What To Say When Someone Asks You to Make Them: Flirty, Funny, and Witty Responses

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Whether someone challenges you by saying “make me” or playfully asks you to do so, responding with flirty comebacks can make the connection even hotter. This is your chance to show off your flirtatious side. Sometimes, depending on your mood, you may want to try funny or witty responses instead. How you react to the request to “make me” can make a difference if you want to take things further or accept the challenge.

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Flirty Responses To “Make Me”

You can tell when your crush is flirting with you based on the tone of their voice. When your girlfriend wants you nearby and texts you to make her, these flirty comebacks can help you accept the dare and take a risk. Some responses demonstrate your willingness to do anything for them, while others let them know you’re ready for action.

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Flirty Responses To Make Me

1. “Make me what? You should clarify this.”

You already know what they mean, but teasing them to say it more clearly adds to the fun.

2. “I already made you mine.”

When she tells you to make her, calling her “mine” makes her feel loved.

3. “You know I’m always ready for it.”

Of course, you love them, and you never miss a chance to make them feel loved.

4. “Are you sure about that? Please confirm.”

They challenge you to do something, so you also need to check their readiness for action. This game is going to be extra special.

5. “Agreed! I will make you my mama tonight.”

You enjoy it when she calls you daddy. Referring to her as a “hot mama” is just as fitting.

6. “On your demand, my queen.”

It’s your queen’s order, and you must submit yourself to her.

7. “So finally, this is the day you’ve been waiting for, am I right?”

When your crush says “Make me,” they give you the green light to make the next move.

8. “For you, I can do anything.”

Because you love her, there are no limits to what you can do. You’re always ready to do anything at any time.

9. “Tell me what you want from me.”

She simply said “make me,” but you want to give her exactly what she expects. Showing that you care about her needs rather than doing things your way is important.

10. “I’m happy to make you, but you also need to make me back.”

You want equal effort from them. They’ve already taken the first step by telling you to “make me,” but there are still many more things you can do together.

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11. “Make sure you’re all ready for it.”

Let her know that you’re on your way to her house to make her, and you won’t be late. Make sure she’s prepared.

12. “I can make you smile whenever you want me to.”

Her smile can brighten up your day, and that’s why you want to make her smile again.

13. “And what do I get if I finally make you?”

You want to create a win-win experience for both of you. When your partner is in the mood, you can expect a naughty response.

14. “Say it one more time, and I might break all the rules to make you.”

There are already so many things going through your mind. Use this flirty response when your friends with benefits text you “make me.”

15. “Make sure you have all the time. I don’t want any disturbances.”

Because you’re focused on the game, you want their full attention and time throughout.

16. “Well, I have many techniques to make you. Tell me which one you like.”

Your partner might already be aware of your best moves. This time, you’ll make them in a way they love the most.

17. “Like I did the last time, right?”

Sometimes, bringing up old experiences can spice things up. Use this reply before the game begins.

18. “Please choose: your place, mine, or somewhere else.”

Since you’re ready to accept the invitation, the only thing left is to decide on the location. Offer them options to choose from.

Funny Replies To “Make Me”

When your crush or friend says “make me,” try to make the conversation as fun as possible. They’re challenging you to make them, and you take it as a joke. Responding in a hilarious way can keep the mood light.

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Funny Replies To Make Me

1. “No, I don’t think anyone can ever make you.”

If you don’t have anything to say or don’t want to accept the challenge, tell them it’s not possible. Not just for you, but for anyone else.

2. “No, this time you will make me.”

You’re not interested in taking orders. It’s your turn to give the orders now.

3. “I’m ready for the challenge, but not with you.”

Because you only want to be friends with them, what they’re asking you to do makes you uncomfortable.

4. “I don’t think this is the right time to make you.”

Whether it’s the location, the timing, or simply your mood, it’s not the right moment.

5. “I’m sure you’re joking and not serious.”

Don’t believe everything your bestie says. They might be forcing you to do something but are actually kidding with you.

6. “Are you daring me to do it?”

To make it even more fun, you can say, “How dare you dare me! Only I can dare myself.”

7. “Why don’t you make yourself?”

You’re not interested in making them anything, so leave it up to them.

8. “Okay, so the countdown begins now. One, two, three… Goodbye.”

You give up the challenge and accept your defeat. You can’t make them, not at all.

Witty Comebacks To “Make Me”

When someone says “make me,” they want you to convince them or make them believe something. They’re challenging you, and you know if it’s possible or not. Instead of blindly following their request, play smart and respond with clever comebacks.

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Witty Comebacks To Make Me

1. “Why do you want me to make me? I’m not going to do that.”

Add further, “Because I’m not a crazy person like you. I know myself better than you do, okay?”

2. “Umm, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Even though you know exactly what they mean, act like you have no clue at all.

3. “Stop tempting me. I know you’re better at that.”

They can’t trick you into doing something you don’t want to do. Tell them to save their “make me” card for someone else.

4. “I can’t make you, sometimes you have to make yourself.”

Indirectly, you’re encouraging them to be more mature and independent.

5. “No, right now I’m in the mood to make myself.”

You trust your own beliefs and don’t need to convince someone else. It’s not your problem whether they agree with you or not.

6. “Don’t make me do it. I won’t ever do that.”

As a person with self-control, no one can manipulate you into doing something. This clever response shows how mentally strong you are.

7. “This time you’re not going to get anything from me.”

You know how this person is, and they try the same tricks on everyone. However, you’ve learned your lesson, and they won’t succeed with you again.

8. “I can’t make you sorry. That’s what your parents already did.”

When someone asks you to make them, point out that they’re already made by their parents.

How To Respond When Someone Says “Make Me”?

Your response (funny, witty, or flirty) should be based on the connection you have with the person making the request. When your lover or partner says “make me,” even casually, you can respond in a flirty or naughty way to turn a normal conversation into something steamy. Who knows, your response might even turn them on.

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How To Respond To Make Me

However, with friends or crushes, making the conversation funny and unique when they say “make me” is a good approach. They’re challenging you to do something, and in those cases, funny and witty responses can make the conversation entertaining. Ultimately, when responding to “make me,” consider the connection you have with the person and the mood they’re in. The goal is to have a playful conversation with someone, and these responses are all about that.

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