What to Apply to Your Skin After Microneedling

Wondering about the best post-microneedling skincare routine? Maybe you’ve visited your Authorized Treatment Provider and can’t remember the recommended products and frequency of application. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide.

Best Products for Post-Microneedling Care


Our products, known as the ‘Non Negotiables,’ are specially designed to complement Dermapen microneedling procedures. Dp Dermaceuticals™ is the only skincare range engineered specifically for this purpose. It supports the skin’s integrity, minimizes discomfort and downtime, and promotes faster recovery.

Dp Dermaceuticals is a collaboration between leading dermatologists, doctors, and aestheticians from around the world. When it comes to microneedling, it’s crucial to ensure that only the purest and highest quality ingredients touch your skin. We believe Dp Dermaceuticals is the best choice for achieving that coveted “wow, you’re glowing” result.

Choosing the Right Cleanser

When undergoing a Dermapen Treatment™, it’s important to cleanse your skin effectively so that the potent actives in your serums and moisturizers can penetrate the optimal skin layers. Our TRI-PHASE CLEANSER™ not only cleanses but also gently exfoliates to remove all makeup and debris. It’s an essential step in your microneedling procedure, preparing your skin for COVER RECOVER™, which soothes, covers, and protects your skin. Use TRI-PHASE CLEANSER to start your skincare routine fresh each morning and evening.

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If you have problematic skin, CLR FOAM CLEANSER™ and CLINIPREP™ are highly recommended. They help eliminate acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Hyaluronic Acid for Deep Hydration

hyla active 30ml serum

For long-term results, it’s crucial to choose products that penetrate the skin’s deeper layers. Our range includes HylaFuse™ Complex, a hyaluronic acid technology that provides intensive hydration and delivers bio-compatible active ingredients. HYLA ACTIVE™, the most intense at-home Hyaluronic Acid serum in our range, is perfect for microneedling sessions. Apply as much as needed, allowing your skin to guide you. It’s also safe to use as a Meso-Glide™ serum when microneedling at home with Dermapen HOME™.

During the proliferation stage, which occurs 5-10 days after microneedling, your skin may feel dry, itchy, or irritated as redundant cells rise to the surface. This is normal, and you can keep replenishing your skin’s hydration with HYLA ACTIVE.

Niacinamide for Acne and Uneven Skin Tone

We love Niacinamide for its ability to combat acne and improve the appearance of aging skin and uneven tone. That’s why we use it in our ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL™, which offers a wide range of benefits, especially in treating inflammatory acne.

After a Dermapen procedure, apply 2-3 pumps of ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL to the treatment area using light pressing motions until fully absorbed.

Vitamin C for Collagen Boost and Brightening

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates collagen formation and enhances skin brightness. It’s also effective in regulating melanin production, making it ideal for pigmented skin concerns.

Choose between ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL or BRITE LITE™, our Vitamin C serums that can be used during or immediately after microneedling.

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Using Vitamin A/Retinol

vitamin rich repair 30ml

Contrary to popular belief, you can safely use Vitamin A/Retinol after microneedling. VITAMIN RICH REPAIR™ is a replenishing solution and correcting cream that contains a combination of Vitamin A and E derivatives. Together, they protect the skin from pollution and harsh chemicals while promoting intensive repair and hydration. This combination also increases cell turnover for a more youthful appearance.

The Importance of Moisturizer

Yes, you can use a moisturizer after microneedling, as long as you follow a prescribed Dp Dermaceuticals protocol. VITAMIN RICH REPAIR™, specifically formulated to boost Dermapen and rejuvenation treatment results, should be applied immediately after microneedling for impressive outcomes.

RETINAL ACTIVE™, our anti-aging night cream rich in Retinaldehyde, which is the strongest form of Vitamin A available without a prescription, can be reintroduced three days after a microneedling procedure.

Avoid Vaseline After Microneedling

Just a reminder: using Vaseline after microneedling is not recommended. Dermapen Treatments are part of a skincare system and require adherence to the Protocols for optimal results and skin health.

Trust Dp Dermaceuticals for the Best Microneedling Aftercare

When it comes to microneedling aftercare, a blanket ban on certain active ingredients isn’t helpful. The effectiveness of products depends on factors like dose, formulation, and delivery mechanism. To get a personalized skincare routine, book a consultation with your nearest Authorized Treatment Provider or explore our recommended routines by skin concern.

If you’re a professional seeking to become a DermapenWorld Authorized Treatment Provider, click here.

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