Remarketing Audiences: Unveiling the Untapped Potential

Remarketing is a powerful strategy that allows businesses to identify and target users who have previously engaged with them. By leveraging user data such as mobile-ad IDs or cookies, businesses can create customized audiences that are most likely to convert. These audiences can then be used in various ad accounts, including Google Ads, Display, and Video 360. But what audiences cannot be defined by default? Let’s explore the untapped potential of remarketing.

What Remarketing Audiences Cannot Be Defined by Default?

Identifying Behavior for Remarketing

Behavioral criteria play a crucial role in defining remarketing audiences. It involves analyzing the actions that users take on a website or app. From broad criteria like opening a new app or starting a session, to narrow criteria like clicking on a specific product, businesses can create diverse audiences to engage with different types of ads.

For example:

  • Users who visited product-detail pages but didn’t add items to their carts can be shown ads featuring those products.
  • Users who abandoned their carts after adding products can be retargeted with ads reminding them of the items they left behind.
  • Users who made a purchase using a specific discount code can be targeted with personalized offers.

When a user’s behavior meets certain criteria, their device advertising ID or cookie is included in the audience. This allows businesses to display relevant ads to these users during auctions.

Creating and Using a Remarketing Audience

Remarketing audiences can be created and used in Google Ads, as well as in Display and Video 360 (only available for Google Analytics 360 users). To create a customized audience, businesses can specify the criteria and select the advertising accounts they want to use it for.

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The criteria for a customized audience can be customized as well. Businesses can choose from predefined options or create new ones to precisely target their desired audience. These saved audiences can be used in ad campaigns and are accessible across multiple accounts, such as Google Ads Manager, Google Display & Video 360, and Google Ads Serving.

It’s important to note that while an audience can be created for multiple accounts, each account counts as one of the ten available slots for audiences. However, the audience is available to all accounts within that specific account.

Google Advertisement Integration

The integration of Google Ads and Google Analytics offers enhanced ad-serving capabilities. Remarketing lists can be created based on data collected from the analytics platform, enabling businesses to target specific audiences and engage them through a sequence of actions.

To enable website remarketing, businesses can easily manage their website’s remarketing by enabling an admin setting in Google Analytics. Google Display Network’s remarketing audience requires a minimum of 100 unique cookies, while search ads require at least 1000 cookies to serve ads to the targeted audience effectively.

Google Analytics Tracking Code vs. Ads Remarketing Tags

Google Ads and Analytics tracking codes contribute differently to the creation of remarketing lists. Google Ads uses the data collected from the “remarketing tag” to create audiences, while Analytics allows businesses to import additional data and build audiences using the collected data.

Website remarketing can be enabled using the existing Analytics tracking code, while the app requires modifications to the tracking code. Additional tags can be added to website pages, and remarketing IDs can be created for apps.

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Remarketing audiences can be created based on analytics data, including Google Ads accounts. Data can also be imported from other accounts like Google Marketing Platform and CRM. By utilizing rules and categories, website visitors can be categorized into specific groups, allowing businesses to target them more effectively.

It’s worth noting that the presence of advertising cookies is essential for remarketing lists. Without an advertising cookie, a user who visits a site with an analytics-enabled tracking code will not be added to the list. Advertising cookies, set by Google Ads tags, are crucial for capturing user data and targeting them with relevant ads.

In conclusion, remarketing offers businesses a powerful tool to engage with users who have shown interest in their products or services. By understanding the behavioral criteria and utilizing remarketing audiences effectively, businesses can unlock untapped potential and drive conversions. So, take advantage of remarketing and reach out to your potential customers!

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