What to Wear with Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are making a comeback and we couldn’t be more thrilled! TikTok has officially bid farewell to skinny jeans, embracing the more relaxed and laidback style of mom jeans that dominated the late 80s and early 90s. Whether you’re buying them secondhand or from your favorite American brand, it’s essential to know which shoes will complement your mom jeans and elevate your overall look.

The Ultimate Guide to Styling Mom Jeans

When it comes to styling any type of jeans, the right choice of shoes can make all the difference. Wearing the wrong shoes can make your legs appear shorter and create an unflattering silhouette. So, let’s dive into which shoes work best with these trendy TikTok-favorite jeans.

What Exactly are Mom Jeans?

Mom jeans are high-waisted denim that was once known as the signature style of middle-aged American moms. Popularized by an SNL skit and Tina Fey’s fake brand called Mom Jeans, this style has made a triumphant return thanks to comfort-driven fashion and the influence of platforms like TikTok.

Shoes for Warm and Cold Weather

Before delving into the shoe options, it’s worth considering the seasons. Some shoes work well in any weather condition, like white sneakers, which are a versatile choice for your mom jeans. However, it’s good to have options for both warm and cold weather.

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During the warmer months, you can opt for sandals to create a minimalistic spring look with your mom jeans. Birkenstocks are a classic choice that pairs perfectly with the ’90s-inspired vibe of mom jeans. Alternatively, you can keep it casual with a pair of slides.

For colder weather, ankle boots are a must-have. Look for a style that easily accommodates your mom jeans and adds an edgy touch to your outfit. Ankle boots are a versatile option that you can wear throughout the year, rain or shine. When it’s time for a night out, classic stilettos or contemporary mules can effortlessly elevate your look.

1. Sneakers

Sneakers are always a safe bet when it comes to pairing them with denim jeans. You can never go wrong with your favorite pair, whether they are sleek and minimalistic or make a bold statement. To create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette, choose sneakers with a raised platform sole for added height.

For a more casual and laidback look, athleisure sneakers by brands like Veja are a great option. They offer a Meghan Markle-inspired aesthetic that is both stylish and comfortable. These sneakers are perfect for running errands or getting things done around the house.

2. Versatile Sandals

If you prefer to show off your toes, invest in minimalistic sandals that suit any occasion during the summer. Opt for easy slip-on silhouettes with understated colors. The simplicity of these sandals will complement your mom jeans perfectly.

Birkenstocks are a classic choice that adds a touch of nostalgia to your ensemble. They are versatile enough to be worn from spring to autumn, providing both comfort and style. If you’re looking for a style that can seamlessly transition from day to night, consider sandals with a chunky platform for a ’90s-inspired look. And let’s not forget about slides! While they may no longer be the trendiest shoes, they are still a must-have for your denim closet. If you want a more elevated style, opt for slides made of leather instead of rubber.

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3. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are our go-to shoes when it comes to pairing them with mom jeans. The edgier the style, the better! These everyday shoes effortlessly add a chic touch to your outfit. Look for ankle boots with a mid-height heel for extra versatility. These boots can be worn to any occasion and will see you through every season, regardless of the weather.

4. Ballet Flats

Channel your inner style icon, be it Alexa Chung or Audrey Hepburn, with ballet flats. These shoes are a year-round staple that exude effortless chicness with a Parisian flair. Ballet flats are perfect for achieving a “cool mom” look, and they pair beautifully with mom jeans.

Shoes to Avoid

While we’ve discussed the shoes that work well with mom jeans, it’s equally important to highlight the ones you should avoid. The key rule to remember is to consider your silhouette. Stay away from shoes that make your legs appear shorter or wider than they actually are.

Knee-high boots, for example, are perfect for skinny jeans but don’t complement the looser-fitting silhouette of mom jeans. Avoid shoes that require tucking your jeans inside them, as the extra fabric of mom jeans can create the illusion of wider hips and larger calves, making you appear shorter.

Styling mom jeans can be a bit trickier compared to skinny jeans, as the wrong shoes can affect how your legs look. Stick to ankle-length or lower shoes to maintain a balanced and flattering look.

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Jennifer Garner, Lucy Hale, Lily Allen, Ashley Roberts, and Irina Shayk show how to style mom jeans
Credit: Mega / WENN

Mom jeans were made fun of in a May 2003 Saturday Night Live skit written by Tina Fey for a fake brand of jeans called Mom Jeans
Credit: NBC

Mom jeans paired with sandals, ankle boots, and sneakers

Bishop + Young Highline Turtleneck Sweater, BP. Slashed Mom Jeans, Monse x Both Corduroy Platform Sneakers

Nili Lotan Arlette Striped Cotton-Jersey Top, Levi’s Women’s High-Waisted Taper Jeans, Veja V-10 Sneakers

BP. High Waist Button Fly Mom Jeans, Vintage Havana Girl’s Tie-Dye Print Cropped T-Shirt, Birkenstock Arizona Birko-Flor

BDG Urban Outfitters High-Waist Mom Jeans, Karl Lagerfeld White Shirt Scenic Logo, Bottega Veneta Crossover-Strap Leather Slides

Spring Step Dealey Bootie, Wrangler Mom Jeans, Mother Busy Doin Nothing Graphic T-Shirt

Reformation Cashmere & Wool Crop Roll Neck Sweater, Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats, Madewell The Perfect Vintage Jean in Ainsworth Wash

Remember, the right choice of shoes can make or break your mom jeans outfit. Follow these guidelines to ensure your look is stylish, flattering, and on-trend. Happy styling!

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