes over and over again.”
  16. “Nobody is impressed. Just look at how they’re looking at you.”
  17. “There’s a secret between me and your mom. You better ask her about it.”
  18. “Who does that? Nobody. But I think your mom is an exception.”
  19. “It must have been really difficult for your mom to give birth to you.”
  20. “Now I understand why your family doesn’t talk to you anymore.”
  21. “How would you feel if someone made the same joke about your mom?”
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Funniest Comebacks for ‘Your Mom’ Jokes

If your friend is trying to make everyone laugh by cracking jokes about your mom, but failing miserably, it’s your turn to shine. Here are some witty comebacks to mom jokes that will make others laugh and show your friend their place. Let them know that they should never mess with you or your mom again.

Funny comebacks for your mom

  1. “Grow up, sis. Nobody finds your mean joke funny.”
  2. “I feel sorry for your mom having to raise you.”
  3. “I’m sure your mom tried really hard to get you out somehow.”
  4. “I won’t stoop down to your level and make the same joke about your mom.”
  5. “Don’t expect any reaction from me. You mean nothing to me.”
  6. “I thought you were just a horrible person, but now I see you’re miserable too.”
  7. “Your jokes about you and your mom are getting old and boring.”
  8. “And that’s why you were adopted and I wasn’t.”
  9. “Is that it? I thought it was supposed to be a joke. Is anyone laughing?”
  10. “Do you even know what your mom is up to these days?”
  11. “I think I should share this joke with your mom. She must be so proud.”
  12. “I’m really glad I wasn’t raised by parents like you.”

Savage Replies to ‘Yo Mama’ Insults

It’s all fun and games until the joke becomes too insulting to our beloved mothers. The first time a friend tries to make fun of your mom, shut them down for good. Here are some savage comebacks to share when someone makes a “yo mama” comment.

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Savage Replies To Yo Mama Insults

  1. “Haha, that’s hilarious. Someone actually told me this joke about your mom.”
  2. “You won’t believe it, but your mom said the same thing to me.”
  3. “Before you insult anyone’s mom, make sure you know what your mom does.”
  4. “Have you heard any recent rumors about your mom? Someone should tell you.”
  5. “You know, your mom calls me when you’re not around.”
  6. “Please don’t make fun of other people’s moms, especially when yours is…”
  7. “I know my mom better than you do. In fact, I probably know your mom better too.”
  8. “No matter what you say, at least my mother and I haven’t been abandoned by our family.”
  9. “That’s a good one. Now let’s see how your mom reacts when she hears it.”
  10. “I wouldn’t make such jokes about anyone, especially not your attractive mom.”

How to Respond to ‘Your Mom’ Jokes?

Having a lighthearted conversation with friends and exchanging “your mom” jokes can be enjoyable and funny. However, it’s crucial to remember that it should never be meant to genuinely insult anyone. While it’s perfectly fine to take it as a joke, it’s also important to have some comebacks ready just in case a friend targets you and mentions your mom sarcastically.

How to respond to your mom jokes on you

All the comebacks we’ve shared are meant for fun and to be used when necessary or when jokes become offensive. We’d love to hear your personal comebacks to “your mom” jokes. Are you fiercely defending your mom’s honor, or do you simply take it as a joke? Sometimes, the best response is no response at all because your mom deserves respect, especially from those who hardly know her. After all, she raised an amazing son/daughter like you.

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Let us know how you handle “your mom” jokes!

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