What to Expect at Your First Kickboxing Class

Video what to expect at your first kickboxing class

Kickboxing is an exhilarating striking art that has gained popularity in recent years. ONE Championship, a prominent sports organization, has showcased kickboxing and its talented athletes in their events since the launch of ONE Super Series in 2018.

In fact, ONE’s kickboxing roster often takes the spotlight, with athletes like Regian “The Immortal” Eersel, the ONE Lightweight Kickboxing World Champion, defending his title against Arian “Game Over” Sadikovic on April 22 at ONE: Eersel vs. Sadikovic.

If you’ve ever been curious about kickboxing and want to experience what these athletes go through, there’s no better time than now. Joining a kickboxing class will give you a taste of the action and a chance to try it out for yourself.

#1 Prepare to Break a Sweat

Kickboxing is an intense full-body workout that will make you perspire profusely. Dress comfortably and choose moisture-wicking athletic clothing that won’t irritate your skin. Some practitioners prefer wearing Muay Thai shorts and a comfortable t-shirt along with hand wraps and ankle guards.

Don’t forget to bring a hand towel and a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and refreshed throughout the class.

#2 Push Your Cardio to the Limit

Kickboxing often demands significant cardiovascular conditioning. Take it one step at a time and remember to breathe during each move. As you engage your hands and feet in unfamiliar ways, it’s essential to pace yourself.

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You don’t need to be a professional athlete or have prior athletic experience to handle the cardio workout. Expect to feel a bit sore and tired after your first class, but the energy and excitement you’ll experience may entice you to return for more.

#3 Focus on Learning, Not Harming

In your first kickboxing class, you’ll practice hitting bags and pads, and engage in light drill work. However, the goal is not to go hard or cause harm. Kickboxing training emphasizes learning a martial art and enjoying the process without hurting your training partner.

Take it easy and use only 50 percent or less of your power when striking. Remember, you’re not trying to treat your partner as a punching bag, but rather someone to practice and flow with.

By maintaining a positive and considerate approach, you’ll not only encourage others to train with you but also create an environment where everyone can explore new techniques without fear of injury.

#4 Embrace the Challenges

Kickboxing workouts often present challenges that may be entirely new to you. You might find yourself doing endless burpees or keeping your hands up despite sore shoulders. These challenges will push you beyond your comfort zone.

While becoming a kickboxing master may not be your goal, expect to face obstacles that will test your limits. Embrace the difficulties as opportunities for growth and personal development.

#5 Enjoy the Thrill of Kickboxing

Aside from the physical benefits and increased confidence, kickboxing offers an opportunity to meet individuals from diverse backgrounds. You may even form long-lasting friendships with like-minded people who share your passion for the sport.

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Remember to have fun and enjoy the experience. Kickboxing is not only a sport but also a thrilling exercise that unites people, pushes boundaries, and fosters personal growth.


Your first kickboxing class promises to be a memorable experience. Get ready to break a sweat, challenge your cardio endurance, learn without harm, embrace obstacles, and enjoy the camaraderie and excitement that kickboxing brings. Head to the gym, put on those boxing gloves, and embark on an incredible journey into the world of kickboxing.

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