The Enchanting Whispers of Nara: Poetic Pop Quiz Answers

AFK Arena is back with the enchanting Poetic Pop Quiz event, captivating players with its mesmerizing allure. From August 23rd to September 1st, 2022, participants will be treated to a set of five unique questions every day. Answering them correctly will unlock a treasure trove of rewards, including Diamonds and Faction Scrolls. Let’s dive into the world of poetic riddles and discover the secrets that lie within.

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Poetic Pop Quiz Day 1: Unraveling the Secrets

Question 1: The Traveling Trio

In the realm of heroes, “The Traveling Trio” is an illustrious union. But which of these characters is not a member?

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Answer: Peggy – The Precious Pearl

Question 2: A Knight’s Arsenal

Among the heroes, one wields both “Plate Armor” and a “Heavy Weapon”. Who is it?

Answer: Thoran – The Fallen King

Question 3: Unveiling the Whispers

Nara, the enigmatic Heartcarver, and Sonja, the ruler of the Underworld, founded the Whispers. But where can this mysterious location be found?

Answer: The Fallen King

Question 4: Lightbearer Empire

Among the heroes, one does not belong to the Lightbearer Empire Faction. Can you identify them?

Answer: Rustport

Question 5: A Lion’s Pride

Brutus, known as the Lion’s Pride, wears a striking red ring. But on which finger of his right hand does he proudly display it?

Answer: Middle finger

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 2: Unveiling New Enigmas

Question 1: A Hero’s Resilience

In the face of critical strikes, which attribute can reduce the damage inflicted upon a hero?

Answer: Crit Damage Resistance

Question 2: The Frozen Terror

Khazard, the Frozen Terror, follows in the footsteps of a legendary hero. Who is his predecessor?

Answer: Seirus – Savior of the Sea

Question 3: A Mother’s Gift

Daimon, the Forsaken Child, treasures a doll crafted by his mother. What affectionate nickname does he give it?

Answer: Stitchy

Question 4: The Fiery Feast

Kalene, known as the Bloody Feast, commands a fearsome Necrohound. What happens to an enemy struck by the Necrohound’s attack?

Answer: They are stunned

Question 5: A Sacrificial Beauty

Anasta, the Sacrifice, possesses captivating scars above her eyes. How many scars adorn her visage?

Answer: 2

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 3: Unraveling Mysteries

Question 1: The Crafter’s Creations

Haelus, the Crafter, is known for summoning obelisks with his Ultimate skill. How many can he summon simultaneously?

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Answer: 1

Question 2: A Bond Beyond Blood

Among the heroes, which pair is not related by blood?

Answer: Hendrik – The Defender & Gwyneth – The Fair Maiden

Question 3: A Slave’s Buyer

Eorin, the Forest Sting, was purchased from a slave trader. What was the identity of his buyer?

Answer: Mine owner

Question 4: The Poisonous Sting

Eorin’s spearhead carries a deadly secret. What effect does it inflict upon enemies?

Answer: Poisonous Mushroom

Question 5: A Sword’s Transformations

Brutus, the Lion’s Pride, wields a versatile sword. How many different changes can his sword undergo during battle?

Answer: 3

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 4: Unveiling the Unknown

Question 1: A Snapshot of Memories

Within The Oak Inn’s Workshop, a photograph captures two individuals. How many people are present in the photo?

Answer: 2

Question 2: Waiting for Heroes

When a hero departs from the Resonating Crystal, how long must one wait before adding another hero to the vacant slot?

Answer: 24 hours

Question 3: A Forgotten Champion

Before his transformation, what was the profession of Izold, the Forgotten Champion?

Answer: Soldier

Question 4: The Flame’s Resurgence

Astar, the Brilliant Flame, possesses a powerful skill called “Life Sparks”. What percentage of her max health can she instantly restore?

Answer: 20%

Question 5: Teacher and Student

What is the relationship between Anasta, the Sacrifice, and Brutus, the Lion’s Pride?

Answer: Teacher and student

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 5: Stars and Legends

Question 1: The Stargazer’s Hand

How many cards does the Stargazer hold in their grasp?

Answer: 4

Question 2: Victorious Hunt

In the tale “The Gallant Three,” what formidable beast did Morvus bravely hunt and slay?

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Answer: Bear

Question 3: Resetting Fate

When resetting Lightbearer faction gear, it will not transform into gear from which faction?

Answer: Dimensional

Question 4: The Trial of Dawn

What was the final judgment faced by Joan of Arc, known as the Dawn Protector, before her arrival in Esperia?

Answer: To be sent to the burning stake

Question 5: Captain’s Fury

Once Angelo, the Song of Dawn’s ultimate skill “The Immortal” reaches level 2, what additional effect does it inflict upon enemies?

Answer: Terrify

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 6: Ascending Heights

Question 1: A Celestial Challenge

Within the King’s Tower, which tower can only be faced by Celestial Heroes?

Answer: Celestial Sanctum

Question 2: Warriors Unleashed

Among the heroes, who does not wield the title of a Warrior?

Answer: Raine – Death’s Denier

Question 3: The Corpsemaker’s Orb

Shemira, known as the Corpsemaker, clasps a magic orb in her hand. What color does it radiate?

Answer: Green

Question 4: The Sinister Voice

Desira, the Sinister Siren, hears a haunting voice since her transformation into a Graveborn. Whose voice torments her?

Answer: Quaedam

Question 5: Desert’s Petrification

Granit, the Desert’s Stone, commands the skill “Sand Vortex”. When the skill reaches its highest level, which negative effect does it not inflict upon enemies?

Answer: Bleeding

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 7: A Voyage into Wisdom – August 29, 2022

Question 1: The Many-Eyed Wanderer

Among these heroes, who possesses the most eyes?

Answer: Torne – The Wandering Corsair

Question 2: A Seer’s Nemesis

Orthros, the Seer of Origins, considers which hero to be his nemesis?

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Answer: Zolrath – Voidbinder

Question 3: Bewitching Potions

Melusina, also known as Baba Yaga, is a master potion-maker. But which of these is not one of her concoctions?

Answer: Potion of Dementia

Question 4: The Support Brigade

Among the heroes, who does not fall under the category of a Support Hero?

Answer: Solise – The Floral Wonder

Question 5: The Wild Child’s Companions

Mishka, the Wild Child, has nurtured the hearts of two wolf cubs. How many have found solace under her care?

Answer: 2

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 8: Revelations Unveiled – August 30, 2022

Question 1: The Sun’s Embrace

When does Talene’s “The Solaran Realm” take effect?

Answer: When allied heroes suffer Critical Strike damage

Question 2: Fast and Rewarding

Through Fast Rewards, how many hours of AFK Rewards can be earned?

Answer: 2 hours

Question 3: The Enigmatic Brooch

Sonja, Ruler of the Underworld, proudly wears a brooch adorned with a beautiful flower. What type of flower does it depict?

Answer: Rose

Question 4: Conspiracies Revealed

Brutus, the Lion’s Pride, uncovered a conspiracy involving Anasta, the Sacrifice. Which faction was she plotting with?

Answer: Lightbearers

Question 5: Companions of Dawn

Angelo, the Song of Dawn’s, shares a deep bond with his closest friend, Harry. Who or what is Harry?

Answer: A cat

We hope these Poetic Pop Quiz answers guide you through AFK Arena’s enchanting realm. Should you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment box below. And for more exciting trivia and knowledge, visit 5 WS – the ultimate source of the five Ws. Happy gaming, adventurers!

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