The Awkward Side of Oral Pleasure: What to Expect and How to Handle It


When it comes to sexual experiences, it’s hard to beat the pleasure of receiving oral sex. The sensation of another person’s tongue on your body can be incredibly satisfying. However, even the most skilled partner can’t guarantee that everything will go smoothly every time. If you’ve had cunnilingus before, you know that unexpected and sometimes awkward things can happen. But fret not! These experiences are completely normal and can even add an element of fun to your intimate moments.

Embrace the Unexpected: Awkward Situations That May Arise

1. Discovering a Stray Piece of Toilet Paper

We’ve all been there, unintentionally leaving a bit of TP behind. Unfortunately, it can sometimes make an appearance while you’re enjoying oral pleasure. It may feel cringe-worthy, but the silver lining is that your partner now knows you clean up after yourself.

2. The “Gurgle” Within

Picture this: your legs are spread, and the anticipation builds, but suddenly, you feel a bubble of air in your digestive system. Talk about a buzzkill! You have two options: focus on keeping yourself closed or simply communicate with your partner and excuse yourself for a moment. Trust that your partner will be too wrapped up in the moment to notice.

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3. The Unavoidable Queef

Let’s be clear—queefs are just air that found its way into your lady pocket and chose the exit route. They aren’t gross, but the sound they make may not be the sexiest. The truth is, you can’t control when a queef occurs. A mature couple will laugh it off and continue, acknowledging that it’s just part of the natural process.

4. Unexpected Burps and Sneezes

Belches and sneezes can strike at the most inconvenient times, even during oral pleasure. While most people can turn their heads away when necessary, sometimes luck isn’t on their side. In any case, it’s just a small blip in the grand scheme of things.

5. The Tongue Traveling South

Anal play might be enjoyable for some, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Having your partner’s mouth accidentally come into contact with your most private area can be revolting if you’re not into it. Communication and consent are key to avoid any unexpected surprises.

6. The Unexpected Arrival of Your Period

Periods are a natural part of life, but they can be untimely during oral sex. While some people are comfortable with it, others prefer to avoid it. Timing is everything, and realizing it’s that time of the month during oral might not be ideal. Remember, there’s always next time.

7. A Hair Mishap

If you choose to keep your pubic hair, be prepared for the possibility of a hair getting caught in your partner’s teeth. It might not sound like a big deal considering the intimate nature of the act, but it can be an unpleasant sensation for your partner.

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8. Concerns About Appearance

Many people feel insecure about the appearance of their vulva, which can affect their confidence in letting their partners pleasure them orally. However, it’s essential to understand that the depictions of vulvas in pornography are not representative of reality. Your partner has likely seen a variety of vulvas and finds yours beautiful just the way it is.

Embrace Open Communication and Trust

Remember, experiencing any of these awkward moments doesn’t ruin the overall sexual experience. You and your partner can choose to ignore them or, even better, openly discuss them. Communication is crucial in any intimate relationship. A trusted partner will understand and appreciate your openness, bringing you closer together.

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