What To Do When Everyone Thinks You’ve Lost Your Mind

Video what to do when everyone thinks you're crazy

Exploring My Career Journey

I am currently part of the esteemed Business Intelligence Group at a well-known investment firm. However, when it comes to my work, I find myself taking a deep breath every time I turn the corner to my office. To put it simply, I’m miserable.

I had always believed that once I qualified, then landed my first role, and even after getting promoted, I would finally find the happiness I longed for. But at each stage, reality fell short of my expectations. It’s almost as if I’ve been playing a never-ending game, pretending to be someone I’m not, living a life that isn’t truly mine. It’s disheartening, to say the least.

Feeling Like a Big Fat Liar

The cut-throat work culture enforced by my boss is something I can’t bring myself to respect. While my colleagues are decent individuals, they aren’t the type of people I would naturally gravitate towards. Spending so much time with them makes me question the impact it has on my own mentality.

I know this all sounds incredibly negative, but that’s genuinely how I feel. The sense of doom and gloom surrounding my current situation is suffocating.

Seeking an Alternative Path

If only I knew what I truly wanted to do instead. I have a deep passion for travel, anthropology, immersing myself in different cultures, working collaboratively, learning new languages, and even cooking. Yet, I’m still struggling to envision how these interests could translate into a fulfilling career. I seem to hit a roadblock every time I try to explore further.

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Confronting the Biggest Obstacle

The biggest obstacle standing in my way is the perception of others. They all believe I’m crazy for even considering a major career change. A while ago, I shared my frustrations about the legal field with my friends, and some of them suggested I should explore other options. However, now they are tired of listening to my complaints. Whenever I broach the topic of a career shift, I can practically see their eyes rolling.

My family’s reaction has been equally disappointing. My mom doesn’t seem to take my desire for change seriously. She simply smiles and changes the subject whenever I bring it up. As for my dad, his frustration has been building up over time. Initially, he offered supportive suggestions to improve my current situation, but lately, his patience has worn thin. I believe he’s upset that he invested in my degree, which he was incredibly proud of, only for me to abandon it. I wonder how he would feel if I were to throw it all away.

The doubt I see reflected in people’s eyes and the discouraging comments I hear make me question my own sanity. While it’s somewhat reassuring to know that others share similar feelings of wanting to find meaning and a personal “fit,” it’s not enough to push me into taking real action. I feel completely alone and uncertain about my next move. Am I jeopardizing my relationships for a whimsical dream?

Seeking Guidance and Support

  • Have you ever experienced a similar situation or are you currently facing the same predicament?
  • How can one handle the doubters in their life?
  • Do you happen to know someone who could provide guidance and advice?
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Please share your thoughts and experiences, as they would be greatly appreciated.

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