What to Get Walking Enthusiasts: A Guide to Unique Gifts

Are you searching for exceptional presents for those who love to walk? Look no further! We have curated a collection of remarkable gifts that go beyond the usual walking shoes and sticks. Whether they are seasoned hikers or leisurely strollers, we have you covered.

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The Best Gifts for Walkers with Generous Budgets

#1 Foot Massager

Pamper walkers (and their feet) after long hikes with an innovative electronic foot massager. This gift idea utilizes heat and offers two intensity levels, effectively reducing muscle tension and foot soreness. Traveling walkers may prefer the foldable massage mat, a convenient alternative.

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#2 Touchscreen Gloves

Winter and autumn days won’t hinder walkers anymore with these fantastic warm touchscreen gloves. Besides keeping hands toasty, these gloves allow walkers to use their phones effortlessly. It’s the ultimate innovation for both walkers and phone addicts.

#3 Walking Tours

A guide to gifts for walkers who also love to travel wouldn’t be complete without mentioning walking tours. Viator, the leading provider, offers an extensive selection of over 100,000 walking tours worldwide. Choose a destination they’ll love and treat them to an unforgettable experience.

#4 Comfortable Shoes

While we promised gifts beyond shoes, we couldn’t resist including this practical option. Skechers walking shoes, known for their comfort and style, are an excellent choice. With various designs available on Amazon, you can find the perfect pair to suit your favorite walker’s taste.

#5 Sport Watches

For walkers obsessed with tracking their records, watches with GPS capabilities are the perfect gear. Explore different smartwatches on Amazon or consider the Fitbit as a slightly more affordable alternative. Both options allow walkers to monitor distance covered and achieve their fitness goals.

#6 Practical Walking Clothes

Clothing may not be the most unique gift, but it shows thoughtfulness. The North Face offers a wide range of outdoor, hiking, and walking apparel worth exploring. Alternatively, you can find practical walking clothes on Amazon to suit any style and preference.

#7 Sport Hydration Bags

Originally recommended for cyclists, hydration backpacks are also excellent gifts for walkers. These bags keep walkers hydrated during their journeys and offer convenient storage for essentials—simple, functional, and versatile.

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#8 Rainjackets

Although previously mentioned, rain jackets deserve a separate mention as essential walking gear. The North Face rain jacket for men is a top choice for quality and durability. For those on a tighter budget, the Columbia rain jacket provides a more affordable option on Amazon.

#9 Headphones

Picture this: a long walk accompanied by a good book, a podcast, or your favorite music. Bliss, right? Consider gifting Beats Fit Pro headphones. These wireless earphones offer a secure and comfortable fit, perfect for walkers seeking hours of uninterrupted enjoyment.

#10 Audible Subscription

Struggling to find the ideal gift for walking enthusiasts? Look no further than an Audible subscription. With access to a vast audiobook library, your friend can enjoy delightful stories during their walks. It’s a thoughtful gesture that shows you care about their hobbies and want to make their walks more enjoyable.

The Best Gifts for Walkers with Mid-Range Budgets

#11 Walking Bags

Waist bags make fantastic gifts for walking enthusiasts, keeping their hands free while providing easy access to essentials like phones, water bottles, and snacks. For longer walks, consider crossbody sling bags, which distribute weight evenly and offer convenient pocket access.

#12 Spotify Premium

If your friend is a music lover, consider gifting them the joy of uninterrupted listening with Spotify Premium. No more annoying commercials or data constraints. It’s the perfect present to keep them entertained during their walks.

#13 Walking-Themed Water Bottles

Walking-themed stainless steel water bottles are not only practical but also fun gifts. Walking can make one thirsty, and these reusable bottles satisfy hydration needs. Opt for a simple, handwritten “walk” design or explore various options on Zazzle.

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#14 Virtual Walking Challenge

The Conqueror organizes exciting online challenges, such as the Jesus Trail, Inca Trail, or Cities of Europe, to motivate walkers. By signing up, your friend can track their progress in the app, learn about destinations, and receive a medal upon completing the challenge. These challenges can even be gifted, making them a fantastic walking gift idea.

#15 Book about the Camino de Santiago

For an inspiring and enjoyable read, consider a book about the famous Camino de Santiago. Explore the adventures of an individual who followed their dream by embarking on this remarkable journey.

#16 T-Shirts for Walkers

If you’re looking for random and fun gift ideas, RedBubble offers shirts with amusing walking-related designs. From simple “walk-on” designs to various other options, you’re bound to find the perfect shirt for your walker friend.

