What’s the Current Stock Price of RPLA.U?

If you’re interested in tracking the price history of stocks, you’ve come to the right place. The Price History page allows you to view the end-of-day price history for various stocks. Whether you’re a site visitor or a logged-in member, you’ll find valuable information to help you make informed decisions.

End-of-Day Price History

Site visitors who aren’t logged into the site can view the last three months of price data. Meanwhile, logged-in members can go back even further, accessing up to two years of historical price data. This feature provides a comprehensive view of a stock’s performance over time.

In addition to price history, you can also track the latest trades and corporate actions (only available for U.S. equities). By selecting the relevant tab, you can stay updated on recent activities related to the stock you’re following.

Barchart Premier Members

If you’re a Barchart Premier member, you have access to even more data. With the “Historical Data” page, you can download intraday, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly data spanning all the way back to January 1, 1980. This extensive data set allows for in-depth analysis and research.

Here’s a breakdown of the available data on the Historical Data page:

  • Intraday data is available in 1-minute increments, dating back approximately 10 years from today.
  • Daily data is accessible from January 1, 2000.
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly data can be retrieved from January 1, 1980 (depending on the specific symbol).
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Daily Prices Tab

The Daily Prices tab offers easy access to 3 months of daily price information for any symbol available on Barchart. As a logged-in user, you can adjust the amount of data displayed using the data selector. Choose from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years, based on your preferences.

Furthermore, you have the option to adjust the price history for dividends by checking the Dividend Adjust box. Premier members can also download the data to a .csv file for use in third-party spreadsheet programs, adding convenience to their investment research.

Latest Trades Tab

Available exclusively to My Barchart and Barchart Premier Members, the Latest Trades tab provides a detailed overview of the most recent trades for a given symbol. This feature covers symbols from U.S. and Canadian equities, futures, and forex. By downloading the data to a .csv file, logged-in users can analyze and interpret this valuable information further.

For NYSE / NYSE Arca symbols, here are the sale conditions:

  • @ – Regular Sale
  • BLANK – No Sale Condition required within (Long Trade format only)
  • C – Cash Trade (Same Day Clearing)
  • E – Automatic Execution
  • F – InterMarket Sweep Order
  • H – Price Variation Trade
  • I – Odd Lot Trade
  • K – Rule 127 (NYSE Only) or Rule 155 (Amex Only)
  • L – Sold Last (Late Reporting)
  • M – Market Center Official Close
  • N – Next Day Trade (Next Day Clearing)
  • O – Market Center Opening Trade
  • P – Prior Reference Price
  • Q – Market Center Official Open
  • R – Seller
  • T – Extended Hours Trade
  • U – Extended Hours Sold (Out of Sequence)
  • V – Contingent Trade
  • X – Cross Trade
  • Z – Sold (out of sequence)
  • 4 – Derivatively Priced
  • 5 – Market Center Reopening Trade
  • 6 – Market Center Closing Trade
  • 7 – Qualified Contingent Trade
  • 8 – Reserved
  • 9 – Corrected Consolidated Close Price as per Listing Market
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For Nasdaq symbols, the sale conditions are as follows:

  • @ – Regular Sale
  • A – Acquisition
  • B – Bunched Trade
  • C – Cash Sale
  • D – Distribution
  • E – Placeholder for future use
  • F – InterMarket Sweep
  • G – Bunched Sold Trade
  • H – Price Variation Trade
  • I – Odd Lot Trade
  • K – Rule 155 Trade (NYSE Arca)
  • L – Sold Last
  • M – Market Center Official Close
  • N – Next Day
  • O – Opening Prints
  • P – Prior Reference Price
  • Q – Market Center Official Open
  • R – Seller
  • S – Split Trade
  • T – Form T
  • U – Extended trading hours (Sold Out of Sequence)
  • V – Stock-Option Trade
  • W – Average Price Trade
  • X – Cross Trade
  • Y – Yellow Flag Regular Trade
  • Z – Sold (out of Sequence)
  • 1 – Stopped Stock (Regular Trade)
  • 4 – Derivatively Priced
  • 5 – Re-Opening Prints
  • 6 – Closing Prints
  • 8 – Placeholder for 611 Exempt
  • 9 – Corrected Consolidated Close (per listing market)

Corporate Actions Tab

The Corporate Actions tab is available for My Barchart and Barchart Premier Members. It provides valuable insight into stock splits, dividends (ex-date), and earnings. Please note that corporate actions are only available for U.S. and Canadian equities.

My Barchart members can see the last two years of corporate action data, while Barchart Premier members get access to corporate actions dating back to January 1, 2000. This feature allows members to stay updated on important events that might have an impact on their investment decisions.

New Highs, New Lows, and 52-Week Key Points

One helpful widget available on Barchart is the one that showcases the number of times a symbol has reached a new high or a new low within specific periods. This feature covers a wide range, from the past 5 days to the past 20 years. It helps you gauge the current price relative to the high or low points within those periods.

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Additionally, you can view the 52-week high and low for a symbol, along with the 61.8%, 50%, and 38.2% Fibonacci levels. These levels correspond to the information provided on the Trader’s Cheat Sheet page, enabling you to gain a quick overview of a symbol’s performance.

To learn more about the “5 WS” principles, visit 5 WS Wiki.

The 5 Ws and H are questions whose answers are considered basic in information gathering or problem solving. 5ws.wiki will best answer all your questions

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