What Temperature Should You Set Your Air Conditioner When Away in Florida?

Florida’s scorching heat can make it tempting to keep your home cool and comfortable all day long. But what about when you’re away? Figuring out the best temperature to set your air conditioner can be a head-scratcher. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll answer your burning questions about air conditioning in Florida.

Finding the Perfect Temperature

When you’re away from home during the sweltering summer months, a good rule of thumb is to increase the temperature by about five degrees from your usual setting. For example, if you typically set your AC at 78º, consider raising it to 83º before you head out of town. This simple adjustment will save energy while maintaining a comfortable environment.

Modern AC units often come with an “away” or “vacation” mode that gradually increases the temperature over time. This gradual change prevents your system from going into overdrive upon your return.

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For ultimate convenience, consider investing in a smart thermostat like Nest or Ecobee. With these devices, you can remotely monitor and adjust your home’s temperature even when you’re miles away.

Energy-Saving Tips

While adjusting the temperature is a great way to save energy, there are additional steps you can take to maximize efficiency while you’re away:

  • Unplug electronics that won’t be in use. Chargers for phones, laptops, and other devices can still consume energy even when not plugged in.
  • Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms.
  • Close blinds or drapes to keep your home cooler.
  • If you have ceiling fans, switch them off as they only circulate air and won’t cool an empty room. Don’t waste energy!

Keeping the Heat Out

To prevent hot air from seeping into your home, take some time to seal up any potential entry points. Drafts are not your friends when the mercury soars:

  • Check for gaps around doors and windows and seal them with weatherstripping or caulk.
  • Look for cracks in your foundation or other openings to the outside.
  • Ensure your attic is well-insulated, as heat tends to rise and infiltrate your living space.
  • Don’t forget to seal any vents in your attic or crawlspace to keep hot air at bay.

Reducing Water Heating Costs

While keeping your home cool is vital, having hot water on demand is equally important to most Florida homeowners. Here are some extra tips for lowering your water heating costs:

  • Turn down your electric water heater to 120º. If you’ll be away for an extended period, consider turning it off entirely and relighting the pilot light upon your return.
  • If you have a gas water heater, lower the temperature to save energy.
  • Invest in a water-saving showerhead to reduce hot water consumption and lower your energy bill.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water whenever possible.
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Additional Tips for Air Conditioning in Florida

Here are a few extra nuggets of wisdom to keep in mind when it comes to your Florida air conditioning:

  • Schedule regular servicing for your AC unit to ensure optimal performance and catch any potential issues early.
  • Change your AC filter regularly to prevent your unit from working harder and using more energy.
  • Keep your vents open and unobstructed to maintain proper airflow and prevent unnecessary strain on your AC unit.
  • Consider a zoning system to control the temperature separately in different areas of your home, rather than cooling the entire house when it’s not necessary.

For more information on air conditioning units in South Florida, check out 5 WS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s address some common queries related to air conditioning in Florida:

What is the best temperature to set your AC while you’re home?

The ideal temperature varies based on personal preferences. Some prefer a cooler environment, while others prioritize warmth. Keep in mind that every degree you raise or lower your thermostat can affect your energy bill by around 3-5%.

How often should I have my AC unit serviced?

It’s recommended to service your AC unit at least once a year to ensure optimal efficiency.

When should I change my AC filter?

AC filters should be changed every 1-3 months, depending on the filter type.

I think my AC unit is leaking. What should I do?

If you suspect a leak, turn your AC unit off and contact a professional. Leaks can be hazardous, so it’s best to leave them to the experts.

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How do I solve uneven cooling problems in my home?

Uneven cooling can be caused by various factors, such as blocked vents or an improperly sized AC unit. If unsure, it’s wise to consult a professional.

What’s the best way to cool a room with no windows?

For rooms without windows, portable air conditioners are an excellent choice. Unlike central units, these portable devices can be moved from room to room without any installation.

What are the signs that I need a new AC unit?

If your AC unit is over a decade old or exhibits strange noises, leaks, or high energy bills, it may be time for a replacement. Consult a professional to make an informed decision.

How do I select the right size central AC for my home?

Consider factors such as square footage, climate, the number of occupants, and your personal preferences when choosing the appropriate size. These elements will guide you in finding the most suitable AC unit for your needs.

A/C Care Heat and Air is your go-to expert for all your heating and cooling needs on the Treasure Coast and in the Palm Beach areas. With years of experience, our skilled technicians work with various air conditioner brands to provide top-notch service. We prioritize your comfort throughout the year and offer financing options for your heating and air services. Reach out to us for unparalleled service and peace of mind.

Remember, when it comes to air conditioning in Florida, it’s all about finding the perfect balance between comfort and energy efficiency. Stay cool!

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