#17 Cookbooks for Walkers and Runners

The dehydrator cookbook for outdoor adventurers makes an ideal gift for walkers who love camping and the great outdoors. It features super simple and nutritious meals suitable for any time of day or occasion.

#18 Umbrellas

Consider umbrellas as essential walking gear, especially if your friend lives in a rainy climate. This compact and sturdy umbrella on Amazon is designed to withstand strong winds. However, if you’re on a budget, a more affordable option, like the rain jacket by Columbia, can still provide protection from the elements.

#19 Headbands

Not only do headbands make walkers look cute in photos, but they also keep hair out of their faces, enabling them to fully enjoy the walk and the view.

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#20 City Walking Guides

For walkers who also love city trips, nothing beats a walking guide tailored to their favorite city. Amazon offers city-specific walking guides for major destinations worldwide. Whether it’s Moon’s NYC walks or guides for other cities, this gift is sure to impress.

#21 Relaxing Bath Salt

Moms who love to walk deserve some relaxation. Treat them to a soothing bath with relaxing bath salts. This unique blend of essential oils and Dead Sea salt helps relieve achy muscles and tired joints. It’s a spa day at home!

#22 Gifts for Walkers and Runners: Belt

Practical yet affordable, a water-resistant belt is an excellent gift for walkers and runners. It provides a safe storage option for their phone, money, keys, and other essentials.

The Best Gifts for Walkers with Small Budgets

#25 Headbands

These headbands are fantastic accessories for female walkers. Not only do they look cute, but they also keep hair in place, ensuring an enjoyable and hassle-free walk.

#26 City Walking Guides

Walking enthusiasts who love city trips will appreciate a walking guide tailored to their favorite city. Choose from a wide range of city walking guides on Amazon, such as Moon’s NYC walks or guides for other major cities.

#27 Relaxing Bath Salt

Moms who enjoy walking will love a jar of relaxing bath salt. After long walks, running errands, and looking after the family, their tired legs deserve some pampering. Treat them to a spa-like experience at home.

#28 Gifts for Walkers and Runners: Belt

Water-resistant belts are practical and affordable gifts for walkers and runners. With compartments for phones, money, keys, and more, this belt offers convenience and peace of mind during walks.

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#29 Mindful Walking Guide

“A Foot and Mindful” is more than just a mindfulness journal—it’s a guide that helps walking enthusiasts become more mindful and find happiness through walking. This thoughtful gift is also suitable for those interested in meditation and spirituality.

#30 Compass Keyring

For friends who struggle with navigation, a compass keyring makes a playful yet practical gift. It serves as a gentle reminder of their navigational skills while providing a handy tool for walks.

#31 Walk Travel Journal

Walking enthusiasts will appreciate a walking journal to record their memorable walks, track difficulty levels, and note additional information. Opt for a walking log book or a daily walking journal for women to suit their preferences.

#32 Sunhats

Sunhats are practical gifts for walkers, offering protection against the sun’s rays. While personal tastes may differ, these hats make an excellent choice for those who prioritize sun safety during their walks. Alternatively, consider caps available on Amazon that provide similar protection.

#33 Odor Eliminator

Odor eliminators are fantastic gifts for walkers. After a long hike, unpleasant smells from hiking shoes can be a challenge. This practical gift will help your friend keep their shoes fresh and odor-free.

#34 Book about the Benefits of Walking

“In Praise of Walking” is a fun and informative book that celebrates the science and benefits of walking. It’s an engaging read that will inspire walkers to embrace the activity even more.

#35 Walking Socks

While not the most unique gift, walking socks are incredibly practical. Consider adding a touch of originality by choosing socks with funny walking-related designs. They combine functionality with a touch of humor.

#36 Alarm Keychain

Keychains with personal safety alarms are perfect gifts for walkers, providing them with a sense of security. Whether for women or men, these compact alarms can attract attention and deter potential threats, offering peace of mind during walks.

#37 General Walking Travel Guides

Finally, if you’re searching for more travel guides related to walking, Amazon has a wide selection. Explore various informational guides and discover exciting destinations to satisfy your walker’s wanderlust.

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Final Thoughts on Gifts for Walkers

These were our 37 awesome gift ideas for people who love to walk. We hope you’ve found the perfect present for your recipient. If not, consider the top three gifts listed below, categorized by budget:

  • Large Budget: Foot Massager (#1)
  • Mid Budget: Walking Waist Bag (#11)
  • Small Budget: Athletic Walking Socks (#35)

Remember, the most important thing is to show your support and appreciation for your friend or loved one’s walking habits. Happy gifting!

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